Flavor Profile
Decadent (2)
Fruity (13)
Espresso (4)
Pour Over (3)
Roast Profile
Dark (2)
Light (11)
Medium (5)
Coffee Type
Blends (10)
Decaf (3)
Organic (3)
Customer Rating
5 Star (2)
Ethiopian (5)
Kenyan (2)
Tasting Notes
Apricot (3)
Caramel (2)
Cherry (3)
Chocolate (8)
Citrus (2)
Cocoa (2)
Floral (5)
Honey (4)
Lemon (2)
Plum (3)
Raspberry (2)
Spice (2)
Natural (3)
Washed (4)
Heirloom (3)

Coffees that Taste Like Fruit

Our top picks for Fruit tasting notes this month.

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Fruit Snacks Blend by Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters

Fruit Snacks Blend

Sugar, Lemon, Concord Grape

Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters


Fresh Crop Bright by Kuma Coffee

Fresh Crop Bright

Berry, Floral, Citrus

Kuma Coffee



Espresso Blend by Herkimer Coffee

Espresso Blend

Clove, Marionberry, Tobacco

Herkimer Coffee



S.O. Blend by Coava Coffee

S.O. Blend

Toffee, Chocolate, Spicy

Coava Coffee



El Capitán Latin Blend by Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

El Capitán Latin Blend

Caramel, Chocolate, Berry

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters



Organic Honduras Decaf by Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee

Organic Honduras Decaf

Apricot, Chocolate, Cocoa

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee



Kenya Riakiberu by Roseline Coffee

Kenya Riakiberu

Honey, Blackberry, White Tea

Roseline Coffee



Mexico Nayarita by Velton's Coffee Roasting Company

Mexico Nayarita

Apricot, Chocolate, Strawberry

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company



Ethiopia Gedeb Gotiti by Vashon Coffee Company

Ethiopia Gedeb Gotiti

Honey, Berry, Citrus

Vashon Coffee Company



Ethiopia Nansebo Sidama by Stamp Act Coffee

Ethiopia Nansebo Sidama

Peach, Floral, Fruit

Stamp Act Coffee



Organic Tatoosh by Zoka Coffee

Organic Tatoosh

Chocolate, Butter, Strawberry

Zoka Coffee



Mocha Java Blend by Lighthouse Roasters

Mocha Java Blend

Spice, Floral, Fruit

Lighthouse Roasters



Costa Rica Don Mayo by Zoka Coffee

Costa Rica Don Mayo

Apricot, Cocoa, Fruit

Zoka Coffee


Lighthouse Blend by Lighthouse Roasters

Lighthouse Blend

Chocolate, Fruit

Lighthouse Roasters



Ethiopia Kercha Decaf by Kuma Coffee

Ethiopia Kercha Decaf

Caramel, Watermelon, Botanical

Kuma Coffee



Espresso Velluto by Vashon Coffee Company

Espresso Velluto

Chocolate, Fruit

Vashon Coffee Company



Cascara Coffee Tea by Bean Box

Cascara Coffee Tea

Cherry, Honey, Raspberry

Bean Box



Burundi Mikuba Washed by Herkimer Coffee

Burundi Mikuba Washed

Cherry, Pomegranate, Floral

Herkimer Coffee



Guatemala Pixquin by Herkimer Coffee

Guatemala Pixquin

Melon, Honeydew, Cream

Herkimer Coffee