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True North Coffee Roasters - Fog Lift Espresso Blend

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Fog Lift Espresso Blend (#264)

True North Coffee Roasters


(Earn up to $1.73 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Toffee, Cocoa

Bean Box Breakdown

This dreamy, creamy espresso blend is sure to put the pep in your step. The sweet-as-candy tasting notes and thick body will lift the fog off any cloudy day.

True North Coffee Roasters Story

This blend makes for a delightful quick morning espresso with a rich burgundy crema and syrupy smoothness. Notes of sweet buttery caramel, bittersweet chocolate, and toffee.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

24 customer reviews

"Loved this coffee. It has a really smooth, balanced feeling the whole way through. I also noticed that the bean itself was physically tougher and more textured than others I've had in the past. "

"Most amazing blend! I am saving so much money and the local shop is losing the girls come to my house for lattes. If you like sweet you will love this. "

"Great brewed as both espresso and pour over! The espresso is very smooth with a bright finish at the end. The pour over was very similar, smooth and easy going."

"Deliciously decandent blend with forward notes of chocolate. Not as robust as other flavors, but perfect for me. I’ve prepared this as an Americano and a latte with steamed milk. The coffee holds up well to both preparations and is not bitter. I will order this again!"

"Nice smooth sweet flavor. Good toffee undertones for those looking for something other than chocolate. I would order this again"

"I generally lean bold, but this was nice and soft. I always make it as a latte and it was a nice flavor. "

"This actually was one of my least favorite blends that I've received to date. It was difficult to get the sweetness dialed in both as a shot and as a latte and I found the flavors a little too heavy for my liking. Definitely good for waking up in the morning, but not as refined as I would have liked"

"Slightly fruity. the carmel and butter notes are more of an after taste, in the mouth its sort of tropical. Mild blend not bad."

"This is a great espresso. It is not bitter with a bunch of sweet notes in the back. Anyone who loves dark coffee or espresso has to try this. Plus the extra pick me up in this coffee had me going all day. "

"This is a solid espresso. Maybe not the darkest but not bitter either. The caramel notes come through and it makes for a delightful, simple espresso. I've used this in the stove top espresso pots and the espresso maker. Both deliver excellent results. "

"I only drink espresso and have tried about a dozen different BeanBox espresso coffees. I am the 'straight up, no sugar' type and found this one to the very interesting. Some people have commented that it tastes bitter but I would disagree. I've purchased Fog Lift several times."

"I only drink espresso and have tried about a dozen different BeanBox espresso coffees. I am the 'straight up, no sugar' type and found this one to the very interesting. Some people have commented that it tastes bitter but I would disagree. I've purchased Fog Lift several times."

"I enjoyed this one, was creamy and smooth. It had a bold flavor and was not bitter."

"Super creamy and sooo delicious! Not the slightest bit bitter. I will be getting this one again. I loved it"

"This is a nice morning espresso, I use this to make mocha's, flavors go well with the chocolate milk."

"This was the first coffee we tried and it was good but we had a hard time detecting the flavors listed on the package. "

"This blend was not a favorite, it was a bit bitter and I needed to add more sugar than normal to drink it. "

"True North is one of my favorite roasters out of Seattle & this coffee lives up to the standard set by Seattle coffees. This espresso is creamy and perfect for any type of milk drink you enjoy. Yet, you may just find yourself drinking straight shots of this creamy & delicious coffee. "

"A good coffee. Automatic espresso machine. With and without milk, a solid three bean coffee. As a shot and long coffee. Just as good. Consistent flavor. "

"I brewed this espresso blend as coffee, which I often do, and it was a very smooth brew. I usually prefer dark roasts, but this medium roast was rich, creamy and delicious."

"The entire package brings a fog horn on ship to mind. Imagine yourself sipping this brew on your ship, bells in the background as well as the hissing of the waves and seagulls too. Fog Lift espresso is your morning pick me up, not short of it's sweet caramel notes perfect for a sweet toothed sailor."

"Fog Lift espresso blend resulted in a great smelling and looking cup of coffee. I used fined grind in an espresso maker. It tasted good, however not my absolute favorite. "

"Enjoyed this one when brewed via aeropress as an afternoon "fog lifter." The aeropress really spread out the flavors and let some sweet caramel notes come out without being too bright or thin. A good medium-to-dark roast, probably best suited to "heavier" brewing methods as opposed to, say chemex."

"It is a decent coffee, but the finish was surprisingly (too) bitter, especially when made into a cold brew. I was clamoring for a balance that is not fully realized with this blend. There were hints of chocolate, toffee and caramel. Also, brewed using a french press. "

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