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Conduit Coffee Company - Congo Kawa Maber Ngakpa Dark

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Congo Kawa Maber Ngakpa Dark (#689)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Caramel, Spice, Cedar

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A bold and striking dark roast, this cup balances savory notes of cedar and spice with hints of sweet caramel and chocolate. Fun fact: “Kawa Maber” means “Good Coffee” in the local language. Good coffee, good vibes. We dig it.

Conduit Coffee Company Story

A delicious Congo coffee from the Kawa Maber cooperative-- Kawa Maber means "Good Coffee"! As a dark roast, this cup is rich and bold, with some savory cedar and lovely caramel and brownie sweetness.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

15 customer reviews

"Unique dark roast with a very smoky flavor profile. Very thick mouthfeel when brewed with notes of dark chocolate and burnt caramel. Tastes great as cold brew. "

"I love this coffee! The ceder certainly comes through more strongly than sweet or cocoa, since it’s especially nice on a cold winter morning."

"A delicious dark roast. The cedar and chocolate notes with a hint of spice was a great earthy compliment to the cold weather here. It was smooth and very bold without at all being overpowering, such that cream was really not needed. Brewed french press."

"Great, smooth cup of coffee. Dark and strong but not bitter. One of the better roasts I’ve had from bean box."

"Really unique coffee that I enjoyed thoroughly. It was strange in a manner, sweet and light with the darkness and earth riding alongside. I really loved this coffee as it tasted unlike anything I have had before. "

"Woe. Jam packed with flavor. I get more of an orange n spice than anything else tho."

"This one was so good! The dark sugary notes are beautifully complimented by the cocoa. Added some cream and it was heaven!"

"Great darker roast coffee! Will definitely buy again, thanks!!"

"(#62 4.3/5) This is a morning at the lodge. Cedar, Pine, caramel and chocolate lean in and shake your hand tightly to greet you with this roast. One of the better (and arguably manliest) med-dark roasts I've had. I expected a strong k-cup grade dark roast -- and then Cedar kicked in the door."

"This coffee is one of my favorites so far. It's really bold and dark. We drank warm as an espresso with milk. With a little bit of creamer, the flavors blossomed amazingly! I was sad to finish it up. "

"Conduit is a great roaster. We will occasionally buy conduit when we are in Seattle. Very smooth evenly roasted, with mild acidity on the finish. A little bit of citrus flavor, but again pretty clean darker roast coffee. Would definitely buy this coffee."

"A dark experience in the best way. A dark and powerful taste. The smokeiness gave a homey feel to the coffee and it made me want to curl up next to the fire even though its summer."

"Pretty good coffee. I liked the "burnt sugar" flavor, like a smoky molasses or smoky dark caramel. With mild spices to back up the flavor, it makes for an easy to drink cup of coffee."

"Loved the dark smoky flavor, even though I'm not usually a dark(er) roast fan, this was good, smooth tasty coffee. The burnt sugar taste with mild spices was just perfect."

"UGH. WHAT IS THIS BLISS?!?! I saw 'burnt sugar' in the flavor notes and I was like HAHA YEP. TRYING THIS ONE FIRST. Oh man,this is some good coffee. I just...I have so much coffee...but I wanna order a 12 oz and it's seasonal so I feel like I should. *inner battle commences*"

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