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Mocha Java Blend (#93)

Lighthouse Roasters


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Spice, Floral, Fruit

Bean Box Breakdown

The Mocha Java is the little black dress of coffee blends– sophisticated and classic. Compare this reimagined blend to a straight Indonesian roast and see if you can taste the brightening influence of the Ethiopian beans.

Lighthouse Roasters Story

This classic combo blends the delicate floral and fruit notes of Ethiopian Mocha Harrar with the rich, earthy taste of Java.

Reserve Now

Order by 3PM PST. Get it by Monday, August 26. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

33 customer reviews  write a review

"Initially boring, but a few sips in began to enjoy it. Not dark enough for my liking but definitely darker than some, and very smooth with no bitterness. "

"I received a bean box for Christmas and found the Mocha Java Blend to be my favorite out of the box. Its a smooth taste that sits well and slowly drifts away on your taste buds as they are waiting for your next sip. I always guessed I liked darker roasts and getting this gift just solidified it."

"Not an everyday Coffee, but one that is a nice treat on a cold day. Bright and strong. I usually shy away from anything Mocha but really enjoyed that this as it didn't come across syrupy and overly sweet. Lighthouse Roasters tend to put out good products and this is another one in their stable"

"It was very good for a medium-dark coffee. I prefer very dark coffee."

"Decent one to be used with the mock pot. I enjoyed my rich, bold espresso. "

"This was a good coffee, but the floral notes were a bit too strong for me. "

"Mocha Javas are some of my favs! They always surprise and this is no exception! "

"Not a big fan of this one. It was very light and not the usual flavors I go for."

"Didn't get any chocolate from this blend. It was very light , thin, and bright for a dark roast. "

"No mocha flavor, whatsoever. That said, this was the best of our first shipment. It's dark, with a well developed roast, leaving the bean glossy and aromatic. Most other coffees we got were dry and below-average. This one was great."

"The floral spicy notes threw me off. It was not a horrible coffee but not to my liking either. Maybe as I try more, it will fool me and I will love it."

"Interesting combination of dark chocolate, deep brown sugar with a red wine aftertaste. Higher acidity than expected with a dark roast, full body— a nice complex blend I was glad was part of the box! "

"A very good, even though the flavors are very basic, cup of coffee."

"My wife and I very much enjoyed this dark roast coffee. We were gifted a monthly sampler package and prefer dark roast coffee so we were very happy to receive this option. Very good with tasting notes true to taste. We would buy again. "

"Really enjoyable blend for us. This one surprised me a bit, but was probably the favorite of our box this month."

"This one wasn’t super memorable for me. I wouldn’t pay premium price for it."

"An exceptional dark roast. Just what I want first thing in the morning "

"Less complex but still tasty, light chocolaty notes make it a nice treat."

"This stuff is amazing as an cold brew! it's so floral and beautifully complex yet being a dark roast!"

"made ice coffee with this, its excellent bold and smooth and smelled wonderful"

"This coffee is delicious! I'm not typically a fan of dark roasts, but the spices that pulled through were fantastic! I plan on ordering more and think this flavor can be enjoyed throughout the year!"

"Great everyday dark roast with no bitter notes. Loved the light fruit and dark chocolate notes. Anyone who loves dark roast will love this. "

"Brewed in french press. One of our favorite roasters. Great strong coffee with deep dark flavor. Hints of fruit but overall deep and complex. Would recommend this coffee to anyone that enjoys dark roast but does not want the burnt wood flavor of some."

"I definitely picked out all the tasting notes: in each sip, the initial taste was surprisingly mellow (the fruity/floral part), then became rich and earthy, then finished by mellowing out again. The flavors actually became more pronounced as it cooled. Super interesting to taste! Made with a moka."

"The floral and spice flavors described really do come through in this coffee. This made for an interesting flavor. "

"Tasting notes: Deep dark earth with highlights of life and brightness. A wonderful and delicious blend. Made as double shot espresso. "

"Fantastic blend. A little boring but a great standby or something to keep coming back to. "

"Such a great blend! The floral notes really bring a distinct/fresh aftertaste to this terrific blend. I'm really excited that I've found a floral tasting coffee that I like!"

"I LOVED the floral and spice. Great for the french press. I have been happy with Lighthouse Roasters every time."

"Great rich heavy coffee. Perfect as café au lait brewed as a french press, almost tastes like a mocha. "

"This was a bold, delicious roast. Perfect for the chemex. "

"I'm not normally a fan of blends or Ethiopian coffees, so I was surprised at how good this coffee was! It was fresh, well balanced, and all around a pleasant dark cup of coffee.Not too oily either - while it was personally not to my tastes, for anyone that likes Ethiopian coffees it's a hit."

"I didn't care much for this particular roast. The floral and fruit notes weren't to my liking, but I appreciated the new experience."

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