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Seven Coffee Roasters - Espresso Huli

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Espresso Huli (#31)

Seven Coffee Roasters


(Earn up to $1.63 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Butter, Bakers Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

With tasting notes of dark chocolate and butter, this roast is dark and smooth with a joyous, uplifting finish.

Seven Coffee Roasters Story

In Hawaiian, Huli means to grow through change. Always striving for something better, our espresso continues to reflect our dedication to unique, delicious coffees.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

25 customer reviews

"I wasn't sure what I would think of the butter. It gave it a nice full flavor. I strayed from my usual super bold and was pleased. Great latte!"

"I’ve been using this one with my Moka pot and it gives me a nice espresso that is not bitter at all. Pretty nice alternative for a dark roast if you want a more smooth shot. "

"These beans were smooth, but flavor is one-note. I prefer something more complex."

"Rich and creamy. Nice, med-dark but not bitter. No bad after taste and the smell was heaven!"

"Bold and robust, this coffee blend is great for those who like rich but not overly bitter coffee. My favorite application is as an espresso with a touch of milk to lighten it's chocolate and buttery blend. "

"This is a very good mild flavored medium roast. I prefer darker, but this is still a good taste. "

"Pretty sure this is the one that made Hawaiian blends my new favorite!"

"Really loved this coffee! Chocolaty with round finish. No acidity - only a touch of milk or foam in my macchiato! Definitely will order again."

"Dark, smoky, buttery, rich, chocolate. Thick bodied, savory. Nothing fruity happening here!"

"A nice roast for espresso. Brewed with my automatic espresso machine. It was smooth, not bitter. "

"Hawaiian roasts are some of my favorite. This roast did not disappoint. "

"This espresso blend was pretty good- just not my favorite out of the group. It wasn't quite as rich as others, but it has a very smooth finish- you could definitely get a sense of the butter in this roast. "

"It was nice. Automatic espresso machine. Shot and long coffee. With and without cream. Smooth but flavor was just ok. "

"My 2nd fave out of the ~20 I've tried. Very very nice."

"This was the first we tried and were blown away. We absolutely LOVED this espresso. I have two more bags in my cart as I type this... mild, not bitter, easy to drink... makes my heart smile to have it in my cup! "

"Breville BaristaPro XL brewed for latter; flavor is mild and slightly more bitter than I prefer. I would drink again, but not my favorite. "

"Not a big fan of this one, shots pulled well, but the flavor was just not my preference, I prefer less chocolate, so if you like chocolate you will probably enjoy this."

"Love this one! Small notes of caramel and an awesome pick me up kick. Nice and balanced. "

"This made a really nice smooth espresso. The chocolate flavor was pretty strong and notable, which was a big plus for me. "

"Average coffee, could drink this one daily. Smooth and rich."

"Pulled good expresso shots with these beans. Also good for pour-overs. The dark chocolate notes are very intense."

"I made two iced lattes with each shot pulled at 200°F. I could taste notes of butter and bakers chocolate which I enjoyed, but the best part was that there was no bitterness. I would buy a 12 oz bag in the future to play around with the brewing temperature & to try a hot latte. "

"Good flavor and notes of chocolate!! A nice espresso when you need a change."

"I like this as an alternative to my regular morning espresso. It is a little brighter flavor and not as strong as my usual morning coffee bean so I will work it into my morning routine!"

"My least favorite of four out of my bean box. Notes of chocolate. A decent dark roast "

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