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Twilight Blend (#137)

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company


(Earn up to $1.73 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Cherry, Spice, Dark Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

“Dark done right”; the subtle hint of brightness in this cup recalls the time of day when the sun is below the horizon but you can still see its glow. Perfect for dawn, dusk, or whenever you could use a glimmer of light...

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company Story

Roasted dark? Yes! Burned, scorched, turned to ash? No. This is “dark roast done right”, which as it turns out is hard to find. Dark roast fans will not be disappointed with this one. Smooth and full-bodied with spice, dark chocolate, and hints of cherry.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

38 customer reviews  write a review

"Great dark roast. The charcoal-like quality common to dark roasts didn't overpower the other flavors. Was smooth, a little sweet and had a nice spice finish. Brewed french press."

"Very dark roast, but unfortunately it was a little too bitter for my taste"

"Really enjoyed this dark bean. Could definitely pick up on the dark chocolate tones. "

"Good dark roast, definitely taste earthy spices in flavor profile. Great as cold brew as well. "

"french pressed - noticed chocolate tones first followed by a cherry finish. Fairly smooth with no acidity. Would drink this one again!"

"french pressed - noticed chocolate tones first followed by a cherry finish. Fairly smooth with no acidity. Would drink this one again!"

"a good flavor combo, left me wanting more than just my little sample bag!"

"This was a favorite! It was great with sweetener, with cream, or black. Loved it!"

"Dark with cherry and a little zip. Takes cream very very well and is indulgent! "

"This was a nice dark roast. You could really get the bitter dark chocolate at the end. Was made in a french press and drank black. "

"One of the favorites so far with our subscription. Would absolutely order it again!"

"Tastes great but could have been a little darker on the roast."

"Good coffee. Didn't get any subtle flavors, but it's an above-average medium-dark roast. It would be better if it were a bit oilier and roasted a bit longer."

"Delicious. The cherry notes are bright without being very acidic, and really add a nice flavor to the cup. It's rich and complex and smooth and bright all at once. Very well blended."

"This coffee has a nice balance. Neither the spice nor fruit flavors overpower the coffee as a whole. I really enjoyed it!"

"Deeelicious. I will def be ordering a full size bag. :) Smooth and no bitterness. "

"Dark but smooth, with a heavy body and a really pleasant dark chocolate, brown sugar, and (maybe?) graham cracker taste. Nice, lasting (and non-bitter) aftertaste. "

"Fantastic cup of coffee! My wife and I both agreed from the first sip. "

"Overall a very smooth and flavorful coffee. Best when adding a little be of cream or milk. Goes great with sweet and rich deserts."

"Solid dark roast with taste true to tasting notes. Brewed with a french press. Only complaint is that it leaves a lingering after taste. "

"really smooth with a touch of spice. Soo nice with sweets."

"The real deal. Fantastic. Liquid Gold. Smooth and fruity. "

"Smooth, dark and utterly good. Another instant favorite of mine."

"All around good coffee. Smooth dark roast. I could actually taste the chocolate and cherry as described. "

"fruity on the cherry side, it has a bit of a "dry and burnt" aftertaste, not smoky nor smooth. Not as dark as I'd hope but good nonetheless."

"This was my favorite this month! Dark and smooth with the hints of chocolate and spice. A great cup of black coffee with the french press"

"A hint of cherry, a hint of spice, a hint a dark chocolate. What is not good about this. Delicious at every sip."

"This is one of my favorites I received! Dark, chocolaty, and has a great caffine kick!"

"I think Veltons has potential, but what I received just isn't there yet. A dark roast that hits its mark, unfortunately its the only mark it hits, a one dimensional flavor profile that's nice to drink but doesn't keep me coming back."

"Somewhat smooth the roasted flavor was strong not my favorite."

"As a fan of dark roasts, I really enjoyed this one. Brewing it via french press (or long steep aeropress) eccentuated the "heavy" feel of the blend and made for a great wake-me-up-on-a-cold-day type of coffee. Very roasty without tasting like a leather wallet or the inside of an ashtray. Highly recommend."

"This was a very smooth dark roast...subtle spice notes which were welcome and delicious..."

"Definitely get the cherry notes as described. I enjoyed it, more as an afternoon coffee on a lazy day then as a morning-starter. "

"Definitely a favorite. Bold flavor with a smooth finish. Naturally sweet, so I end up using less sugar. Looking to order this regularly from now on. "

"Excellent dark, smooth brew! We loved this coffee and have ordered a full bag!"

"Beans smell like they got burnt and scorched, but the expressos came out tasting like rich, smooth, dark-chocolate covered cherries. Absolutely delicious!"

"Great coffee with undertones of cherry and chocolate that are not overwhelming"

"Definitely a dark roast done right as the description states. Definite notes of dark chocolate."

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