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Spiced Rum BarrelAged Brazil by Bean Box
Spiced Rum BarrelAged Brazil by Bean Box
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The Piña Colada Coffee

#1008 Spiced Rum Barrel-Aged Brazil

8 oz whole bean medium coffee

Sold Out

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Are you ready to "rum" ba? It's last call! With just a few bags left of our special, Spiced Rum Barrel Brazil, we're excited to offer one final chance to try this exclusive, made-for-us coffee. Fresh from the barrel, this rum-drenched roast is a carnivale in a cup, our own delicious version of a Piña Colada—a Beaña Colada—and it's about to samba out the door for good. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, or a boozy, after-dinner treat, this "spirited" roast is a one-step coffee cocktail. One of our most popular coffees, this exclusive, one-of-a-kind cup won't be on our shelves for long!

A pineapple away from a party, this Piña Colada Coffee is created by aging a high-grown Brazilian coffee in spiced rum barrels from Seaspirits, a local Seattle distillery. Seaspirits uses bourbon casks to age their rum, giving an extra nudge of flavor to an already spicy, buttery profile. The nutty-chocolaty Brazilian coffee was sourced and roasted by Seattle Strong, a young, innovative coffee company founded in 2017 by students at the University of Washington. They were able to tame the spiced rum flavors through the roasting process, giving the coffee an approachable yet delightfully tropical flavor profile. One sip of this rum cake in a mug, and you’ll find yourself waking up on island time.

Because of the size of the barrels, we can only make so much of these special-edition coffees. Every barrel-aged coffee we've released has sold out fast, and this one is almost gone. We're down to the last few bags, but don't worry: there's still one left for you. Reserve your own bag of our limited, Spiced Rum Barrel-Aged Brazil, and enjoy your own sip of our hand-crafted homage to coffee, cocktails, and the love of a special cup. Cheers!

Available while supplies last. Limit 3 bags per customer.

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