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Conduit Coffee Company - Papua New Guinea Rika Rika

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Papua New Guinea Rika Rika (#61)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cherry, Tea, Floral

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Call it an identity crisis gone right! This coffee exhibits all the bold character of a dark roast, but subtle fruit and floral notes reveal its light profile. An unique single origin experience.

Conduit Coffee Company Story

A full cup with nice round fruit. Brewing with a Chemex reveals some nice republican cherry and earthy tea notes. A great coffee to roll in the Spring blossoms.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

10 customer reviews

"Disappointed on this one! The reviews on it made it sound much better than it actually tasted"

"Nice coffee for our split household of light vs dark roast. A crowd-pleaser - bold enough for the dark fans, subtle enough flavors for the light fans. "

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again."

"I was disappointed in this one, I just wish the notes were more pronounced. When I smell the coffee, I want to be able to search for those notes, and I search for them even more when I drink the coffee and I was just disappointed. "

"A good earthy coffee, with a tea-like body and balanced taste (lower acidity). Could not really pick up on the cherry notes, though. "

"My mom and I both enjoyed this one and were sad when we had finished it. Highly recommend. "

"This is one of my favorites. I loved the fruity light nature to this roast. The smell of the fresh grounds is mouth watering. Delicious finish. I would recommend this roast "

"Smelled amazing great earthy coffee. Would consider buying again. "

"This was in my gift pack and I really enjoyed it. I've already purchased a 2nd full bag and breezed through it! I really like the flavor and was very smooth."

"I love this coffee. It was the first bean box coffee I tried and it made me immediately glad I tried this subscription. Brewed in a french press it looks and smells like my favorite light roasts but packs all the flavor and punch of a dark roast. I will definitely be ordering more"

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