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Vashon Coffee Company - Deja Vu Blend

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Deja Vu Blend (#678)

Vashon Coffee Company


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Cocoa

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Whether or not you’ve already tasted this blend, you may recognize its big body and smooth, rich cocoa flavor: its borrowed from your favorite dark chocolate bar. You’ll want to see this one again, and turn the Deja Vu into... Deja Brew!

Vashon Coffee Company Story

A classic blend with rich, full body and depth of flavor. Roasted well into sugar browning, this also makes a great espresso or cold brew. Central American, South American and Indonesian coffees.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

22 customer reviews

"I Liked this blend, really good flavor throughout. Would try again. "

"Loved it! Great chocolate taste in the background. Bold taste, very drinkable blend. Vashon seldom disappoints "

"I tend to like any of the blends that have a hint of chocolate flavor and this one didn't disappoint. "

"A very enjoyable cup of coffee. Good black or with milk. Definite chocolate overtones. I’d give it a 4.5 if I could "

"I wish we had tried cold brew for this one. It seems perfect for it!"

"Bold, but not overwhelming or acidic -- thick with dark chocolate flavor and tasty enough to not feel overwhelmed ; no bitterness at all-the way you want dark chocolate to really taste like. If I had a winter cabin, I'd want the cupboards stocked with this coffee."

"This definitely tasted like a dark coffee, with a little bit of bitterness. It was really good when brewed as an espresso in a latte with just a dash of creamer to brighten it up."

"Delicious. This coffee has a nice bold but not overwhelming flavor, easy to drink and not acidic with great dark chocolate flavors. I actually added a splash of flavored creamer to my second cup and it was like dessert for breakfast. Great way to start the day."

"Great coffee. Has very definite deep chocolate flavor. Brewed in french press. Smooth with low acidity. Would bu this coffee again."

"I did try this as a cold brew and it was deliciously sweet and nutty. Freshly/evenly roasted- I have enjoyed all coffees from this roaster."

"Smooth rich flavor, definitely picking up the chocolate notes in drip brew. Would buy again!"

"Brewed this drip style. Very robust and easily picked up on the chocolate tones. "

"Hot damn! It's a medium-roast but tastes like a dark roast. It's like a small guy who pretends he's a big guy. Anyway, once it goes cold, it doesn't taste that great, so DRINK IT FRESH. It's like a wonderland when you first brew it. "

"Really strong chocolate flavor coming through. I really enjoyed this coffee blend. "

"This coffee was brewed in the french press and had a chocolate note. It was enjoyable. "

"Lovely blend. Enough sweetness to make an enjoyable cup but not overpowering. Will definitely brew again."

"This was a great cup of coffee. I love the chocolate and full body."

"This coffee tastes delicious! I made it in our ninja coffee maker and added a splash of hazelnut creamer. Very smooth and delicious!"

"Really good cup of coffee. Rich and sweet, full bodied, and not overpowering. Very low acidity, which we like."

"I’m always a sucker for a nice chocolate note coffee. This did not fail to impress. Smooth, rich, with a nice chocolate flavor. Brewed in chemex and topped off with unsweetened/plain almond milk. "

"I really enjoyed this coffee from the moment I opened the package. A great smell to wake up to! Aside from loving the name of it, this coffee won me over from start to finish. It is another coffee that I easily enjoyed without adding anything to it, and works well hot or over ice."

"Full body, good coffee but lacking depth. A little acidic. Brewed in french press and pour over. "

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