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Slate Coffee Roasters - Kilenso Ethiopia

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Kilenso Ethiopia (#18)

Slate Coffee Roasters

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cocoa Powder, Strawberry, Blueberry

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Strawberry fields forever! Vibrant and bright, with an irresistible aroma and a plump berry flavor that lingers on your tongue.

Slate Coffee Roasters Story

Opening a bag of Kilenso is like setting off an aromatic strawberry bomb. Upon tasting, Kilenso is sweet like angel food cake, with notes of strawberry, blueberry, and powdered cocoa.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

59 customer reviews

"Coffee was on the sweet side as advertised. I was looking forward to more of an angel cake taste, but enjoyed the subtle fruit notes. Overall, this coffee did not disappoint."

"This is one of my favorite coffees. If you pour it perfectly, it really tastes like a strawberry. If you are not a fan of fruity coffees however, you will definitely not like this one. Highly recommended!"

"Has been my favorite of all sent so far, couldn’t put the cup down. "

""Aromatic strawberry bomb" is exactly right. Expect the coffee to taste like deliciously tart fruit jam while it's hot, and as it cools for it to open up into a sweeter more syrupy fruit flavor. It's a fantastic light roast, a perfect expression of modern coffee, and is great on aeropress and v60. "

"It’s not bad, but the taste wasn’t for me. I found it to have an earthy somewhat dirty taste as it cooled. It’s pleasantly acidic that lingers on your palate like collard greens. Adding sugar made the bitterness last shorter but I wouldn’t recommend for a morning coffee. "

"What a FANTASTIC addition to the Slate line-up! This coffee tastes like straight-up chocolate covered strawberry! "

"This is my new favorite from Slate Coffee Roasters. The cup has a very tannic mouthfeel to it, as the initial sips of this coffee tasted similar to Merlot. As the cup cools, the cocoa powder and strawberry are really felt. I used a chemex to brew these beans. This roast is also great for cold brew!"

"I gave this bag as a gift to my Mom. She loves the flavor but had no words to describe it. "

"Definitely more on the chocolate side than fruity, so if you like chocolate you'll enjoy a cup of this Coffee! "

"Slate Coffee Roasters Kilenso Ethiopia brews a beautifully complex, pleasantly juicy cup. One of my personal favorites discovered from my light roast Sample Subscription. From the first drop to the last, very consistent, fruity, chocolate and a true experience."

"I felt the chocolate notes overwhelmed the fruit notes in this blend. It was still tasty, I just felt it wasn’t as balanced as it probably could have been. "

"Very fruity and sour taste- which I'm not a fan of that profile- I prefer the nutty profile. Very fresh however, and evenly sized/roasted beans. I'll try another kind from Slate."

"I brewed it with a chemex and it was delicious! Super fruity in a good way."

"Slate always does such a fantastic job, with this Kilenso being no exception. Exceptionally delicate and smooth. I have to say I appreciate this roast more when it comes from my espresso machine, rather than my aeropress. Brew methods used : aeropress, inverted. espresso in La Pavoni Europiccola"

"This really does taste like strawberries! Also a light chocolate flavor. Like chocolate dipped strawberries (no really). Very enjoyable cup. Brewed with aeropress."

"Delicious berry flavors, I prefer this to a flavored creamer. "

"Brewed this cup in a Hario v60 after grinding the beans with a burr grinder to make sure I'm getting the best cup of coffee from these Ethiopia beans. My first sips the chocolate flavor was pronounced then as it began to cool, the fruit flavors became more prevalent. Awesome bright & fruity coffee!"

"Delicious blend of chocolate and strawberries!light taste bold flavor "

"Not the biggest fan of light coffee but the berry flavor was extremely easy to notice and enjoy. 7.1/10"

"I made this in my french press and it was lovely. I could taste the fruity essences and cocoa undertones. Not one of my favorites but it's definitely a good cup."

"Loved this coffee! It was fruity and bright and a perfect way to start my day! "

"I got this in my first ever box of coffee from Bean Box. I completely love it. It's light on your tongue and smells delicious. I would suggest a pairing. The fruity accents of this coffee would go great with some chocolate dipped strawberries or just regular cut up strawberries. "

"Smells and tastes like strawberries. Really tart fruity flavor, just something my palate doesn't appreciate in coffee. A really good summer flavor, just not something I have to have. I had high expectations, and it tastes like it should, but we have an "It's not you, it's me" kind of relationship."

"Pretty good. My boyfriend who isn't a coffee connoisseur loved this one. "

"Smells like strawberries, tastes like strawberries, 10/10 accurate description and 10/10 magnificent coffee. While it was hot/warm it tasted like strawberries, or even strawberry milk! And as it cooled it turned into the darker blueberry/cocoa combo. Made with a moka pot."

