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Fundamental Coffee Company - Sumatra Tapanuli

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Sumatra Tapanuli (#210)

Fundamental Coffee Company

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Spice, Smoke, Earthy

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Scott, the owner and roaster of Fundamental, has traveled to this region over 10 times to source beans: this is a man who knows his coffees. Bold and beautiful, with rich flavor, great body, and just a little spice: this deep, dark Sumatran roast is a total catch. It may be love at first sip... don't say we didn't warn you.

Fundamental Coffee Company Story

This coffee hails from the “Mandheling” area of North Sumatra. This coffee is thick, herbaceous, syrupy, and fantastic. After multiple cuppings, we’ve finally found the best! There's nothing like a Sumatra in the cup: it's our favorite origin. Our goal is to roast you a coffee that showcases why Indonesian coffees, and specifically Sumatrans like this one, are the true heavyweights of the single origin world.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

32 customer reviews

"Excellent dark roast! Overall spice was balanced. "

"I did not think I would like this from the description but I found the spicy notes a nice change.I'm not sure I would order this again but I enjoyed it while I had it. "

"A little too spicy/smoky for me. If you like that, then I would try this. If not... I wouldn't. Not for everyone"

"This one took me by surprise. I was worried about the smokey but didn't taste anything. More of a decadent chocolate taste, dark and perfect to start the morning with. Would definitely order again."

"This coffee has been the favorite thus far in my subscription. It's almost too good to share."

"I would say this coffee is a touch grassy but I still think you should give it a try"

"If you like sweet floral notes, this would be a good coffee."

"I still can't get into the herbal notes. I usually like Sumatra, but just couldn't get into it. "

"There was a good amount of spice to this dark roast. Was made in a french press and drank black. "

"This coffee was too bitter for me. I was not able to drink more than a cup or 2 before getting "coffee'd out." I would not get this again, I would look for something smoother."

"This was a really nice blend for a morning cup of coffee. Not sure if I'd order it again but enjoyed sample we received."

"The spice and floral notes overpowered the coffee. It’s just not my type of blend."

"Sub-par Sumatra. These beans were very dry and looked like they were roasted by an amateur. This coffee had none of the textbook Sumatra flavor. It was thin and bland. Walmart carries a better Sumatra as their house brand."

"We really enjoyed this tasty full flavored sample. Fills your mouth with flavor, a great wake-up cup!"

"Not bitter but we'll blended flavors. With the right amount of cream, this coffee is perfect."

"Bright and warm, very well-rounded flavor. Rich and strong without being off-putting."

"This great roast has a very full body, with a great mouthfeel and smoky aftertaste. Flavors of dark chocolate, maple syrup, and a really pleasant earthiness. "

"It was good, the herbal almost reminded me of tea. Just a little too dark for me. "

"Bag number 2 I tried out of a sample pack. Absolutely the best cup of coffee I have ever made."

"One of My favorites. Dark but not bitter. This is a groggy morning cure. admittedly I couldn't drink this all day but I sure would want to."

"This is a great coffee if you like bold, dark roasts. Thick, earthy, and syrupy definitely apply here though I don't get a lot of the herbal or spice notes that are mentioned in the description. This is a good "eye opener" coffee."

"This was the perfect winter coffee, I'd make it first thing in the morning (hand ground, french press). Wonderfully smooth, smokey flavor and lovely to just sit and sip while reading the trades."

"This coffee is wonderfully smooth, and I found it very sweet and not bitter. Absolutely wonderful robust flavor. Definitely one of my favorite coffees."

"We felt it was very bitter for an espresso, it tasted better as an espresso americano but we still couldn't taste the flavor notes"

"The first time we tried it, I think we used too many beans; it was good, but just slightly bitter. This morning I used fewer beans and water that wasn't quite as hot—and I do believe I just drank A PERFECT CUP!!!"

"Dark, Dark, Dark! I do love a dark roast! And I am such a fan of Sumatran coffee!! Thank you Fundamental Coffee!!"

"This was very dark, even for my preference for expressos. I ended up adding sweetened condensed milk, which helped offset some of the bitterness."

"Wasnt too big a fan. A little too dark and couldnt make the flavor notes as much. "

"I enjoyed this coffee, especially the spice, but it was a little too dark for me and did not mix well with milk."

"A dark blend that gives you a full-mouth, syrupy sensation on the tongue. A solid Sumatran roast."

"This dark roast brews very dark compared to other Fundamental roasts. The flavor profile isn't overly complex but is good as a once in a while coffee for me. I prefer the Stemwinder blend from Fundamental much more. "

"I'm generally not a fan of dark roasts (and did not realize this was one, in fact), but this Sumatran made me think. It's still not something I will drink on a daily basis, but once in a while I do feel like something nutty and chocolaty, and this it for sure. Very rich, very smooth, quite tasty."

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