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Conduit Coffee Company - Colombia San Marcos

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Colombia San Marcos (#160)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Honey, Nutty, Chocolate

Scarcity: Seasonal

Conduit Coffee Company Story

This is a very sweet and full cup of coffee. A well-developed light roast lets the cacao nibs shine through a juicy rhubarb and cherry syrup.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

17 customer reviews

"One I will order next time available just love the honey undertones."

"Not a huge fan of this one. Very basic mild flavor. If that's what you're looking for then you'll love this. Not my sorta cup. "

"Too light for my liking. I felt the favors to be a bit to strong and ruined the overall experience"

"We wished this roast was a little darker but we did enjoy the nuttiness."

"I'm still developing my palate, but all l I got from this coffee was sour. "

"This was my favorite of my Bean Box coffees, but it was too weak for my taste. Brewed in aeropress with 175 deg. water, tried the stir then press as well as steep for ~2 min. I thought longer steeping would help, but it was still lacking for me. The flavors were nice, but it just wasn't all there!"

"not surprised to see this one is currently sold out on the Bean Box site. great flavor but not over the top. easy to drink."

"Too light of roast for my tasting - the rhubarb and chocolate/cocoa notes clashed. "

"I saw on the description it was a coffee suited for cold mornings. So, one morning over night it had snowed and my classes were cancelled. I figured it was a perfect morning to sleep in, drink coffee, read and start the day slowly. I made it in the chemex. Honestly, best coffee I've ever had. "

"Made it with a pour over first time and wasn't too impressed. It was a balanced cup but a little on the sour side - but that could of been my error. The rest of the beans were brewed for a friend to have."

"Nice floral taste but a little too light for my preference."

"This was my favorite coffee from my first tasting box. The light roast let all the tasty notes shine through without sacrificing mouth feel or the "coffee" flavor. Delicious. Made in a drip machine."

"Brewed using pour over method. Sweet and smooth-a well balanced coffee."

"Bright, honey flavor. A very easy to drink light roast."

"Delicious, sweet, I love the hint of chocolate and nuts, just the right amount."

"We have a mixed review of this coffee. When we used it with the chemex, it was a bit sour. But with the french press, we did not get the sour taste, instead it was an enjoyable light roast. "

"Very sweet coffee with a good flavor did not require and creamer"

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