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Middle Fork Roasters - Back Pedal Brew

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Back Pedal Brew (#56)

Middle Fork Roasters


(Earn up to $1.73 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Hop on and glide into your day with this full-bodied medium roast. The boldness keeps you on your toes; the chocolate makes it a smooth ride.

Middle Fork Roasters Story

A soft combination of Brazilian and Sumatran beans give this cup a bold buttery body with rich chocolate undertones and an incredibly clean finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

44 customer reviews

"Not my favorite. Too bitter for me. Not as smooth as I would like."

"Not my favorite good just not something id drink again "

"This coffee is bold, but not too bold. The buttery body helps smooth it out."

"I really enjoyed this. I didn't find it to be as bold as some others did. It's very simple, just nice and chocolately without any fruity, citrus, acidic/tangy notes. Just the way I like it! I used and aeropress and drank it black."

"Strong taste, brewed in french press in the Mornings. Also is good as Americano. For me was a little bit strong but once in a week it is ok"

"chocolate and nutty finish. Very bold and needed some creamer. "

"Did drip brew and was to much chocolate. Think I might like it cold brew. "

"This coffee was delicious. It was smooth and I was even able to pick up on the chocolate flavor."

"Brewed as a drip coffee, this didn't pick up as much of the chocolate as other reviewers did, but it was still a solid cup of great coffee."

"For a morning cup of coffee not a bad way to start your day. Tried brewing it in my french press then in a pour over, which I favored because it seemed to bring out the chocolatey notes more. It is rich, yet very smooth as it cools a bit. Not a bad choice, but would enjoy some fruity notes."

"A delicious brew for iced coffee! Loved the sweet notes of berry and nuts! "

"Might be one of my favs. It lingers all through the meal, would make a great pairing for smores! "

"This blend is a very citrusy, bursting with sweet notes of caramel, molasses, lemon zest, and hints of cherry and chocolate. I definitely wouldn't define the main tasting note as chocolate, it's more of an after-taste. Light body and high acidity, similar to a light roast."

"This coffee is one that gets better as it sets. It is bold and rich."

"A good solid bean. The blend really showed it's variety as it cooled. Served via aeropress"

"One of my go-to blends for french press coffee. Just a nice, chocolatey coffee with good body."

"Prepared as a french press. It was such a full bodied flavorful roast. No need for cream or added sweetener."

"Great blend! One of my favorites because it is subtle, yet strong. You can taste the chocolatey notes but it isn't overwhelming, like some coffees. Really great coffee!"

"Strong for a medium roast but still very smooth. I really enjoyed this coffee over ice."

"Great coffee--came out perfect in both aeorpress and pour over. Nice quality to it that I'd definitely order again."

"Really loved this one! Bold and strong and great in a french press, but smooth, not acidic and delicious with milk. Make a morning great."

"Great clean, smooth cup of coffee. Always love chocolate notes in my roast, so this was perfect. Used my french press to brew. "

"Heavy roast, but balanced perfectly. You get the richness of the Sumatra cusping the boldness of the Brazilian. While leaving a clean finish on the pallet. Very nicely done."

"I've really enjoyed this. Brewed up real nice and am sad to see it go. It's really flavorful. I was worried about the chocolate but it wasn't bad at all!"

"Full bodied and delightful. Bright yet not light. Grinds up very fine, not oily. Perfect for the everyday indulgent cup. "

"Great medium roast - bold, smooth with chocolate notes. We really enjoyed this as our morning coffee and paired with dessert later in the day."

"Wanted to give it a 4.5 but I am leaning more towards 5 for the price. Great mellow medium roast. Very smooth and just as advertised. Great chocolate flavors and such a smooth buttery quality. Really good coffee and great for the price. chemex brewed."

"Love love love! chocolatey, bold, sweet. Good with cream and sugar as well."

"The flavor was not a stand-out, but it was still enjoyable. Pretty even on the acidity."

"I brewed this in a french press, it worked out very well, the Sumatra and Brazil definitely balanced out for a smooth taste."

"These beans made for a great everyday cup of joe. It was smooth, not bitter, with mild acidity."

"Decent coffee. If you're looking for a chocolatey buttery coffee try the breakaway blend by middle fork instead."

"I found this one pretty bland and unremarkable. It actually tasted very similar to Folger's to me. A decent coffee, but by no means a great one."

"medium body for a dark roast. Enjoyed the coffee but wanted a bolder flavor. Maybe I need to increase the strength on my coffee maker."

"great morning coffee with a morning joint. it's very smooth and it changes flovor with a touch of sugar."

"A good reason to rise and shine in the morning! The Back Pedal is a smooth sip and doesn't require your cream or sugar. "

"Great every day breakfast coffee. Nice for aeropress or pour over and even drip coffee. Nice body, great clean finish. "

"Great coffee as is. Do not add anything to get the full pleasure of this wonderful chocolatey/butter flavor. I will be ordering the full bag of this one."

"This is an excellent coffee to wake up to. I love the way it works with sweets as an aperitif."

"Good coffee, but a little on the weak side. Nice undertones and smooth. "

"This coffee is delicious. Who does not love chocolate and butter "

"This is now my favorite coffee. A reviewer below described it as buttery and chocolate-y...and that pretty much sums it up. It doesn't overpower you with any flavor but has nice hints. It's extremely smooth...very low acidity. Would recommend ANYONE to try this coffee. "

"This coffee is delicious! It has rich yummy chocolate and buttery flavor. It's one of my favorite since they day that i had tried it from the sample pack. "

"Simply wonderful cup of coffee. Tasty and enjoyable. I refused to this sampler bag share with anyone, I was apologetically selfish when I brewed this. "

"This medium roast tastes darker--in a good way--and with no burnt or bitter flavors, just deep richness. Mmmm. "

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