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Kuma Coffee - Guatemala Hunapu

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Guatemala Hunapu (#458)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Toffee, Apple

Scarcity: Seasonal

Kuma Coffee Story

Our third new crop Guatemalan coffee of 2017 harvest! Hunapu is the native Mayan name for the Agua Volcano that looms over the Antigua highlands. Luis Pedro Zelaya Zemora purchases only 100% bourbon from small farmers who grow on 1-5 acre parcels clinging to the side of this volcano. Zelaya's mill, Bella Vista, processes only the ripest red bourbon cherries. Lots are created through combining top quality day-lots from multiple producers . This method of combing lots creates some very complex profiles. Purchasing Hunapu supports smaller farmers that otherwise don't produce enough coffee to find customers to sell to directly.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

10 customer reviews

"Smooth and complex, has some good smokiness. Toffee cream caramel mixed with green apple tartness! "

"A solid offering from Kuma — well balanced, smooth. Maybe not quite as vibrantly flavorful as some of my favorite Guatemalans, but an excellent bean nonetheless. "

"Second Kuma coffee i taste. The flavor is smooth, clean I would say. Every taste is there."

"Very good light roast coffee. Complex but with smooth finish, without the fruity acidity that many lighter fasts have. One of the best light roasts we have received. Overall this roaster does Ana excellent job with all of their coffees. Would recommend to anyone that enjoys light complex coffee."

"When our friends and I decided to go on vacation to Telluride, CO I knew I wanted bean box coffee to be part of the experience! This roast along with four other Bean Box coffees made the flight and were part of every morning! I love how the toffee and notes of apple came through with every sip! "

"Really nice roast with light malic acidity and caramel and Dulce de Leche flavors, super clean finish, enjoyed this one a lot."

"This is one of my faves to date - the caramel notes are awesome! "

"Very yummy coffee with caramel notes. I made it with a chemex and totally enjoyed it. "

"This coffee has a lot going on in a great way. It seemed a little bit darker than the #2 bean stated on the bag, but I always prefer dark coffee so I was glad. It taste of apple and rich caramel with a hint of citrus in the middle. I would drink this coffee anyday. "

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