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Spring Blossom 2017 (#452)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Cherry, Vanilla, Nutty

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

With its cherry aroma, light body, and delicate notes of cocoa and nutty nougat, this fragrant blend perfectly conjures the first sunny days of spring. Seasonal inspiration at its finest!

Conduit Coffee Company Story

Our fun spring blend has flown into season here, albeit a little late, just like Seattle's spring. The sun rises early over Lake Union, but this coffee will be a sweet and sparkling start to your day. A delicious combination of Peruvian and Ethiopian coffees, we find milk chocolate, Jordan almond, vanilla, and cherries.

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Customer Reviews

18 customer reviews

"The cherry aroma is just so great! You will enjoy every cup of this stuff. The vanilla notes are great and will leave you light warm feeling in your mouth. Your tastebuds will thank you. "

"This is a great morning brew. I could taste the cherry essence along with the nuttiness of this coffee. I made this with my french press. A very good cup."

"Delicious! I brewed this in a drip pot with gold leaf filter on a medium grind and it was delightful. I don't know I'd say cherry, but there was definitely a sweet note mixed with the nutty flavor that tasted great as the cup cooled. "

"Flavors seem muted, but are delicious. Very smooth, great as an iced coffee-v60 brewed. "

"I love light roasts. I do prefer them iced. I think the flavors are nice and refreshing."

"Delicious morning brew with the flavor of chocolate covered cherries. Brewed with a v60."

" pour over. Very nice blend. Fruit forward with a nice chocolaty finish."

"Amazing flavor combination on this one.wonderful with breakfast I'll definitely order another."

"This coffee is like drink a fruit tart drizzled in chocolate sauce. The cherry really shines through in the beginning with the back tasting of almonds dipped in chocolate. If you love your coffee fruity this is for you. "

"Delicious. Can smell and taste the cherry and vanilla. Very smooth and sweet. I want to try this as a cold brew but I am out of my sampler Beans. Will try to order. "

"Made with a moka pot. With a sweet vanilla-cherry smell, it's a light and crazy smooth cup of coffee. It has a fruity taste throughout, with almond coming out strong in the middle, and a caramelly finish; the flavors remain very consistent as it cools. A wonderful, well-balanced, sweet light roast!"

"We have received good coffe from this roaster in the past but this was probably our least favorite. The coffee is very floral and tasted slightly under roasted. Grassy and with strong noteds of fruit. "

"The chocolate and cherry really came through to make this a tasty, well-balanced cup of coffee. Got better as it cooled down."

"Wow! What an excellent coffee. Very well balanced. Light feel on the mouth but with a full flavor. Both my wife and I loved it. french pressed and black. "

"This is such a beautiful coffee! Just the right balance of fruitiness and depth. I generally brew my coffee extra strong but the light refreshing taste still comes through. Very awakening when dragging in the mornings. I am sad that I am out of it! Need to order more - this is a favorite for me! "

"Great selection; light but still balanced. After grinding the coffee you can smell the milk chocolate and almond notes. But once the water hits it, new flavors of cherry, vanilla, and honey open up. Perfect spring/summer offering that would be good hot or cold. "

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