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Roseline Coffee - Rwanda Kanzu

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Rwanda Kanzu (#771)

Roseline Coffee


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Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Sugar, Plum

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Rwanda’s nickname is “land of a thousand hills”: at 1900 meters, the hills around Kanzu grow a mean coffee! This one is rich as velvet, with a syrupy-sweet caramel profile and notes of ripe purple plums. We have to ask: how “kanzu” possibly resist having another mug?

Roseline Coffee Story

Kanzu is a privately held wet mill located in Rwandas western mountain region. After each harvest, approximately 60 farmers bring their coffee cherries down the mountain to be processed. The Kanzu mill is renowned for the careful handling and processing of coffee cherries. Extreme care, high elevation and rich volcanic soil all contribute to very high cup quality. This coffee is known for its striking complexity with pleasing caramel notes shifting to balanced ripe stone fruit flavors as the cup cools.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

7 customer reviews

"This is a VERY sweet cup to me, including tastes of brown sugar. There's also a hint of stone fruit. It's a very clean-tasting cup. I make mine in a french press and serve it with some milk and sugar. "

"I wanted to like this one, it sounded like everything I'd like; but it was a bit bitter for a light roast. Tasted bland to me. "

"Nice light roast, a lot of flavor. Most noticeable is caramel. Made in french press, drank black. "

"Good fruity coffee - a little sweet and tangy/acidic - with a interesting granite taste. Brewed french press."

"This is a relatively mild and smooth cuppa with just a hint of caramel. "

"I liked this one a lot! A dash of sweet intermingling with an ending tannin feel, this coffee is a lovely light roast great for the sipping!"

"Great light roast coffee. Very smooth but flavorful. Slightly zesty like many African coffees, but no aftertaste. Fruit notes, with sugar. Good coffee. "

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