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Johnson House Blend (#95)

Broadcast Coffee Roasters


(Earn up to $1.70 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Toffee, Bakers Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

This blend is a big roast with big flavor. Do you remember what it felt like to enjoy a chocolate bar when you were a kid? May this cup of coffee bring you just as much joy.

Broadcast Coffee Roasters Story

I’ve always wanted to name a blend after the big old green house where my Dad worked when I was a kid. Heavy-bodied and bold, like Dad, with notes of bakers chocolate, toffee, and nostalgia.

Reserve Now

Order by 3PM PST. Get it by Saturday, July 27. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

91 customer reviews  write a review

"Nostalgic heavy bodied and bold with bakers chocolate notes"

"Really nice blend for everyday drinking. Distinct chocolate background taste, very smooth and easy to drink."

"Love this coffee as dessert. chocolatey notes blend with the toffee to make this the perfect end to a meal or a midday "snack". I would definitely buy this again."

"The chocolate bar description was dead on - this is very chocolate-y so if that's your thing you will love it."

"Great everyday blend. Love the full body flavor! Has hits of citrus and brightness on the finish."

"This was a very easy one for me to try out. The tasting notes said Toffee and Bakers chocolate so I was immediately intrigued. This coffee definitely lived up to those notes too! Very likely my new favorite blend."

"This is a very pleasant medium-roast coffee. Great aroma, smooth flavor, but it was forgettable, in my opinion. I don't know that I would want to buy a full bag of it, but I enjoyed the sample size."

"Definitely not my favorite, or even close. Brewed it in a single-cup brewer (like all my coffee). Tasted very "bleh" like cafeteria coffee. Hoping the other coffees in my box taste better than this one."

"Solid and bright. This had a nice pop to it that made it a treat in the mornings. "

"Robust juicy fruity flavor mildly roasted flavor good cold or hot. Good fall coffee hot as it’s like a fruity summer memory."

"I loved the toffee notes. Perfect coffee for the upcoming fall."

"A forgettable pour over, not something we would look for again."

"Had some of this from the shop, great flavor, rich. "

"chocolate, sugar, and doughnut. Nice Blend. Missing some acidity. Blue bottle dripper brewed."

"(Review #55 -- 3.7 / 5) Average. Darker than expected, but maintains the flavor. smoky, Peppery, and a heavy mouthfeel. Light traces of toffee dance in and out between sips, and a light acidity (can't put my finger on the fruit) teases the back of the tongue."

"This a great morning coffee, I got more of a toffee flavor than chocolate but I'm not complaining. I loved this blend, and it left a good taste in my mouth."

"This wasn’t one of my favorites. I thought I would like the chocolate notes but it seemed more bitter than I wanted. Maybe I’ll try it with cream and sugar. "

"Bold, smooth and rich. The smell on this is one is so nutty. Loved it."

"This is a nice, bold coffee, but the expected tasting notes--chocolate and toffee--did not come through for me as much as tasting notes from Bean Box usually do. What I got (using an aeropress) felt closer to tobacco."

"tasty! really liked this one in the french press. "

"This really makes a solid cup of coffee. Personally, I get more toffee taste than chocolate but overall excellent. I usually drink mine with milk but this tastes great black to me as well. Even though it is a medium roast it has a nice bold flavor. Would definitely buy again. Used a french press."

"This wasn't my favorite roast, but it wasn't terrible. It felt a little too acidic for me, but if you prefer a lighter coffee this one is okay. "

"A very smooth cup of coffee. Can slightly taste the coffee accent. Very good"

"Lovely blend with a smooth finish. Full bodied. My son and I really enjoy this coffee."

"So, I LOVE medium roasts and I loved the smell of this one. Honestly, I could have sat there and sniffed it for 15 minutes. Yes, I have problems. This one definitely had a chocolatey after taste. It was real swell. I actually might end up buying a 12oz of this."

"This is a really solid coffee that reminds me a lot of a good breakfast blend. Maybe that's why it tastes so much like nostalgia?!! "

"Definite notes of Toffee, with a slight bitter finish. Overall a good pick, although not one of our family favorites."

