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Seven Coffee Roasters - Brazil Carmo De Minas

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Brazil Carmo De Minas (#142)

Seven Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cinnamon, Nutty, Almond

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

One sip and you know it's Brazil: this smooth roast carries that characteristic deep, nutty spice with just a hint of lemon on the far end. Darker, toastier flavors than the typical medium roast. Delicious in its simplicity.

Seven Coffee Roasters Story

Direct trade offering from the Condado Estate in Carmo de Minas. Notes of almond, cinnamon, lemon zest.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

23 customer reviews

"I usually like Brazilian coffees but this one wasn't for me. Too light."

"Thought this was a very tasty medium-dark blend. Used a Bee House pour over. "

"My wife's favorite. Allergic to cinnamon, so this is a great way for her to get the taste without the need of an epipen."

"A smooth and heart warming coffee that will give you the daily morning hug that you always want."

"Gross. Maybe it's just me, but cinnamon, lemon, and coffee do not go together. Too tangy yet spicy at the same time. "

"SEVEN has also been a constant source of satisfaction when opening my bean box. they once again did not disappoint. "

"This coffee was smooth and nutty and a great start to our morning. we will certainly be purchasing this again."

"Love this coffee! Great morning coffee with great cinnamon and nutty flavors."

"The cinnamon was really a welcome surprise taste with this roast. Seven has some really solid roasts and I'd put this up there with their best. "

"It was ok. Not incredibly memorable. The acidity at the end wasn't our favorite."

"This coffee was good, but not one of my favorites from Bean Box. There were notes of cinnamon and a good flavor profile, but a somewhat bitter finish/aftertaste."

"Delicious coffee. The cinnamon and nutty notes come through strongly, and it's robust without being TOO dark. It suggests to me that I really enjoy Brazilian varietals. "

"The coffee beans didn't have as strong of a smell as some of the other beans I have had, so I didn't have high expectations. But oh my god, this coffee is so so so good. It was the best one I received so far. "

"Fairly one-dimensional as far as the taste notes, with a predominating almond nuttiness. A really good brew can bring out enough lemon to give it a subtle bright tinge without overpowering the roast. A reliable coffee if you want the classic Brazilian experience but don't enjoy really dark roasts."

"The Coffee had almost a burnt taste to it. Not a big fan at all."

"Smooth and nice bodied. Not my typical favorite region and felt a bit uni-dimensional. Tastes of roasted nuts. Still perfectly yummy and I drank through the bag of beans! "

"Not as great as other Seven coffees I have tried. Average cup. "

"I liked it. Wasn't my favorite from BeanBox but it was a change of pace. Light and enjoyable."

"This was the first coffee we received for the Coffee of the Month subscription I ordered for my husband and my he really enjoyed it!"

"Typical Brazilian coffee: smooth, low in acidity, and with a substantial body. Although I am not a big fan of Brazilian coffees, this was a pleasant one in general, despite the typical and slight bitterness of Brazilian coffees. The aroma on this one is great!"

"This coffee was awesome! Great aroma, delicious flavor, strong, but balanced, smooth, and the cinnamon and nutty tastes complemented the coffee perfectly! One of my favorite coffees ever!!!"

"Good basic coffee. The cinnamon was a nice touch needs a little cream"

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