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Zoka Coffee - Kenya Ngandu

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Kenya Ngandu (#149)

Zoka Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Tomato, Fruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Sweet yet mellow, with a pleasant sugary tomato flavor and a fruit-juicy mouthfeel. Brew on a gray morning and remember: somewhere in the world the sun is shining, coffee cherries are ripening, and someone is smiling.

Zoka Coffee Story

This Kenyan coffee from the Nyeri region has flavors of sunburst tomato, a medium body, and bright acidity. A great example of why coffee from Kenya is so universally enjoyed.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

21 customer reviews

"Not a favorite compared to other Kenya coffees. Prefer less fruit flavor"

"I'm a big Kenyan fan, this certainly doesn't disappoint! Nice acidity and FANTASTIC and unmistakable sweet sundried tomatoes! Never tasted anything like it!"

"Pleasantly surprised by this light yet medium bodied coffee. We generally prefer darker roasts but this one had a nice complexity that made it one we'll certainly have again. "

"Earthy, light, and unique. Definitely recommend trying it!"

"Brewed using a chemex. Surprised by the lack of fruit in an African coffee, a little boring to me and I didn't really pick up on the tomato flavor. v60 tasted a little better, but still kind of bland. "

"It was good but i dont think ill try it again. Was too acidic for me"

"Interesting coffee. Too light for my taste but definitely interesting"

"Good intense flavored cup. fruity, sweet, yet still bold and dark enough to pack a smooth punch. Definitely worth ordering. "

"Very unique. Strong earthy/some have said tomato-forward flavor. Worth a try to broaden one's horizons. Not your classic roasted coffee flavor. "

"Ordered a bag after trying it in a monthly box. Good, unique flavor. Can really taste the tomato."

"Not sure how I feel about tomato flavored coffee. Not my favorite. A little too citrusy."

"My pallet generally doesn't like the juicier coffees, however, I brewed this on a v60 and I loved it! It is very mellow though, definitely not for everyone."

"I just didn't appreciate the tomato, which was the only flavor I was able to taste."

"I usually dislike lighter roasts, but this was my favorite from my December box. Had a great, bright fruity taste. Very different from other coffees I've had. I plan to pick up a bag."

"I didn't like this one, but my wife loved it. They're not kidding when they list "tomato" as a flavor that comes out of this. It certainly had that! I don't really like tomatoes to begin with so take it for what you will. "

"the coffee states its great for a cloudy day, and it was a great morning treat. Not my favorite but it wasne't awful. "

"This coffee was fascinating. The notes of tomato were definitely evident and I would not have guessed that tomato notes would be enjoyable in a coffee. However, it was very, very enjoyable- so much so that I ordered a bag afterward. "

"I wasn't expecting to like this coffee as much as I did. I thought tomato notes, really? I would not have ever said that's the profile, personally. I did enjoy this for a medium middle of day blend. "

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