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Milk Money (#684)

Stamp Act Coffee


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Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Black Cherry, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Do you come from a land down under? This blend does! Straight from a roaster who trained in Australia, this coffee is a gift to those who love espresso drinks and lighter roasts. Light, yet rich enough for milk, this cup brings a honey-like body of cocoa and caramel, with balanced notes of purple fruits, plums and black cherries. As espresso or drip, with or without a splash of cream, Milk Money's got you covered.

Stamp Act Coffee Story

Crafted for milk, in espresso or drip form, the Milk Money blend is rich in complex character, cacao, with an intense and full body. Working with coffees that are in season, we want our blend to be as vibrant and tasty as possible. 50% Guatemala, 40% Brazil, 10% Ethiopia.

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Order within 5 hours and 45 minutes. Get it by Saturday, August 24. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

29 customer reviews  write a review

"As a pour over, this brew called Milk Money shook us down and beat us up. It is indeed complex, but it might taste better in a different form. Bit of a bitter assault. "

"Rich complex character intense full body cocoa....."

"Well this leans more to 3.5 stars for me, but because they say it's particularly made for milk I'll give it 4. By itself it had a kind of unpleasant, earthy taste, but, interestingly, with half n half it became quite tasty, with chocolate and cherry notes coming out a lot more. french press."

"Loved this coffee - smooth, aromatic, flavorful. Would definitely buy again!"

"Very good coffee, very smooth and easy to drink while still being bold."

"A very forgiving coffee when making espresso. Despite completely wrong ratios when dialing in, the shots were always palatable. Works well as a pour over with a mellow taste."

"A little darker than I expected. Great on french press, decent on a drip pot, and not very good on chemex. A fine coffee, but a lack of nuance hinders it a bit."

"pour over and french press both great. like the chocolately notes, nice with some cream. would order again! "

"Creamy chocolatey goodness with a bit of juicy dark fruit. Nice for espresso "

"I used my sample to make a double espresso latte. Really nice cocoa background and overall complex taste."

"Good light coffee. I like the juicy flavor of this one. Excellent! "

"I actually decided to change ratios for this one because the notes were overwhelming. Less is more!"

"I have only tried 4 coffees from beanbox so far but they were all good. This one was my least favorite. I give it 4 stars just because it is much better compared to normal store bought coffee. It is just a little too mellow for me. "

"It's not exactly what I expected, but it's a pleasant cuppa. I wish it felt a little sweeter, as it needs just a touch of sugar to bring out the flavors. "

"A solid pour over and a better-than-average espresso shot (doppio). I didn't try this one with milk products, although I'm sure it'd be good."

"Just ok. Too much on the light side for my liking. I used an aeropress and drank it black. "

"Definite chocolate flavor but not too dark. Veers towards caramel for me so loved that. I think Stamp Act is going to become a new fave"

"This really had a "creamy" taste to it - very unique and unlike any other coffee I've had before! I enjoyed this."

"Love this coffee. The combination of caramel with a smooth sugar finish makes my morning coffee taste like desert. One of my very favorite coffees."

"Delicious roast. Makes a smooth cup that doesn't need much in the way of sweetwner or cream."

"A bit heavier than advertised, I actually thought the flavors came to life more as a plain espresso shot than as a latte. Well balanced though I think the description is overly ambitious. I didn't pick up any of the fruity flavors, but the undertone of cocoa and caramel were clear."

"Very smooth and rich,. Nice medium body. Slightly nutty and sweet. Really, really enjoyed this. Now one of my favorites."

"Very smooth and rich,. Nice medium body. Slightly nutty and sweet. Really, really enjoyed this. Now one of my favorites."

"One of my new favorites! Very smooth and slightly sweet on it's own. "

"Great coffee - loved the smell after grinding and it had a nice, unique flavor - maybe the black cherry notes!"

"I thought about buying this one when they first sent out emails about it, just based on the description. I loved this one. That caramel flavor with black cherry. Paired it in the morning with some freshly picked Montana Flathead cherries. Don't know if it gets better than that..."

"Good coffee, complex, low acidity. Almost a cranberry and peach flavor but still fairly smooth with a deep sugar finish. We would buy this coffee again."

"I'm not normally one to enjoy caramel but it complimented this coffee perfectly. Would highly recommend."

"Black cherry and caramel notes. This coffee was brewed as a french roast, and enjoyed greatly. Would recommend. "

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