"So far my favorite. Roasted to perfection with a mellow finish"

"I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this was a much richer, bolder cup than I thought it would be. I liked it and would recommending giving it a try."

"Decent in an aeropress. A nice middle-of-the-road brew; I've had better, but I enjoyed this one just fine. However, it's awesome as espresso."

"I'd say this one was very Neutral. No strong taste. It's a well rounded traditional coffee flavor, with no particular noteworthy variations, but pleasant."

"Yummy! One of my favorites, I liked the notes of toffee :)"

"Delicious! chocolatey and smooth, a good solid cup of coffee. I received this as a sample and ordered a larger bag. "

"As my parents would say "It tastes like coffee." Exactly what I expect from a quality cup of joe. "

"I really enjoyed this coffee. It was a full cup and tasted like a good coffee should, smooth and delicious."

"This was my favorite coffee so far. We made it in an espresso maker and it was great as a latte, both with and without creamer. The notes of chocolate and toffee come through well, making it sweet but not too sweet."

"I'm such a toffee lover that this was an instant favorite of mine in the box. Reminded me visiting fancy chocolate shops on vacation and getting toffee as a treat! "

"Areopressed it, a tasty morning go to. Was delicious with just a bit of agave."

"This coffee had such a great aftertaste to it. I brewed it via a french press and it brought out so many of the undertones. It was definitely one of my favorite blends!"

"Definitely a medium roast with hints of chocolate. Did not serve iced since it is winter in Colorado, but enjoyed this coffee as my morning coffee made via french press. "

"Incredible coffee, definitely one of my favorites that I've had. Not too dark of a roast, but with all the great depth of a dark coffee."

"Well to be blunt, this is the best coffee I've ever tasted. The toffee notes were my favorite part, but it's ability to be rich and not too sweet whole maintaining a smoothness that was never bitter was perfect. I cried when I ran out and I am ordering more. Wow. "

" Not my favorite flavor, nice smell and full beans. I didn't have the best coffee maker but, it wasnt very full."

"This was a really good cup of coffee. Full bodied, yet not bitter. A perfect medium roast, with hints of chocolate and believe it or not, it brought to mind a vacation we took. So I guess that “nostalgia” flavor is in there. 😊 Brewed with a Ninja."

"Great and wonderful, strong bodied coffee with hints of velvety chocolate. Just enough nuttiness thrown in for good measure. "

"A solid cup of coffee, and you definitely get the chocolate flavor. Not my favorite but I am a dark roast drinker and would be pleased if given this at a friends house, but it is not one I would likely purchase for myself. Used a french press to prepare. "

"Bold coffee, smooth, low acidity. I liked this coffee but it was just a little too bold for me. My husband on the other hand really enjoyed it. "

"Strong, nutty flavor. Not a go to, but still a decent coffee. "

"This coffee is bold, but it almost comes across to strong. If you have ever eaten bakers chocolate by itself, you get the same strong tastes. Smell is good, but not one of my favorites. "

"This blend was nice and full. Tastes amazing with coconut sugar!"

"Beautiful aroma. One of our favorite morning coffees."

"Smooth like the "friend" that you brought to dinner to make sure that your parents didn't bother you with "Trish, when are you going to finally settle down?" This, to be said, is now one of my absolute favorite coffees and is a true delight on a cold midwinter's night."

"Decent and smooth cup of coffee. Bold roasted flavor, with a definite dark chocolate flavor. "

"Smooth taste, toffee, and couldn't better match. Love it! Definitely, need to try with milk or without. I drink it hot but also need to try iced, I think it will be as good as hot. "

"Not bad. The sweetness is a little odd, and it tends to linger."

"Complex while maintaining low acidity. Nice interplay of flavors."

"Used this blend in my french press. It was a solid coffee, but didn't stand out in complexity. Nice and smooth, but not as bold as I expected given the description."

"Not too impressed with this. Nothing special. Does the trick for a morning cup but wouldn't buy again."

"Yum. The chocolateyness and smoothness of this roast makes me want more. Much more! Just what I’d want in a coffee every day. Pretty much perfect. "

"This was a good, solid tasting coffee. Notes of sweetness were delicious. Prepared pour over."

