Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee - Ethiopia Kaffa Washed

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Ethiopia Kaffa Washed (#421)

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Honey, Blackberry, Floral

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

These beans are grown among the wild plants of Kaffa forest; this might explain all of the flavors in this cup: cola, lime, nectarine, a lip-smacking honey-butter ending. Surprisingly delicious with cream!

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Story

The word coffee comes from Kaffa, Ethiopia’s Southwestern province. Notes of blackberry, cola, lemon/lime acidity, buttery honey-floral finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

28 customer reviews

"It's a party in my mouth! A lot happening in this one. Notes of blackberry, cola, lemon-lime, buttery honey, floral, but it's also dark- crazy!"

"Really good coffee. Rich taste, honey notes are yummy! Good for cappuccino and latte! Perfect!"

"I really enjoyed this coffee! It was bold and oily, and darker than expected from a medium roast. But I thought the flavors worked very well together, and I enjoyed it as a morning coffee."

"Smooth, honey finish. Nice rich blend with a dark bite for a medium. "

"Brewed with the pourover method - pretty tasty! Nice levels of acidity."

"Thought we would like this - maybe too much blueberry?"

"I received this as a sample and for some reason the coffee beans were very oily. I ground it and brewed it using a regular filter machine. Wasn't crazy about it."

"An interesting flavor combo but it works! Something you wouldn't expect but I like it!"

"Rich and darker of the medium roasts. I did not find it bitter at all like other reviewers have mentioned. I assume that it is just roasted a little too long for their tastes. I found it too be bold and buttery. I did cut it with some heavy whipping cream, which gave it a smoother taste."

"This coffee was a little more full bodies than I normally prefer; however, that being said I still rather enjoyed it. This coffee was great with a splash of coconut milk. Made with french press. "

"Seems like a lot of Bean Box's "mediums" tend to be a bit dark for my taste, and this one was definitely no exception. Not terribly pleased. Used a Bee House pour over."

"Definitely a darker, oily bean. For me, this was a dark roast not a medium. I tried this both as a pour over and a french press, but I just did not like it. I had to add cream to this to drink it down. I see lots of people are a fan of this, but there was just too much of a bitter taste for me."

"Good body and fullness of flavor, rich buttery roast that harmonizes well with the subtle fuitiness. Like a fine symphony, even finer with a splash of half and half. Roasted 6/12/17 and drank 7/16/17 as espresso."

"The perfect morning cup of coffee! Very rich but not too heavy."

"Darker roast, slightly oily bean, but still actually had a really good flavor profile. "

"This coffee was pretty good. Like another reviewer said it gets sweeter as the coffee cools. I added just a tad of sugar and it's pretty good. A little darker than I like, but I'm still enjoying this bag of beans."

"This brew was amazing hot and cold. Took their suggestion and tried it with cream, ah, perfection."

"Much darker than a medium roast. If you like darker coffees it's not bad, but the amount of roasting buries a lot of the finer, more floral notes and causes it to be more bitter than it should be. This would be much better as a light roast."

"Excellent well balanced flavor. Really enjoyed it. french press brewed. "

"Delicious and super drinkable. I've been thinking of it ever since I finished my cup."

"This is a darker medium roast, pleasantly bitter but not too heavy & it sweetens as it cools. It has a nice tart, floral taste upfront and to me the finish & aftertaste was a chocolatey-butterscotch flavor combo. Made with a moka pot."

"One of our favorite roasters. We enjoy these often spicy and floral flavor of African coffees, this one was great. Brewed in french press. Smooth finish, with strong but full flavor."

"Delicious. I really enjoyed this coffee and thought the citrus stood out."

"I appreciate the bold move on the taste notes. I do think there is an acidity overpowering the taste. Good for a cup. Not a fan."

"Used in our Breville Grind n Brew and nice nutty flavor without any bitterness and some sweet notes"

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