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Seattle Coffee Works - Guatemala La Esperanza

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Guatemala La Esperanza (#762)

Seattle Coffee Works

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Chocolate, Cantaloupe, Fruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A yearly favorite and direct-relationship coffee, this new La Esperanza is everything we hoped for—and more! We love the chocolatey aroma and light-bodied sweetness, and the cantaloupe notes add a tangy, sparkling complexity.

Seattle Coffee Works Story

We take a group of our baristas to visit this farm each year because we are so impressed with the Villatoro family’s coffee production. They have built a wet mill, a road that connects the rural community to the nearest paved road, and every roof in the family village of Hoja Blanca doubles as a drying patio. notes of Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Cantaloupe.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

14 customer reviews

"A surprisingly chocolatey, sweet, and fruity blend. Like a chocolate-dipped blueberry swimming in coffee. A very special roast and bean. (pour over)"

"Really nice nutty smell and sweet smooth chocolate taste. "

"Love Guatamelan coffee and this was good. chocolate and hazelnut notes made for a yummy espresso. "

"Light, a bit too bright for me, but I think those who love lighter roasts will dig it!"

"Didn't know what to expect with cantaloupe... But nice n smooth "

"This light-medium roast is lovely. chocolate notes with a nutty undertone makes this a coffee I could drink all day! I love the smooth hazelnut with a dash of cream on this one. Drink up!"

"SO sweet, like butterscotch - it even has a scent of sugar. A great cup. I made mine in a french press and served it with whole milk and more! sugar."

"Totally agree with all the reviews. Despite grinding it too coarse for my french press, this was quite a tasty coffee. Light-bodied but sweet, chocolatey, nutty and a little fruity with a crisp, clean finish. Should probably order a bag."

"Fanastic coffee, nice bright flavor, clean after taste. Seattle coffee works hit a home run with this coffee! Highly Recommended"

"Brewed in french press, drank black. Medium acidity, fairly bright, with fruit notes. Good coffee overall, could be good with a little cream."

"This was great brewed in the chemex. Lots of light fruit favors with chocolatey nutty undertones. Will be ordering a bag."

"This blend produced a solid cup of coffee. There was nothing exceptional, but it was solid and I enjoyed it. "

"Very good coffee. Not quite sure what flavors it hit on, but it was just a great coffee."

"Oh so good. Loved that melon crisp after note of cantaloupe. Another one you'd think wouldn't be good and was sooo good. Milky creamy chocolate taste, light nutty flavor. Excellent"

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