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Zoka Coffee - Tuscan Blend

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Tuscan Blend (#273)

Zoka Coffee


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Cherry, Nutty, Almond

Bean Box Breakdown

Molto buono! This decadent, old world roast conjures the sophistication of strong Italian coffee with a sweet touch of Seattle. It’ll provide the dolce; you provide the vita.

Zoka Coffee Story

Our nod to tradition, a dark roast with a full body, heavy mouthfeel, and thick flavor. Sweet and smooth notes of toasted almond, dried cherry, and brown sugar.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

33 customer reviews

"Yummm! One of my favorites!! Only need a small amount of creamer and it's good as a hot or iced coffee. Would definitely get again."

"After Having a few Zoka Blends, I think they put out a perfectly nice product for the average morning coffee. this one included. not over wrought with too many notes and flavors. Kinda wish this one was a bit stronger. But nice, none the less."

"It's okay. Nothing really stands out, a bit weak for my bold preferences."

"french pressed - was robust and had an overall smoothness. Good flavor with slight acidic finish. We enjoyed this one and would get it again. We were able to taste the brown sugar notes mentioned in the description."

"A little more roasty than I prefer, but nice blend of flavors. The notes all complement each other well."

"I really wanted to love this one based on the description, but it wasn't as bold as I'd hoped. It was still a good cup of coffee, just not as strong as I'd have liked."

"For a dark, full body roast, this coffee is incredibly smooth. It has a rich flavor and the cherry and almond notes really stand out. I can sip on this coffee all day and not get tired of it."

"I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of dark roasts, but I found this one to be very drinkable. It had an earthy/woody taste and there wasn't any strong aftertaste when I finished it. My parents, who are much bigger fans of dark roasts than I am, thought that this was very good."

"This was a good selection. It was balanced and subtle. If I am in the mood for that mild cup to ease into my Sunday morning, I would reach for this again."

"Just ok. It felt weak for some reason. I usually put a little cream in, but doing so really washed this one out. "

"I thought I didn't like this because I'd made it too weak, but I see other people had a similar experience. The flavor is very watered-down, not a strong coffee...disappointed."

"Flavorful, aromatic, and so dark but so very smooth! The hint of cherry and chocolate made this one of my favorites!"

"I regularly drink darker roasts, so I was excited to try Tusban Blend. I was not a fan of it though. It was strong enough for my liking but I did not enjoy the actual flavor. I'm sure it's a favorite for someone else, but it's definitely not the coffee for me."

"It is great delicious coffee. I loved it! It was sweet and strong."

"A lovely brew that is good all on it's own. This possesses the complexity and richness that keeps me coming back to dark roast coffees. It sets a good standard."

"Nothing exceptionally complicated, but a nice dark roast. A good body with notes of dark chocolate, cherry, and a sort of black tea finish."

"The flavors were surprisingly well-balanced for a dark roast. I used a french press with medium coarse grounds, steeped for 5 minutes."

"This one was okay! cherry and brown sugar. Heavy mouthfeel and thick flavor. "

"Wasn't a fan of this one - but I think it's because I mixed it with too much water and in general I'm not a cherry fan."

"Really love the nutty flavor. You can definitely taste the cherry.Very good dark roast would order it again"

"Not the worst cup of coffee I've had by any means, but just kind of plain to me. It also wasn't as dark as I prefer. "

"I brewed with a clever dripper and ground on 18. You can definitely pick up the almond and brown sugar notes in the beans. I usually use creamer cut for this one just milk and a little sugar. A nice solid coffee, although I look forward to tasting the others for that oomph to make it super special. "

"Good but not amazing. Flavor just seemed a little more boring than some other coffees we've had."

"This coffee was sort of mildly flavored and unoffensive but didn't have enough oomph to make it a favorite. For middle of the road coffee that doesn't stand out, I'd buy grocery store coffee."

"The coffee was pretty bitter, felt a bit burned to my taste. "

"Another favorite of mine. Deep flavors and good at any time of the day!"

"A nice robust rustic dark roast. A small bit of cream goes a long way here..."

"Tastes very different than the "dark roasts" sold elsewhere. Kind of a complex flavor, I had several cups of it over a period of days before I felt like I had a bead on its spectrum of flavor notes. Enjoyed it."

"Ristic, dark and melting with deep notes of chocalate, this coffee is very forgiving when it comes to brew methods especially if you tend to over-extract your brew. Add a touch of cream and its like you are sipping on a hot mocha. Sweet and roasted nut flavors back up the heavy chocalate well. "

"A great medium-dark roast that is good hot or iced. Has a robust flavor profile with hints of almond and cherry."

"The absolute freshest coffee I've ever had! Beautiful aroma, perfect brew. "

"It has a nice body and aroma that my parents really liked. It makes a thick espresso that reminds you of an Spanish hot chocolate"

"Very solid medium blend. You can easily pick up on the brown sugar and almond notes in the beans. Will order again."

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