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Seattle Coffee Works - Panama Boquete Suarez Geisha

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Panama Boquete Suarez Geisha (#153)

Seattle Coffee Works

Bean Box Top Shelf

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 8 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Stone Fruit, Marshmallow, Tea

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Geishas are the ultimate in exotic coffees. With their mellow yet complex flavor profile, they perfectly combine the strength of coffee with the comfort of tea. We call this one the "cashmere sweater of coffees", because, like a cashmere sweater, this brew doesn't come cheap, but its warmth, coziness, and quality are beyond compare.

This roast brews with a fresh, clean aroma of peaches and rose water. In the cup, it has a silky, velveteen texture. The flavor begins with a gentle strawberry tartness over a smooth body of marshmallow and molasses, along with light herbal notes of lavender and green tea. Finishes cleanly, with a delicate flavor that barely lingers: a kaleidoscope of soft flavors that blend perfectly into one another. We are proud to carry a coffee like this one, and proud to partner with Seattle Coffee Works to bring you their exclusive Geisha, now the second year in a row. Wrap yourself, or someone you love, in cashmere coffee this season.

Seattle Coffee Works Story

This is a direct-trade Geisha from Finca Suarez in Bouquete, Panama. Farmer is Roberto Suarez, third generation farmer. The coffee is exclusive to us as Finca Suarez has not exported any coffee since the early 2000s. We started our relationship with this farm in 2014 and are now in our third season of getting this coffee.

Finca Suarez is one of those lucky breaks every Green Coffee Buyer dreams about. On a misty Saturday morning, we had a chance encounter with Roberto Suarez. Roberto decided to no longer export coffee some years ago, because he was able to get a better price by roasting and selling his coffee domestically in Panama. He and his family also have plans for a beautiful coffee shop right on top of the beneficio.

Because the farm hasn't exported any coffee for the last few years, Roberto was not in a selling mode when we showed up. He only had past-crop samples for us. We had a great time visiting no less. Roberto is starting to pass the farm on to his children, and as he’s doing so he is upgrading his entire beneficio with new equipment throughout. This year's crop is the first crop processed on completely overhauled equipment (imported from Colombia).

This Geisha has the typical herbal complexity of Geisha along with a full body, sweetness and moderate acidity for a lingering aftertaste. Rosehip, Green Tea, Molasses.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

4 customer reviews

"I really hope this coffee comes back, it's the best one I've ever had. Brewed with both a french press and a chemex. it was amazing"

"The smell has pleasant melon and vanilla baked goods. The coffee has mild acidity, moderate sweetness, and moderate viscosity. Overall it is sweet, rounded with substantial reminder of marzipan and hints of holiday spice. I liked as a hot pour-over (v60+chemex) but even more as a iced pour over."

"Don't know if it's worth paying 50% more for, but it sure is a winner! Amazingly smooth and balanced. Perfect pour over every time. If you've never tried a Geisha before - do it!"

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