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Caffe Umbria - Arco Etrusco

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Arco Etrusco (#346)

Caffe Umbria

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Sugar, Smoke

Bean Box Breakdown

We taste sweet cigar tobacco in this toasty dark roast, with a rich, thick chocolate body and a strong finish. Go ahead and store this bag next to Umberto Eco on your bookshelf: it’s a modern-day Italian classic.

Caffe Umbria Story

Named after the iconic arched entry to the Umbrian town of Perugia, Arco Etrusco is the darkest of our blends. Natural sugars found in the coffees caramelize when roasted to this depth, imparting a cane sugar sweetness and aroma. Created as a drip coffee this blend boasts a fudge-like body, low acidity, a persistent roasty aftertaste and characteristics of a sweet stout.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

51 customer reviews

"This was a well balanced as a drip. We noticed a tobacco smell and ash aftertaste which I surprisingly found enjoyable. Nice, dark oily beans. "

"I really enjoyed this brew as a pour over cup. The chocolate and sugar notes blended well with the subtle smokiness made for a great evening cup of coffee before dinner. "

"My favorite out of my first box! Bold, smooth, rich dark sweet flavor. The way the smokey is intertwined with the sweet cocoa is perfect!"

"A rich and flavorful roast, kinda reminds me of a cherry porter! Though this came in a winter box, I feel it would be perfect fireside during the summer. "

"Delicious coffee with great flavors. Made this in the chemex and it was so smooth - also made a tasty iced coffee too. Tend to love dark roasts with chocolate, this one was yummy! Definitely recommend."

"Very full mouth feel with tobacco notes in a heavy dark coffee. It's good, but not a favorite. "

"This was a wonderful coffee! Pefect dark roast...bold and smooth but not bitter. A favorite!"

"A really good dark roast! I always crave chocolate undertones in my coffee, so this was on the mark. I just wish it had another note to bring the chocolate and coffee to another level. "

"Good dark roast. Subtle tones and taste. We enjoyed it with our french press for breakfast. Not as bold as some of what I usually drink but I would enjoy it again. "

"Decent dark coffee. Definitely better than anything preground and your local grocery store -- I'd appreciate this on any cold day."

"Can roasts this dark also be this elegant? Two pour over cups later, I’d have to say yes— one of my favorite dark roasts over the past few months. Heavy body, dark chocolate, but with a sweet depth that lingers. "

"This was one of my favorites this month. It's bold and complex, and the contrast between the sweetness and the smokiness keeps it from being just another dark roast."

"Mmm, taste like chocolate. But it is a little one-dimensional."

"Dark, hearty, smokey, this has become my favorite coffee to have with a sweet snack when working late. I'm not easy to please with dark roasts but I personally love the rich tobacco flavor, though it's not for everyone. Definitely a new favorite for me! I've loved everything I've had from Umbria."

"Perfect, perfect, perfect!! My ideal cup of coffee. 10/10 dark coffee is best. Smokey finish that makes this clove-lover's mouth water! Tastes like the finer things in life. "

"The smokiness of this roast with the brownie/chocolate made for an amazing cup of coffee! Unique and enjoyable to the last drop!"

"Nice smooth and smokey chocolate flavor. It didn't take much sugar in this espresso because the flavor was so strong. I liked it!"

"Of the dozen coffees I've received from subscription services, this one stood out immediately. It's smooth and clean with smokey chocolate and caramel flavors. I'll be ordering bags of this regularly."

"Holy cow! This coffee's good! Can't wait to purchase a whole bag!"

"A very dark, rich tasting coffee. Bold, smoky, chocolatey flavors. Very enjoyable, but not quite my favorite."

"This is a smoky dark roast. It's very smooth and slightly sweet. "

"Beautiful dark roast! sublime smokey and chocolate-y flavor. I made it on a coffee brewer and turned out amazing! stands up to creamer and sugar perfectly and gives you a velvety browny aftertaste, beans looked dark and shiny, just like dark gold!"

"Rich with a full body. Delicious dark chocolate stout flavor. This made a beautiful espresso with lots of crema. "

"Delicious dark roast, not overpowering and could definitely pick out the different notes using the french press with it. "

"Classy blend. Goes well with coffee on the go. Have mug will travel."

"Brewed in french press 4-5 minutes. Very good dark roast with smooth finish. Can taste the chocolate notes, very little smoke flavor often associated with dark roast. Umbria roasts very good coffee, we would recommend this coffee to anyone."

"Very mellow super smooth my first from this company."

"Bold strong flavor. Not sure if it's the complete lack of sleep from bringing home a newborn but the caffeine kick did not stay long at all. "

"Made with a moka. Obviously dark, but unlike most dark roasts not so overwhelmingly dark that you can't taste the different flavors to it. It was smooth, has that smokey taste like they say, and the aftertaste is sharp & more clearly smokey. I generally don't prefer dark roasts but this, I LOVE."

"Smooth, slightly sweet caramel-y flavor was excellent when made in a pour over."

"With the subtle flavor of chocolate and a bit of smoke, this was the perfect coffee. My favorite so far! "

"Smooth, full, but not overpowering. It's a solid every day coffee in our house."

"One of my two goto espresso roasts. Great in an aeropress or in a stovetop espresso pot. Makes an outstanding latte."

"Good morning coffee with a strong taste of smoke and nuts."

"Not a fan of tobacco tasting coffee, but it was still an alright coffee."

"We made it with a pour over, you can really taste the smokey tobacco flavor, I personally did found it too strong. Dark Side of the Moon is a similar coffee with a not-as-strong taste. "

"Very rich flavor and a deep cup of coffee. We liked it as a strong morning blend."

"Great bold roast with chocolate notes. I brewed 53 grams of coffee with a medium-sized grind in a pour-over, using 3.5 cups of water."

"We used an espresso machine to brew this coffee in the morning. It feels dark with notes of nuts and smoke"

"Very rich smokey flavor. Not bad but nothing I got too excited about drinking it. (My brother, who prefers dark roasts, enjoyed this though.)"

"used the aeropress, was ok a little too strong on the smoke flavor"

"This coffee was so good! I loved it! It was nice and dark, and not bitter at all."

"Decent dark roast..very smokey though...honestly not my favorite..."

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