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Seattle Coffee Works - Space Espresso Blend

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Space Espresso Blend (#339)

Seattle Coffee Works


(Earn up to $1.90 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Lime, Chocolate, Berry

Bean Box Breakdown

The label writes itself: “Seattle Space Blend is out of this world!” But really: this versatile medium roast shines as both espresso and drip, as clean and bright as a twinkling star. When you wish upon a bean...

Seattle Coffee Works Story

Award-winning blend of Direct-Trade Guatemala (53%), a Natural Ethiopia (32%) and Kenya (15%). Notes of milk chocolate, key lime, mixed berry.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

34 customer reviews

"The line really shines through and makes this one pop. It’s bright and fun and different."

"One of my favorites. I tend to prefer sweeter shots with lighter flavor and fruity notes, all of which this blend hits. Both a plain espresso shot and latte were bright and sweet and not at all overpowering."

"Not a fan of fruity coffee. Brewed in a delonghi espresso machine, no bitterness at all and a very strong fruity like flavor that im not really looking for in coffee or espresso."

"This month's box is looking pretty good. This espresso is very smooth and I like the hint of lime. A winner."

"I usually buy 2 or 3 different coffees when I shop on BeanBox. Fun to mix up your morning with a couple of different varieties. I usually have Space Blend on hand - it makes a more traditional bold espresso without any bitter taste. There's lots of choice - this one should be on your short list!"

"This was just okay, I guess I was expecting a different flavor."

"Smooth coffee, pleasant, but flavors did not stand out very much to us after brewing."

"Very chocolatey! Nice solid coffee. I could for sure drink this every day."

"I enjoyed this coffee. I wouldn't make it a staple in my everyday espresso drinking but every now and again it is a delight. It has a very unique flavor profile and you really get hints of berry and lime on the nose. The crema has berry undertones and is a little bitter but in a good way. "

"This blend is one of my favorites. I could smell the lime when I ground the beans and it has a mild sweetness to it. "

"This was okay, used to make lattes and americanos. I liked it better then the last coffee I received. I could definitely pick up the lime, which is probably why this was just okay for me. I don't care for heavy citrus notes in my espresso drinks."

"I wanted to love this coffee, because I love key lime, but that flavor didn't stand out enough for me (at least not with my drip machine)."

"This was a good citrus blend. Smooth with creamer to tame it!"

"We brewed it using a pourover. I didn’t catch many berry notes, but could feel the citrusy notes."

"We really really liked this blend. It was awesome. "

"Automatic espresso machine. We enjoyed this coffee as a shot and long coffee. It had a nice flavor. Not bitter, pretty smooth not too fruity. "

"I received this as a sample and I had this as drip coffee. It was good, but didn't stand out. I might get a full package to try it more. "

"Ok blend. Sometimes the berry notes get lost in these types of brews. Might try again. "

"This coffee provides very strong acidic notes and was not pleasant on my palate, personally. The lime notes are overpowering and my addition of cream made the flavor off-putting. I would not recommend brewing as a dark roast because it turns bitter."

"citrus notes are very strong. Brewed it in french press. Drink it without milk! "

"Was alright, didn't really fly me to the moon though. (Heh heh) Used a Bee House pour over."

"This was good, but not my favorite from Seattle Coffee Works; even though they are my absolute favorite to visit while in Seattle. I had it for a morning pour-over. I didn't notice the lime hints but maybe that's more noticeable as an espresso. It was on the darker side for a medium roast."

"I had difficulty really pulling out the lime and berry notes as much as I would have liked. Was not my favorite coffee when brewed with a french press. Not that it was a bad coffee just not for my taste."

"We brewed this coffee both in our drip coffee maker and our chemex and both were equally good. Not too acidic and very smooth. A great go-to coffee!"

"Not my favorite from the sample pack I received. A bit dark, and I prefer dark chocolate/toffee notes to fruity ones. My husband enjoyed it though, as a pour over. "

"I didn't really like this was a little dark for my taste and I personally couldn't taste any hints of lime."

"Very unique flavor profile! I starts as a syrupy sweet citrus with cocoa, and moves into notes of berry and spice, and finishes with a slight nuttiness on the tongue. It has a very light body and a medium-high acidity. Very smooth cup overall, fantastic with a splash of cream."

"An extremely delicious blend. The tasting notes of lime, berry and a milk chocolate come through every sip. A very smooth, bold blend. Made into espresso for both cold and hot Americanos. "

"We really enjoyed this blend as our daily espresso. We ran out quicker than normal as I may have had more than normal. We'll definitely bworth ordering this again! "

"Seattle Coffee Works Space Blend is a well-balanced coffee with no sour or bitter notes. Although I didn't pick out the lime note it definitely had a fruity aroma and taste at first. The aftertaste is smooth and refreshing whether steaming hot or after it cools in the cup. french press was the best."

"Sweet, light, and well-balanced. Brewed with chemex. "

"Space Blend was an extremely good coffee made as an espresso. It was well balanced with good acidity, but a smooth finish. I will definitely be buying this one in the future!"

"I love this blend. Very balanced flavor profile; perfect "everyday" coffee. I look forward to drinking a cup every morning. I brew using a chemex. "

"I had this outer space blend while visiting Seattle and I have to say this is one of the best coffees I have ever had. I may be a little bias though as I think pretty much anything from Seattle Coffee Works is amazing. "

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