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Conduit Coffee Company - Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Catuai Rojo 2016

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Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Catuai Rojo 2016 (#122)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Butterscotch, Vanilla, Melon

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A superb, laid-back roast: light chocolate and soft cantaloupe flavors mellow into a clean, almost dry sherry-like finish. A cup for a quiet moment, or whenever you feel like you could use one.

Conduit Coffee Company Story

Costa Rican coffee holds a dear place in our hearts. This cup is sweet and juicy, with notes of vanilla, chocolate and melon, with a full butterscotch body.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

17 customer reviews

"I didn't notice any flavors stand out in particular, but overall, this coffee had a good flavor."

"I brewed this by the drip method (1:16). This coffee had a very light body and a light acidity.To me, this coffee was very juicy. To me, it still had a rich taste. The melon was very prevalent to me. "

"Killer roast! Great with chemex or french press! Nice balance with a hint of chocolate. "

"I am partial to light roasts and this is now one of my favorites, I will continue to order this until it is all gone. Just ordered 2 more bags. We are a pour over family. "

"Delicate and earthy. For me, heavy note of chocolate with subtle dark fruit note (cherry) and an aftertaste of rind (melon). Very clean and an overall good light roast. butter and toffee were present, but I personally wouldn't associate butterscotch here, which has a more distinct flavor. "

"Light, sweet, and unique! Not your typical coffee beans. After my first sip my tastebuds were so confused (not in a bad way; more like a whoa-what-was-that? way). You can definitely taste the butterscotch so if that's not your thing you should stay away."

"Smells of caramel with hints of grassiness. It tasted buttery, vanilla, nutty. This is a very sweet coffee with light acidity and bitterness. It was great on its own and with some breakfast pastry. "

"An interesting cup that I found to have more pronounced chocolaty tones than fruity. I prepared as a pour over using a Hario v60. Not one of my personal favorites, but I did enjoy the lingering sweetness."

"Definitely not a traditional cup of coffee. Interesting and tasty"

"As a tea lover, I really appreciated the fruitiness of this. Very unique and outside of the "coffee" box! I like it. I just wish there was more of the melon flavor in it."

"I am very glad I got to experience this coffee... I am not used to coffee with these kinds of sweet notes. I prefer bolder flavors generally, but I feel like I have expanded my palate by trying it, hopefully refined my palate a bit as well."

"I tend to never like the "fruity" coffees, but this one had counteracted that taste with the nice chocolate. I tried it as chemex and also as espresso. I tended to lean more to the pour over, as far where it tasted better for myself."

"I am definitely not a coffee expert so I may be way off here, but this coffee was a bit too fruity and tart for me. I tend to like more rich chocolatey coffees, and this one was far from that. Not my favorite ever, but if you like light fruity (almost acidic) coffees you'd probably like this one."

"Overall a great coffee. The rich chocolate front was smoothed by a very delicious vanilla finish. I only wish there was more in my box!"

"My first Bean Box coffee was exactly what I was hoping for from a subscription like this. Costa Rica has long been a favorite coffee region, and this did not disappoint. Bright and fruity up front, hints of bitter chocolate, nice mouthfeel, clean finish. "

"Nice clean taste. Defiantly will buy a bag again."

"One of the best coffees I've had in awhile!"

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