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What is organic coffee?

almost 3 years ago by Kaitlyn W.
Tags: organic
1 response
Participant over 2 years ago
by Matthew B., Chief Coffee Wrangler
For a great overview of what we think about organic coffee, have a look at our blog post "Organic Coffee: Fact and Fiction". The TL/DR summary is pretty simple: if you're looking for good for the environment + good for your body + high quality, the best proxy isn't an expensive certification; it's whether the coffee is a micro-lot. And when you're dealing with roasters of specialty coffee, that's almost invariably what you get.

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What is the best organic coffee?

almost 3 years ago by Sean A.
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An organic coffee label tells us the coffee was farmed, processed, and roasted in a way that meets the FDAs requirements for Certified Organic. It also tells us the farm applied and paid for the... See full answer

What is shade grown and bird friendly coffee?

over 2 years ago by Xander M
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We get our coffee from about 25 different Seattle roasters and they source their beans from farmers all over the world. Bird friendly is a special certification for organic, shade grown coffees and requires inspection... See full answer