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Caffe Lusso • Redmond, WA

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Gran Miscela Carmo by Caffe Lusso
Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Praline

About Caffe Lusso

Caffè Lusso was born from a passion for coffee and the desire to build connections among diverse groups of people around the world. Philip Meech, founder of Caffè Lusso, worked in the Seattle coffee scene since 1994 and realized coffee was a great equalizer. People from all circles would enter the shop, place an order, and begin conversing—forming a connection over perhaps their only similarity: coffee.

In 2000, he installed a small roaster in his dad’s garage, began building direct relationships with coffee farmers and less than one year later, won a tasting competition. Lusso has come a long way since, trading a garage space for a newly designed facility that showcases and educates about the entire farm-to-cup journey. Housed within this facility, the Macchinista School™ is a hub for training, education, and collaboration—a school dedicated to learning every aspect of coffee for coffee professionals.

We’re proud to partner with Philip and the Caffè Lusso team. Their approach to coffee pioneered the Direct-Trade model of sourcing since 2001. Philip’s fastidious selection of small estate and micro-lot coffees, hand-roasted by the team, accentuates every origin’s unique nuances. One of their core values is connecting directly with growers, so that together we can offer you the best possible coffee.

Coffees from Caffe Lusso have been reviewed 42 times, with an average rating of 4 out of 5.

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