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Seven Coffee Roasters - Roaster's Choice

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Roaster's Choice (#92)

Seven Coffee Roasters


(Earn up to $1.75 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Vanilla, Cocoa Powder, Pear

Bean Box Breakdown

As smooth as Jimi Hendrix, as complex as Kurt Cobain: this harmonious dark blend has a bright, fruit-syrupy finish that will start your day on the perfect high note. Drink up and rock on!

Seven Coffee Roasters Story

A dark blend featuring four different coffees from around the world. Moderate acidity, full body, and a smooth finish. Notes of vanilla, cocoa, and nashi pear.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

57 customer reviews

"Nice and dark in the french press, but I don't get the fresh pear flavors from it. "

"A multilayered brew that doesn't come across as disjointed or just mashed together. smooth and interesting. If I had a complaint I would wish it was stronger."

"This blend is OK. I wasn't a big fan. It has some interesting notes but just not good enough for me. "

"Great coffee. Not my favorite, but was still good way to start the day. "

"A smooth dark roast fulfills my bold taste preferences. Palatable and enjoyable. "

"A decent dark roast but I've had better. It's gritty but I don't mind it with a splash of creamer. Just wouldn't buy on my own."

"Rich yet light and refreshing. A really enjoyable cup on its own. Low acidity while still fruity, which I really like."

"Nothing really stood out about this coffee, just a bright dark roast. Made in french press and drank black. "

"My favorite coffee from the sample packs - really smooth and robust; rich tasting!"

"Nice dark roast blend. Bright acidic finish, with a full body and a toasty choclolate flavor up front. "

"This was a bit too one more for me. I didn't get any complexity and there was a faint sweetness that I didn't care for. It is fairly balanced, but I think the flatness of the flavor profile was not for me."

"This was not one of my favorites. My wife and I found it to have a burnt taste. Brewed with french press. "

"Smooth and well balanced a great morning brew. The notes mention moderate acidity but I didn’t find it acidic. "

"Nice, smooth flavors with a rich finish. I needed some creamer for this one. "

"I enjoyed this blend! I used it in my french press, and it had a nice smokiness that I would expect in a darker roast in spite of the "medium" classification. I like my coffee on the darker side so it was great for me."

"This coffee sort of fell flat for me. It could have really used a bit of brightness to round out the cup. Not the worst medium roast around, but not the best."

"Vanilla AND cocoa!!!? Heavenly! Smooth, bold, and sweet! Great combination of notes...this coffee made my morning...and day....and night!"

"Smooth. Dark. A very bold roast. It was superb! For sure one of my most favorites so far!"

"This is a great, dreamy coffee. If you like smooth delicousness in the morning, this could work out for you. Easy drinking and splendid"

"This was one my favorites. It's dark and smooth, and the subtle note of pear at the very end keeps things interesting. "

"This is my 2nd coffee from 7 (through Bean Box both times). I am loving this roaster!! This one was a delightful drip coffee. Definitely got the cocoa and vanilla notes and a mild fruitiness that must have been the pear. Delish! "

""Awesome brew and roast profile. Perfect for the morning, very smooth flavor. I would recommend to any lover of the lighter to medium roast blends.""

"This is a very smooth bold coffee. I really liked the vanilla notes in this coffee it was a perfect blend to french vanilla creamer.It was a nice little pickup to my morning and this is one I will for sure order again. I think some of the notes in this blend are just enough to give it great taste"

"This is probably my favorite of all the coffees I've reviewed. Balanced, smooth, and I didn't need any sweetener (which I normally use). Excellent coffee!"

"I received this as a gift, as part of the Bean Box Coffee Sampler. It was very smooth & by far my favorite out of all the samples that I've tasted. I used my french press & drank it black, it was LOVE at first sip. I normally need to add creamer & sweetener to drink any coffee. This is the best!"

