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Bluebeard Coffee Roasters - El Capitán Latin Blend

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Ships roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).

El Capitán Latin Blend (#243)

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Chocolate, Berry

Bean Box Breakdown

When shall we set sail for happiness? You’re well on your way with this decadent roast, a blend of the best chocolate, caramel, and fruit flavors that Latin America has to offer.

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Story

Our rotating “house” blend of seasonal coffees from Central America and Colombia. Roasted for a chocolate and caramel cup with hints of berry, citrus, nuts, and spice.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

62 customer reviews  write a review

"Maybe my taste buds were off, I didn't get a lot of flavor out of this. "

"Nice coffee. Some tasty notes of chocolate and fruit and kind of creamy. Brewed french press."

"Brewed in french press 4-5 min. Good lighter roast coffee. This roaster consistently roasts good coffee. Notes of chocolate and berry. We would order this coffee again."

"Well, Bluebeard does it again, this was a good cup of coffee. Very easy to drink, nice and light, could taste the berry. "

"Another quality Bluebeard roast. Flavored lightly with fruit - perfect for spring."

"A very nice light to medium roast. A very light toasted nose. The is classic medium. The taste is smooth with a little sweetness and slight toasted after taste that only last for second or two."

"This one is especially good, especially for the price. Really, really nicely balanced blend. "

"Drink this one hot! Carmel is on the forefront of this coffee. I enjoyed it hot, but not quite as impressed once it was cold, so don’t let this cup go to waste! Drank with a little cream as I usually do, but not much was required. Medium blend lovers should give it a try!"

"Omg so delicious love in a cup early morning sweetness"

"Delicate notes. Smooth finish. Delicious blend of coffees"

"Overall a nice coffee, but nothing particularly standout about it. It was well-balanced without being too tart from the berry and citrus notes. Nice to drink, but wouldn't necessarily order more."

"Just tried this coffee today, and WOW! This coffee is perfect roast wise, not too dark, not too light. And the amount of flavor in this roast is amazing. One of our new favorites. Definitely a must try! "

"Enjoyed this wonderful blend over the holidays. Easy to drink, nice rich flavor of chocolate and citrus. Bluebeard seldom disappoints!"

"Bluebeard is one of my top three Roasters for espresso beans and this blend doesn't disappoint. This blend is in my regular rotation. I love El Capitan as an espresso shot."

"This coffee is one of my favorites. It's full of flavor and is completely satisfying!!! "

"I liked this better than I thought I would - i try to steer clear of coffees that are berry like. This does have a light body and was smooth. I liked the flavors - if you don't want a bold coffee this is nice. I probably wouldn't order it again, but it was nice to drink."

"Definitely seemed to be fairly watered down. I brewed it like I normally would any other coffee, but just wasn’t as bold as I like."

"Not a coffee I’d ever buy. I couldn’t appreciate any of the flavors described; instead I tasted earth and spice and a little citrus, which I tend to avoid when selecting coffee. Not overpowering but not enjoyable for me. "

"A nice medium blend with a mild aftertaste. I found I needed a little more bean than usual. A little nutty flavor to me. Good, but not great. "

"nutty with hints of caramel, and slight tartness. The nuttiness is very prevalent, but no specific nuts come to mind. There's a bit of sugariness on the tongue and nose, as well as a pretty undefinable tartness. Lacks specificity, kinda forgettable."

"Low-acidity but still fruity. Nice dark fruit flavors."

"What's to say.... It's another beautiful coffee roasted by Bluebeard. This coffee is an excellent price and is great using all brew methods, you will not regret purchasing this one."

"My absolute favorite so far. I actually exclaimed aloud at my first sip. Spicy with citrus notes this coffee made me feel really energized as I started my day. A great roast! "

"I was really exited about this blend; however, I was left a little disappointed. While the tastes are nice and sweet, the coffee was too mild. I feel the taste would have been much better had the coffee been a little stronger."

"This morning I had my coffee pot set to be made by the time I got up, when I got up I noticed a funky smell that I wasn't a big fan of, I actually thought I left food out overnight! But come to figure out it was this coffee! Despite the smell, the taste is VERY GOOD! It was an excellent brew overall"

"This is the first one we tried from our Bean Box. The brand smelll sooooooo good! Low acidity smooth taste. Could drink without sugar and creamer!"