"Outstanding flavor! strawberry notes practically jump out of the cup! This will undoubtedly be one of my all-time favorites. "

"Excellent blend. My senses are not often refined enough to catch all the flavors and notes that others' can, but I could definitely taste the sweetness and berry. Very surprising that it's NOT artificially flavored. I honestly did not know coffee could be this good. Favorite Bean Box purchase yet!"

"This roast ties as one of my favorites this season! The fruity notes paired with the cocoa come through with every sip! blueberry reminds me of spring and while the strawberry is present, the blueberry definitely comes through as well! Perfect for a morning on the porch!"

"Very light and refreshing berry notes with hints of chocolate. Easy drinking and delicious, perfect for a bright morning cup. Brewed hot using a v60. "

"pour over 1:15 ratio. Very true to description. strawberry dream"

"This was a nice, light coffee blend that I really enjoyed. "

"This bean has tons of flavor... For being a light roast, I expected a very acidic taste, but was pleasantly surprised when I received the opposite. This is one of my absolute favorite lighter roasts. Would recommend."

"We are typically not fruity-coffee people, but we truly loved this one. We just got an aeropress so maybe that changed how we can appreciate a brew, but at any rate - the strawberry notes were super clear and yummy."

"If you like light blends with fruit notes, this one might be for you. But, that's not my thing."

"This roast is fruity and light, I could drink this all day!"

"This fantastic coffee is light and aromatic. The cup is not acidic the way some light roasts can be, and is smooth and crisp. The fruity complexion is noticeable, but not overpowering. Overall, this is one of my favorite light roasts."

"Everything Slate touches turns to gold! This one doesn't disappoint. "

"This one tastes just like it smells, which is a good thing! fruity and light in flavor. "

"Luckily I reached out to Bean Box in time to change my order. Instead of getting a blend I already received they switched out my order to Slate's Kilenso Ethiopia. What a wonderful coffee! The aroma and taste is a bright with light strawberry notes and a sweet aftertaste. My favorite from BB so far."

"This was hands down my favorite in this month's sampler. It even made my favorite list. I would buy it again and again. "

"I've enjoyed everything I have tried from Slate. This is a solid Ethiopian single origin. I like that the cocoa notes balance out the berry notes so it is not too overpoweringly fruity. Really great coffee. I brewed on a chemex 3-cup. "

"Great coffee! I received this is a box with Velton's Mexican Nayarita, also lots of berries. Slate's Ethiopian here tastes like riper fruit. Fun to compare them side by side!"

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again"

"nice light roast, berry flavors jump right out, chocolate as well."

"This is firmly in my all time top 5 list. It's one of the greats — don't miss it! So flavorful and so smooth. I usually have a hard time tasting the note that everyone keeps talking about, but this one is all berries for sure. Yum!!!"

"Well-balanced cup (made it on a clever dripper with a 3-min brew). Less acidic than many of the Ethiopians I have tried, but a good cup nonetheless. "

"Made one of the best pour over flavors I have had in a while. Totally could smell the strawberry and cocoa right as you open the bag and grind. To me, the blueberry isn't as apparent but the chocolately strawberry flavor is all there for me! I have bought 2 bags since. "

"The smells is what hits you, a definite aroma punch of strawberry. I tried french press and chemex brewing for this roast but only had a 5 bean taste rating one clear time. If I could get the one solid cup I will chalk the lack of consistent love for the flavor (and price) to user error. "

"Would order again. A unique blend. Loved the fruity sweet bite with the chocolate! Like a gourmet chocolate bar! "

"fruity and rich, definitely a delicious combination! "

"Really enjoyed this one. I could definitely taste the cocoa and fruity overtones. Would have again."

"I love this coffee. Smells amazing you can defenitly taste the strawberry notes. Great black coffee."

"This coffee smells amazing. As per the description, strawberry and dark fruit. A strawberry BOMB is completely accurate. My nose literally crinkles. This is the second time I've received this in a Box, and it's even better this time. "

"Loved the bright floral and fruity notes. Definetly a great summer coffee. Prepared with french press"

"The balance between blueberry and cocoa was excellent. Both rich and light at the same time. "

"chemex pour-over tried on this. The tasting notes on this are spot on. Smell/flavor is highly strawberry-focused. Highly fruity, smooth, juicy, lightly grassy."

"Prepared in an aeropress. They aren't kidding when they say it smells like a strawberry. The flavor is fantastic, berries, sweet and light. So often the flavors described in a review don't match the flavors you actually taste. That's not the case here. This one delivers as promised!"

"Brewed in a french press with sub-boiling water. Very aromatic, smells of earth, nuts, and some red berries. Bright with fresh strawberry/raspberry and blackberry on the taste, followed by a subtle natural peanut butter taste and dusty dark cocoa. Light bodied but a little chewy. Long finish. Nice."

"The first time I smelled, and then tasted this, I was in disbelief at the almost magical way it conjures up strawberry and blueberry. This roast stands alone as one of the most unique I've ever had. Great for a special occasion, after dessert."

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