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Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee - Holy Ship Holiday Blend

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Holy Ship Holiday Blend (#558)

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Almond, Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

You don't have to curse like a sailor to brew like one! This seaworthy holiday blend from the Longshoreman's Daughter is a deep, full-bodied cup, with nutty dark chocolate, a hint of baked plum, and a savory molasses-like finish. The perfect fuel for any winter's journey, whether by boat, by car, or by sleigh...

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Story

Holy ship it's good! Our first true holiday blend is medium-dark roasted to satisfy, with notes of creamy chocolate, almond, plum cake, and a muscovado sugar finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

26 customer reviews

"Made this coffee using our trusty Bodum french press: makes a very pleasant, rich and dark, chocolatey cup with definite sweet, fruity plum notes. This one's worth ordering again."

"Strong, everyday coffee. I preferred this in the espresso machine as opposed to the french press, but it was quite good either way. "

"This blend was strong with a subtle hint of sweetness from the chocolate and brown sugar. Very good. "

"Nice dark roast. A balanced taste with slight sweetness. "

"Excellent cup of coffee. Made in a french press. I always drink my coffee with milk, but this is one that I am glad to drink black. Flavorful with chocolate and almond flavors I can taste. Can't say I taste the plum. Not to dark and not to light!"

"Loved the plum and almond flavors. For a dark roast, it wasn't overwhelming or too much, the flavors were actually very minimal, but the nutty plum flavor was tasty."

"Brewed in french press. Great coffee . We have enjoyed all of the coffees from this roaster. This is a very smooth coffee with hints of cocoa and slightly sweet. This coffee is great black low acidity and smooth finish. Would definitely purchase this coffee again"

"Not sure they should have labeled this seasonal as nothing stood out as holiday-ish. However this is probably my favorite dark roast. A full bodied cup where the creamy chocolate notes and almond plum stood out. I did make this during the holidays for brunch and added spices. "

"My favorite to date! This tastes how Christmas coffee should taste! It paired perfectly with all the baked goods we enjoyed during the season. "

"I wanted to like this one so much, but nothing stood out in the flavor profile. The roast was fine, but it just didn't have anything special I'd call seasonal. "

"This was an excellent coffee! Deep flavor, nice aroma, and not bitter. One of my favorites!"

"What an amazing dark blend! This is one of my two favorite blends that I have tried so far. Fans of dark roasts will definitely love this!"

"This coffee had that great taste of a strong coffee. The beans even had that super dark look with the shine that you know is going to be a deliciously strong coffee. Definitely not for those who don’t enjoy coffee taste. "

"Had a very odd smell—not something I would have gravitated toward. "

"One of my all-time favorites. The brown-sugar notes come through clearly and make this a great coffee to pair with breakfast. "

"Nice dark coffee with a bit of nutty sweetness. We made this in a french press with breakfast. "

"nutty and chocolatey notes with just a hint of sweetness. Great coffee. "

"This roast makes a delicious iced latte. The full-body and rich flavor pairs well with iced almond milk. "

"Got this in my box even though it wasn’t listed on my profile. Glad I did! Tasty notes of almond coming through this darker roast with a dash of sweet. Would order again!"

"This was one of my favorites so far! Distinct nutty taste. Mild acidity. Sweet and bold flavor- Great with or without creamer!"

"Not bad, but I felt that the flavors were subdued. Maybe too dark of a roast for me. Had a sweet (not overwhelming) flavor to it that was pleasant, I thought it was like a mild molasses. I felt that it had a very dark chocolate taste to it, like a dark unsweetened cocoa. "

"This was my first purchase and I'm disappointed. Out really didn't have the holiday flavor I waa expecting. It was pretty bland and tasted like regular coffee. "

"Brewed this with my Bunn coffee maker and it made the whole house smell delicious! Really got the sweet elements while retaining that deep flavor you expect from a dark roast."

"This is a good coffee, but it’s pretty standard. I get the sweetness, but I wish the nuttiness and plum stood out a bit more. I was expecting something a little more unique."

"Amazing! Dark and a little sweet, and one of my favorite bean box orders yet. Would love to see it more often."

"We truly enjoyed this holiday blend - so much so that we ordered more right away. It is a true medium-dark roast that is smooth and delicious. "

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