"I really enjoyed this coffee. The roast was light, resulting in a smooth, yet complex flavor. Low acidity and great for anyone who loves Latin coffee!"

"Beans smell like chocolate covered blueberries. Made this in a pour over. Had a bright acidity and a mild flavor. "

"Good afternoon coffee. Hint if cedar and chocolate. Was a little earthy "

"Too acidic!! Did not get caramel or berry notes. Did get the chocolate though. "

"This coffee was pretty good. I did enjoy it. However, I'm not sure I'd order it again since there are other coffees I like better."

"Another favorite, used for Kate's and chemex, very smooth, and enjoyed by everyone"

"It is very robust. I agree with everyone who says to do it in a french press!"

"This coffee was smooth enough to be enjoyed without cream. It was delicious when french pressed. "

"This was very unique.tried in a automatic drip and a toddy cold brew.prefered the toddy flavors really stand out."

"A nice blend with a light mouth feel that had both dark and bright notes. Very satisfying. Served via aeropress"

"Very smooth with light body and high acidity. This coffee bursts with lemon zest, berry notes, and a sweet caramel taste on the toungue. It's a little to bright and tangy for my tastes, but a good coffee nonetheless."

"This coffee is one of my new favorites very smooth and delicious."

"Really well balanced for being a medium roast on the lighter side. Not too fruity, not too dark. Loved this as a hot breakfast pour-over brew. Have yet to try it cold!"

"This blend has become my house coffee -- whenever I need coffee and none of the monthly sampler box coffees has bowled me over, I always order this. It's complex, which I like, and sweet, which I like even more -- I would order it exclusively except I love variety so much!"

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"My wife enjoyed this coffee; she picked up on all the flavors in the description, and thought they balanced well."

"Too fruity for my liking but not a bad coffee. I'm sure others will love this, it's just not for me."

"Smokey, yet refined. Pleasurable for a single cup to an entire pot! "

"medium roasts aren't usually my bag but this one knows its way to my heart is with caramel and chocolate. I always judge coffee as when Id drink it. Is this a first cup of the morning? No. But great for a mid day treat."

"This was a good blend, I enjoyed the caramel flavor. "

"This is our absolute favorite coffee ever!!! Love this blend!!!! Planning to keep ordering. "

"This coffee was bolder than I expected, and the fruit flavors were a lot more subtle than expected."

"Really liked the caramel notes and smoothness of this blend. Tons of flavor even when brewed in a press. "

"Loved the hints of caramel and chocolate. It was bolder than expected given the lighter roast profile. Really enjoyed this one!"

"One of the few I prefer with a french press than a chemex. Very smooth, with no burn at all. "

"My favorite coffee so far in my subscription. Great taste, not too bold, sweet notes and perfect for all day drinking. Highly recommend!"

"A nice coffee. Used it for cold brew but didn't like it too much as a hot coffee"

"A great overall coffee. very nice chocolate and caramel tones. A really smooth easy to drink coffee, goes great anytime with anything. I am not usually a fan of lighter coffees, but this coffee really delivers flavor and richness that you don't expect. "

"I love this blend! I can definitely taste the caramel. It also has a light fruity undertone. The whole thing is balanced so nicely. It is one of my favorites for a quite Saturday morning, relaxing with a good book and a refreshing cup of joe. "

"Yumm! Love the caramel under tones, I'm a sucker for dark and sweet coffee and I find this one to be so good even without sugar or sweetener! Tiny dollup of cream and your good to go!"

"It was a medium-light roast with a very light body. I tasted dark chocolate and little bit citrus but not caramel. I used a Kone. "

"Delicious smooth blend with light chocolate notes. Made it in a chemex and it was a great start to my day."

"Nice and smooth, with a rich and chocolatey flavor. "

"Very Nice blend! Used my french press and drank well balanced. Great chocolate notes, huge fan!"

"Really good. Can definitely taste the berries. Made both Americanos and Lattes with the beans and both were delicious."

"I enjoyed this cup of coffee last week! It paired so well with the windows open, fresh breeze, and egg white omelet. The spice that came through was fantastic! The berry flavors complimented but didn't over power the carmel. Definitely a coffee I'd purchase again!"

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