"Just a tiny bit acidic for my liking; required more cream than I usually use to smooth it out. Definitely get the chocolate notes. Prepared in a french press. "

"Freshly roasted, uniform beans. Delicious! Somewhat nutty. Used my breville grind and brew machine. I'll get it again. "

"I made this in a french press and made a delicious iced coffee with it. I typically use syrups to sweeten my ice coffee but did not need it with this. MMMmmm. "

"Solid blend. I always have a pleasant coffee from these guys. "

"Slightly sweet and definitely tasty. Prepared in a french press."

"This coffee was roasty toasty goodness. I drank the entire sample bag in about a half hour. It was just slightly sweet with a slightly acidic, chocolaty finish. Definitely going to be purchasing a bag in the future. "

"This coffee is delicious. I brewed with a chemex and it tasted a little more bold than other coffees I've brewed with a chemex. With a french press it's full bodied and really rich, like a dessert. "

"Was an amazing coffee! The first thing that was immediately noticeable was the immense smell, heavy chocolate notes, they really nailed it! I used a french press (for reference) and it was one THE most favorite new coffee flavors I have found this year, many bags will be ordered."

"Bright and seeet aroma. Definitely get the chocolate notes. "

"Incredibly rich, but perfect for a typical morning brew. Nice flavors that just roll off the tongue, but never overpower your senses. I could drink this all day! "

"A must try coffee! Love the mild flavors in this, with great coffee taste. Little to no acidity and tastes great black or with creamer. "

"Smooth and rich. The Toffee and Baker's chocolate come through quite nicely. Well balanced and delicious! Drank it hot. Made as drip coffee. "

"This was a good, strong cup of coffee. I wish I'd brewed in the french press as others did, rather than in my drip coffee maker. "

"Super smooth, very flavorful, quickly became a house favorite. "

"I'm pretty sure this is one of my top 3, I love the chocolate notes, and it makes such a nice pour over. I actually tried this coffee without cream for the first bag, as I was cutting dairy. I have never been able to drink coffee black until this one, that says something!"

"This coffee is so good! Its got a gentle but robust bitter chocolate and nutty toffee flavor. Its good hot or served over ice. My preference is over ice!"

"Incredibly good when brewed in a pour over. Very roasty, earthy tone to it. One of my favorite coffees to date. "

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"I didn't cold brew this, but next time I will. I would bring out the boldness I think. But still, give it a try! "

"Very smooth coffee. I really enjoyed this. If you are looking for something with a nice smooth taste. I would try this."

"First sample we didn't finish. Half is actually still in my cupboard in the sm bag. Not sure what tasted so wrong with this one/ thought I'd really like this one but didn't. "

"This was a great cup of coffee it started out a little bold and then brightened as it cooled to a pretty pleasant finish. This is the best coffee from Broadcast I've had."

"This is a good coffee! Taste excellent and it's nice and smooth. "

"This coffee was outstanding very delicious. Smooth and bold just how I like it."

"This was a very good cup of coffee. I put it on my definitely order again list. Seriously, you an't go wrong!! "

"An excellent blend. Great flavor profile and extremely smooth drinking. Would absolutely order more of this in the future."

"Loved this coffee! Perfectly combines chocolate and nutty flavours. I normally add milk, but didn't even need it! I'll be ordering this again!"

"Goodness. Made a big ol' french press of this yesterday so I could enjoy hot AND cold, and its warm toffee/chocolate profile exceeded expectations in both areas. acidic but not too sour. just what I love."

"This coffee reminds me of mohawks and gold chains. Strong & bold it will pity any fools that don't give it a try. The morning might be tough, but this coffee is tougher. Definitely a favorite."

"A very good cup of coffee. Nice bold flavor with good chocolate taste."

"Wonderful, strong bodied coffee with hints of velvety chocolate. Just enough nuttiness thrown in for good measure. Perfect way to start the day!"

"I'm just off a three-day stint drinking Johnson House in the morning, and it's like liquid chocolate. Super smooth, with a strong body, without being too acidy."

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