Kuma Coffee - Kenya Nyeri Hill

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Kenya Nyeri Hill (#505)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cherry, Black Currant, Passionfruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

One of the oldest coffee farms in Africa, Nyeri Hill was begun by the Catholic Archdiocese in 1904 to benefit local education and health. Beans were originally exported to Turin, the home town of the founders. Italian tradition + Kenyan coffee? Molto buono!

Kuma Coffee Story

In late January we were cupping with our friends at Dormans Coffee in Kenya. This cup stopped us in our tracks: a stunner! Wine-like notes of black currant, cherry, and passion fruit.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

12 customer reviews

"A new favorite!! Mild and nearly creamy mouth feel with a neat wine-ish flavor! Excellent espresso straight up or cafe au lait."

"This is such a delicious brew! One of my favorites and makes the perfect cup."

"Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a hint of fruit in their coffee. "

"Brewed in my chemex, received as one of the samples and one of the favorites. It has the fruity bite but nothing sour or off kilter. Smooth finish. Would recommend."

"In the humble words of the magnanimous king Teddy Richard the second, son of Kevin, the Unbroken, the savior of souls, the Man of Men, this coffee is astounding. It is less a coffee, and more of an experience my friends! This is the kind of drink you bring home to meet your family during the holiday"

"Even though this is a little strong for my liking you could really tatse the wonderful flavors. We received this in our smaple box and is one we would enjoy drinking again. It is a little strong but the flavor and aromas are wonderful! "

"Tasty light roast - it was smooth, with a bit of that nice fruity acidity. It was a great afternoon cup of coffee, brewed in a pour-over."

"I really enjoyed this coffee in my tasting box! It's a great smooth medium blend with strong fruity flavors. You could really taste the zing. Not quite as strong and flavorful as I usually like my coffee however. "

"A nice light roast, almost creamy. Brewed great in my aeropress."

"Amazing coffee!! Love this light roast and all the flavor! An absolute favorite!!"

"A wonderful blend with a nice cherry taste. Doesnt need any additives, its wonderful by itself."

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