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Vashon Coffee Company - Winter Storm Holiday Blend

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Winter Storm Holiday Blend (#745)

Vashon Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Orange, Cocoa

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Is a storm brewing? The coffee will be, too! With such a cozy cup, you won’t mind the bluster. A perfect blend of juicy Ethiopian and smooth, rich Colombian, this sweet cup is as decadent as a chocolate-covered orange. Let it snow.

Vashon Coffee Company Story

This year's Holiday Blend is pretty fantastic. It is a combination of Ethiopia Oromia (lots of fruit) and a little darker roasted Colombia to give it nice chocolate. We are calling it Winter Storm-- because when you're cozied up with this coffee, you won't mind a little bit of ice and snow!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

20 customer reviews

"This was fantastic - very chocolate-y with balanced citrus and berry. Would definitely have again."

"This is a lighter coffee with strong notes of chocolate. It's a great blend that I would definitely buy again next Christmas."

"This was a little more bold than the other fruity ones I received in this bean box, but it was still too fruity to be enjoyable for me. I made this with a french press. "

"Warm, bright without being too overbearing. I enjoyed this more than the other winter blend this year."

"This blend produced a very solid cup of coffee. I would enjoy trying it again. "

"This was so mellow and smooth -- I know this is not the first time the Vashon company has put out a great coffee. I loved the citrus and mild mild chocolate tastes this one had...I guess I was off a bit, though, I got mild notes of lime citrus not so much the orange. Whatever, it was great."

"This coffee is delicious and super fragrant right out of the bag. Honestly, it's been snowing a lot here in Colorado and this is the perfect cup for a Winter Storm. I would buy this one again! "

"Too light for my taste and kind of blend. But the fruity, chocolatey and tart notes were nice. french press."

"I liked how this was sweet, but not too sweet. It's not something I'd drink every day, but it's special enough for a seasonal coffee."

"This is a nice blend with smooth finish and notes of chocolate and fruits. "

"Yummy espresso made from these beans with chocolately and berry notes. "

"Not a favorite. A bland blend, with some bitterness. (pour over)"

"Brewed in my french press. A smooth light coffee with notes of fruity milk chocolate, more of a light tart citrus.Yummy!! "

"Drank a few days after receiving because of being out of town. Not my all time favorite (blends usually aren't), but it fits the description and is fairly tasty. "

"Wow, loved this coffee, order a second bag for over the holidays. Super smooth and enjoyable to sip on."

"This blend is delicious! I normally prefer the chemex brew for my coffee but I think this blend works especially well with the french press. You really get those fruity notes when you use immersive brewing on this coffee. Great holiday blend!"

"Loved this one -- I loved the smooth caramel-ish flavor with citrus, I smelled and tasted lime flavor. Vashon coffee tends to be great coffee & this one surely didn't disappoint."

"Brewed in french press, and enjoyed black. Good flavorful coffee with notes of orange and chocolate. Very mild acidiy and fairly smooth finish. We would buy this coffee again"

"Just enjoyed my first cup of this delicious Winter blend! Bright with a hint of smooth chocolate finish. Perfect for the season!"

"We just love Vashon coffee. The flavors of chocolate and orange zest come through. Made in french press and drank black. "

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