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Seattle Coffee Works - Molly's Blend

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Molly's Blend (#390)

Seattle Coffee Works

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Nutty, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Pssst: a local secret is that this coffee used to be served in cafes as the “chocolate truffle” roast... can you guess why? Brew yourself a favor and indulge in one of Seattle’s most beloved blends.

Seattle Coffee Works Story

Our first roaster was named Molly and shaped like a tank engine. This blend of medium-dark roasted Guatemalan and Asian Pacific coffees honors Molly’s legacy.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

38 customer reviews

"Brewed with a french press and had a chocolate note to it. Not my favorite coffee from a recent subscription box, but still a very drinkable coffee. "

"I really loved this coffee! Not bitter, nice and earthy and full-bodied."

"Smooth and not too acidic, I enjoyed this coffee. Brewed with my french press, no overwhelming flavors, however, great simple morning blend. "

"Roasted a bit too long- did not care much for it. Reminded me of Starbucks"

"This coffee is delicious!! It's not bitter at all. It's so smooth that I enjoyed drinking it with no cream which usually doesn't happen. Delicious!"

"Wasn't a huge fan of this coffee. It didn't have enough flavor for me. Kind of fell flat and didn't taste as fresh and robust as others."

"This coffee is awesome. Love making this in morning. Taste so good. Will buy over and over again. This is my favorite coffee. "

"Full flavor profile but not so overwhelming that you can't drink a whole cup. Perfect morning coffee for me!"

"My least favourite that came in this box. Definite chocolate notes, but tasted bitter. Neither I nor my husband liked this one. He thought it tasted salty."

"This coffee had very little bitterness and super delicious. One of my favorite."

"One of my favorite medium roast blends! Strong chocolate notes, didn't pick up much caramel. Great morning blend."

"Loved the chocolate notes in this one and it had the perfect strength! Would (and have) buy again!!"

"Really good earthy blend. If you like earthy coffee this one is a great option. Not too dark but packed with flavor."

"This is one of my favorite one's. Full body and smooth!"

"One of the best right out of the box! Had a good flavor and smell. Even my husband thought it smelled good and he is not a coffee drinker."

"This blend was my favorite in the box! Not too dark, but not too light. "

"If you want a good cup of coffee in the Morning. This is it! In french press, in Mokka pot, just in a cup it will be delicious. Who like to drink coffee with milk, also try this coffee. Taste of caramel and choco is perfect! "

"This is a quality coffee that is also very versatile. I brewed using multiple methods. Yet, it shined most as an espresso especially when making a flat white or cortada. "

"Nice strength, nice medium body, classic "coffee flavor" without being overpowering. Assertive mouthfeel."

"I enjoyed this blend and I was able to taste the "chocolate truffle" note, however it was a subtle after taste. The coffee was a little more tart/sour than I expected, which I do not prefer, but it was a great mix-up from the usual. "

"Very smooth with a great chocolate taste on the swallow. The smell when I ground the beans was divine. "

"I think this was my favorite sample from my bean box. Not acidic nice and smooth. Notes of chocolate."

"Doesn’t live up to the hype IMO. Better brewed in french press; tried out my husbands new ninja coffee maker and brewed on the “bold” setting - it was awful. Good cup of coffee with appreciable flavors as in description when brewed in french press. "

"Smelling the beans, I would have guessed I was smelling a bar of dark chocolate! Made this in a pour over and it was enjoyable enough, but probably not something I'd get again. "

"caramel flavor was ok. Very smooth and great with French vanilla creamer. "

"I really enjoyed the nutty and caramel notes that came through on this coffee. Brewed with a v60 pour over "

"Okay, this was one of my favorites. But hubby thought it was only "average". caramel and nutty flavors came through, as well as chocolate. Smooth and well-balanced. I especially liked it for breakfast."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"Excellent coffee. Brewed by drip method. Being a blend, I found fewer strong notes than a single origin, making this coffee less-interesting, yet still excellent. A safe bet!"

"This was an excellent coffee that came in a monthly shipment. Very enjoyable, though a little bitter. The chocolate nutty flavor was so good, though, that I didn't mind the bitterness."

"I use a coarse grind in a french press. This is a really great blend and you can definitely taste the chocolate notes. Would absolutely order this one again."

"This was a special order for me and I expected it to surpass my regular shipments. I did not. It was good but possibly more bitter than my usual taste. Probably require some extra water for this one. Again, it was good but not great by my usual Bean Box experience."

"One of the absolute best coffees i have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. You can smell it a mile away and whatever you smell is simply amplified in good taste. Only downfall they don't sell a bag big enough for me."

"A good cup of coffee- finding with this and others that more water seems to be needed or just seems too strong- way to strong-others agree.....bean box recommendations on this hurt everyone's belly😐 But with extra h20 was great "

"This one was too bitter for me. I generally like medium roasts with chocolate flavors, but those notes didn't come through. I used a medium fine grinder in a pour-over with 3.5 cups of water and 50 ounces of coffee."

"Very very good! Rivals the last coffee I received. In my opinion, this was a more of a medium tasting roast, and was veryyyy smooth and delicious. french press for me. "

""chocolate Truffle" is the perfect description. I just bought this and I am glad I did. Smooth caramel/chocolate experience. Rich and delicious. A new favorite!"

"I do not recall exactly how this one tasted but know it isn't in my top 5"

"Fabulous coffee, I don't usually go for blends but this one really knocked my socks off. I made it twice with my aeropress and each time sent shivers down my spine with the first gulp. Very chocolatey, earthy with a very nice touch of acidity on the top. "

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