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Bizzarri Blend (#345)

Caffe Umbria

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Brown Sugar, Banana

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Like bananas foster? Try Bananas Bizzarri! The sweet toastiness of this blend evokes the classic flame-kissed dessert of bananas and rum. Perfect for getting cozy or fired up (or both!).

Caffe Umbria Story

This blend was crafted to pair uniquely with the sweet characteristics of milk and cream. A resonant body and deep fruity acidity helps this coffee stay structured when sipped “con latte”. Taste molasses, pecan and hints of banana in this Golden Bean North America medal-winning coffee. We love this blend for its versatility so brew in the style of your preference.

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Customer Reviews

27 customer reviews

"I was skeptical after a lot of the reviews said it was too watery, but this one is really delicious. Dark and roasty and a hint of sweetness. (brewed in an aeropress)"

"Loved the sweet notes in this coffee.... I even used it to make a soap!"

"Brewed this both as a pour over (v60) and espresso. There's definitely a good banana flavor. The bite of the espresso is quickly made up for in the sweetness of the brown sugar notes. Very good!"

"Sweet and very smooth. Taste a bit of chocolate and honey. "

"I did not enjoy this blend. It was supposed to be a level below the darkest roast profile but it was very watery and lacked body. "

"The toasty sweetness of this coffee is awesome! I was surprised at how great the banana and pecan blended. Yummy!"

"This was a great, sweet, delicious blend. Really enjoyed this one with a little cream and breakfast. "

"This coffee has an amazing taste. But I do prefer a darker roasted bean."

"Decent dark roast, thought not as full bodied as I would like. Brewed in my Oxo On Barista."

"I was surprise by how much I liked this coffee. I brewed it as a pour-over, and the banana-y sweetness really came through after I had a splash of cream. I will definitely buy a bag of this one soon. "

"This is a good, standard dark roast. I drink my coffee black, so the fruity notes (which are accentuated by cream) didn't shine through that much. "

"I wasn't a huge fan of this blend. It ended up tasting dark but rather watery. One of my least favorite blends I've received from bean box after trying samples for approximately a year. Wouldn't recommend this one or buy it again."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"I am surprised others did not like this coffee. We found it to be well-balanced, true to its tasting notes and a perfect "cup-o-joe" for our everyday coffee-maker coffee. We used a burr grinder, 5 scoops to 14 cups, auto drip coffee maker. Smooth and wonderful. "

"This wasn't a bad coffee, but not wonderful either. I didn't pick up on any of the banana or rum flavors in the description."

"In areopress this came off as light, thin and nutty. Some bright acidity added a bit of mouthfeel, overall my least favorite from beanbox."

"An espresso brewed from Umbria's Bizzarri blend turned out to be too bitter for me. "

"Interesting but not my favorite flavor not certain "

"Not sure what it tastes like but it was a really good cup of coffee"

"It was less exciting that the tasting notes... Not sure about bananas but some sweetness some brightness. There wasn't alot of depth to the flavor. Not bad but not great"

"Okay as an espresso, but the notes in the coffee make it seem a bit out of place. Not the best brew."

"I made this with a french press. It wasn't the best coffee I've gotten from Bean Box, but it wasn't bad. It was very smooth. The nutty notes stood out more than the sweet notes to me. "

"Not a fan at all. Too strong and unbalanced. Gave it a shot in every way possible. Jut not for me."

"Tough to review, in that none of the taste notes really stood out to me. At first I found this to be unremarkable. However, I've come to appreciate it as just a good, smooth cup of coffee. "

"I use this blend in my french press (coarse grind). So far this has been one of my favorites! Smooth and velvety with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Not too bitter. Would definitely order this one again!"

"By far our favorite coffee so far! Great flavor and balance!"

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