Daring Coffee Roasters - Sumatran Tyger

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Sumatran Tyger (#310)

Daring Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Grape, Cherry, Citrus

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Tyger, tyger, brewing bright... now even brighter! This reformulated version of Daring's wet-hulled Sumatran is a lighter, creamier roast with notes of citrus and cherry. The red wine acidity keeps it wild. The woman-owned cooperative keeps it fierce.

Daring Coffee Roasters Story

In spite of its relatively young age, Ketiara quickly has established itself as one the most-respected Fair Trade cooperatives in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra due to the excellent quality of its coffees, efficient contract performance, and a focus on innovation and continuous improvement. The group’s leader, Rahmah, is a force in the local coffee industry in spite of being a woman in the traditional, male-dominated Gayonese society.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

30 customer reviews

"Very enjoyable bean. A lighter style than we usually get, but pleasantly surprised. "

"Very good fruity and soft finish. Drink this on a baking cookies morning. "

"It is a great "wake-me-up" coffee. The hints of fruit and citrus pair very well with a good breakfast. "

"Not especially fond of this one - tasted the red grape/wine but it was a little too sour for us."

"Coming back for more of this! Easy on taste (minimal hint of bitter, akin to red wine acidity as described: Nice Taste throughout!) Found a keeper. I. Will. Reorder!!"

"Dark chocolate cherry, nutmeg and cacao and a juicy sweetness throughout. The berry joins with a subtle tartness as the cup cools. Drinks smooth on chemex and leaves a nice fruity aftertaste! A new favorite! "

"I really like this coffee and it definitely tastes like a lighter roast with some fruity notes. I found this coffee to pack the punch needed for me to start my day! "

"Flavorful coffee. Very earthy. Enjoyed it since it’s different than your typical brew."

"Not what I imagined by the name. Definitely had the dark cherry notes which were very nice but unfortunately it finished with a bitter taste. Brewed in a percalator but wondering if using the pour over method would reduce some of the bitterness?"

"A bright, floral coffee that has a subtle sweetness to it. I typically drink my coffee with cream and sugar, but I prefer this one with just cream. The cherry comes through very early, and the finish is relatively smooth. A little bitterness at the end, nonetheless a damn fine cup of coffee."

"I was I unsure what grape would be like, but didn't taste it anways lol. I remember the cherry, that always stands out, pretty good."

"Wasn’t sure what to expect with a grape/cherry blend. Definitely came out in the taste but was yummy!"

"This was a good coffee. I personally can really start to taste the different flavors. (Especially the cherry in this one) Good overall coffee! Excellent black or with a little cream. I wouldn't dress it up too much though, it will get lost in all the added flavors - it's so great all on its own!"

"This coffee has been our favorite one thus far. Full body flavor across the entire palate. "

"Unfortunately no one in our family liked this one, not sure what it was. guessing was herbal and cedar notes, we are a chocolate,ate and caramel family! You win some you loose some "

"NIce cup of coffee with a hint of spice. I probably would not choose this in the future because it lacks any reason to be considered exceptional and so many others are."

"Not my favorite...I like my coffees on the sweeter side and this is definitely not sweet! Did not get the butterscotch note at all. Too much of a spicy blend for me. "

"The description sounded odd...thick? Herbaceous? Yes, and yes. And also pretty interesting to drink. Deep, but not overwhelmingly so. "

"Decent coffee. You can definitely taste the spice and cedar. Not my favorite but a decent cup of coffee overall."

"herbal and slightly sweet on your tongue I liked this balanced coffee. All the coffees I have received from Daring have been lovely so far. Enjoyable coffee!"

"Excellent coffee. We brewed it and all who tried it, loved it (4 of us). Definitely not fruity, but still somehow light tasting."

"This coffee was delicious! I would definitely order it again."

"I'm personally not a Sumatran fan and accidentally rated this incorrectly. We loved this coffee and it's our favorite so far! "

"Normally I prefer my roasts more on the darker side, although I'm ok with a medium. This coffee almost made me forget about dark roasts. It is FANTASTIC. I use a Melitta pourover cone, and it is one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. "

"Great for the coffee lover who loves a bolder more earthy brew. "

"Bold but sweet finish. butterscotch up front caramel sugar finish. "

"Very earthy and strong flavor profile with a lovely chocolate finish. Definitely a bold cup of coffee, for intense flavor lovers"

"I really enjoyed this coffee. I made it using the chemex and the sweetness was remarkable. "

"I drank this coffee in the morning, it was not my favorite. It is a slightly bold coffee. I did not really enjoy the spice and cedar flavor. I would have like a more chocolate or caramel flavor. "

"If you like bolder roasts with no chocolate hints, then this might be the coffee for you. Personally, I would have liked a little chocolate flavor. I used a coarse grind with 4 cups of water in a french press, which I steeped for 4 minutes."

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