Zoka Coffee - El Salvador Malacara B Yellow

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El Salvador Malacara B Yellow (#524)

Zoka Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Blackberry, Salmonberry, Molasses

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

What's more Seattle than salmonberries? Grown at a sky-high 4500 ft elevation, these sweet yellow bourbon beans are piquant and bright, with blended, craft cocktail-like flavors and a lush finish. Serve up (that is, in your favorite mug).

Zoka Coffee Story

Our old friends at Malacara B have done it again: this year’s Yellow Bourbon offers a slinky, rich flavor profile with exceptional quality and bright notes of salmonberry, molasses, and blackberry. There's nothing left to say but, go ahead, order another round!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

15 customer reviews

"Medium bodied and smooth, fruity nut finish. A very decent coffee!"

"Holy Molasses! Who would have thought that flavor in coffee would be so enjoyable. The blackberry notes really compliment everything so nicely. What a wonderful cup of coffee this brew makes. "

"Delicious coffee. french press really brings out the flavors"

"We really enjoyed this bright and sweet coffee. It’s unique but not overpowering and a perfect start to the day."

"Definitely brought to mind a rich, smooth bourbon. The flavor was darker than I was expecting from a light roast, but there was no bitter bite that I experience from dark roasts. The flavors and richness is best enjoyed while kicking back and relaxing on the porch."

"This roast has a darker flavor to it because of the molasses notes. The fruit notes are good, and more subtle than I anticipated. Nice brew and would recommend it if you enjoy medium roasts as well."

"Tasty and smooth! I brewed it with a chemex. I used one of the natural brown coffee filters, probably would have been better with one of the white filters."

"Hands down the best cup of coffee so far. The rich flavor of molasses mixed with fruit was truly incredible. "

"Simply put, this El Salvador offering from Zoka is one of my favorite coffees ever...and I don't normally like fruity coffee! Notes of blueberry, dark cherry, caramel, and a great hint of burnt sugar bitterness makes for a well-rounded cup! "

"This coffee has a delicious "syrupy" finish, the molasses really pops out at you! Especially pronounced if you use an aeropress. Brew Methods Used - aeropress (inverted), La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine."

"Very good light roast coffee from a an excellent roaster. We really enjoy light roast coffee and this was one of the better ones we have received. Complex flavor with mellow finish."

"I enjoyed this coffee but I have to note that it is best enjoyed without any half and half added. On it's own the molasses and BlackBerry come through from behind of a woody earthy flavor."

"This one was bolder than I expected from a light roast but the I enjoyed the finish on it!"

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