"The subscription was a gift for my mom and she loved it! This was her favorite coffee out of all of the samples she received. "

"Awesome brew and roast profile. Perfect for the morning, very smooth flavor. I would recommend to any lover of the lighter to medium roast blends. "

"Great mid-afternoon pick-me-up. This is a super smooth, medium roast that is slightly sweet and fruity. I didn't need but a touch of cream and sugar because the flavor was so excellent. Brewed with pour over method and a medium-coarse grind. I will try using my french press on the next cup."

"As a lover of lighter coffees, this has been one of my faves. The cocoa powder is not stronger or lighter than the ones that contain chocolate notes."

"Great brew especially for the morning. Very smooth."

"Really enjoyed the taste of this one was very smooth."

"Absolutely LOVED this. It was rich, full-bodied, and smooth. Brewed really nicely in a drip cone and made a great breakfast coffee. By far one of my favorites!"

"Very good, but not my favorite. Middle of the road. I liked the fruitiness of the pear. "

"Decent cup of coffee, but not one of my favorites. Low acidity. The pear makes for an interesting fruity finish. "

"Brew this one pour over style, it brings out the pear. Very nice, I've had this before and it's a good, overall balanced blend! "

"This has been one of my favorites! Rich, fruity and balanced. The pear is a perfect compliment to the cocoa notes. Drank this as a double espresso both with and without cream. I enjoyed it so much that I'm ordering another bag now."

"First coffe from this roaster. Very good full bodied coffee with slight fruit finish. Brewed in french press for 4-5 minutes. Very good coffee overall."

"Brewed this coffee in moka pot. I like smell and taste - it is very good. Vanilla notes give sweetness and also good to drink with milk!"

"This was incredible love this with desserts or just after dinner. The vanilla with the subtle for taste make for a perfect calm to the end of the day"

"A solid cup of coffee. It's not too oily or acidic, and has a nice density to it. Brewed via aeropress."

"Made with a moka—and I may have a new favorite coffee. Upfront taste is somewhere between nutty & fruity, and the finish has a distinct vanilla flavor. The whole drink is sweet, smooth, and soft but still strong (a good medium). Comforting flavor/roast, smells amazing, & one I'll certainly get again"

"An interesting blend. Not my favorite but not a bad cup."

"This is an ok cup of coffee. Not something I'd order again with all the other better choices out there. "

"This delicious blend has the full body and lower acidity of a good dark roast, but the well rounded flavor profile of a medium. I picked up a caramelly/brown sugar sweetness to it that left an aftertaste of cocoa on the tongue. I didn't catch any of the pear notes though. But very smooth cup!"

"A really good medium roast coffee. I got the vanilla and a hint of cocoa but I was not picking up to much on pear or fruity notes. It is a really easy drinking coffee for any morning. "

"A good blend with nothing that blew us away and no flavors that jumped out at us. Still a pleasant cup of coffee. "

"I really enjoyed this roast! Good nut flavored notes as well as a hint of mocha. I would highly recommend it!"

"This coffee smells amazing. Flavor was very good , I love black coffee and this was very smooth to drink."

"This was on the lighter side of a medium roast. Good, but not a bold medium. We enjoy a more bold roast."

"Solid, bold flavor. But, I wish the pear came through a little more."

"I really liked this one. I thought I would like it a little more because of the note profile. I liked it a lot, but not enough to make me want to buy a whole bag or repurchase it. Again, it was good, but I had it in my mind that this would be a little better."

"This was my fiancé's favorite of the month. Dark and bold and had no need of any sort of creamer. He REALLY enjoyed it "

"This is a very good dark roast. Definitely one of my favorites. Great balance and not too much acidity..Give this one a try.."

"Great profile. Very nice morning cup of Joe. Even made a good iced coffee with the leftovers!"

"I actually didn't get these beans until April (even though they were roasted in February), so I was very surprised by how well and how fresh the beans held up when I finally opened the bag. Very smooth and velvety."

"Can definitely taste the pear notes. Surprising (but not overpowering) acidity for a dark roast. Very nice, subtle blend overall."

"An interesting bold dark roast coffee. Good taste profile."

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