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Kuma Coffee - Colombia Diamantina

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Colombia Diamantina (#569)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Spice, Brown Sugar, Watermelon

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Like a Diamantina in the sky... this brew twinkles! A mellow, clean body like watermelon juice and strawberries resolves into a spicy-sweet finish of candied ginger. A coffee to cleanse the palate and enliven the day.

Kuma Coffee Story

Our first Colombian coffee of the year is from the municipality of Iquila in Southern Huila. This coffee has a strong panela (Condensed raw Colombian sugar) backbone and beautiful summer fruit reminiscent of watermelon and strawberry and a lovely zip of ginger in the finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

13 customer reviews

"Very interesting flavors in this coffee. I enjoyed this brew and will try again when in season"

"I used this coffee as an espresso, which turned out well. It has a faint fruity taste, which was pleasant, but I didn't really pick up on watermelon notes. "

"I brewed using an aeropress. The brown sugar is very pronounced, I did think it had a well rounded black tea note as well. My favorite cup in the February box. I drank this alone, and it stood alone as a star! "

"This is phenomenal! I never liked light roasts because they tasted water-y to me, but this was absolutely divine! I would DEFINITELY purchase again and recommend to all my friends!"

"Delicious taste, almost slightly sweet smelling. A great coffee to wake up and drink."

"This is probably among the best lighter roast coffees I've had. fruity, sweet, and pleasant overall. Lacks a little in the oomph department for my liking, and definitely better in a french press than drip. "

"I was not sure how a coffee with watermelon and strawberry notes would taste, and I can now assure you, it's delicious. I really picked up on the watermelon and sweetness, this is a great coffee."

"My favorite out of all four. Used my chemex to brew a perfect cup. Smooth flavourful black coffee with ginger notes and bits of caramel. "

"I don’t understand how coffee can smell like strawberries, but the notes in this coffee do not disappoint. Smells amazing brewing and tastes just as well. Brewed in a Ninja."

"I usually go for medium roasts and was skeptical about this light roast - but it was actually delicious! My husband loved drinking it black and I enjoyed it in a latte. Very happy that it was in my sampler!"

"I don’t usually go for the lighter roasts but I’ll try anything because you never know. With my first sip I knew it would be a coffee I was going to enjoy. I can’t say I agree with the flavor notes but I can definitely taste the natural sweetness the bean brings. Will definitely be drinking a more. "

"Tried this roast several ways-espresso,drip, french press This coffee is better black It is very simple in flavor without anything over powering or any bitterness Upon opening bag- first scent is strong and almost smells slightly charred. Grinded-sweeter notes Beans- nice and dry-no oils "

"I loved this coffee as a delicious espresso. Held up well to caps and lattes. Delicious pour over. A true winner. "

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