Seattle Coffee Works - Ecuador Agua Dulce

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Ecuador Agua Dulce (#649)

Seattle Coffee Works

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Date, Peach, Molasses

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

J’adore, Ecuador! This sweet roast comes from Seattle Coffee Works’ first direct relationship in Ecuador. We love the bright burst of peaches and lemon cake in this cup, and the toasty, oatmeal- raisin cookie in the finish. Agua Dulce, indeed.

Seattle Coffee Works Story

We are excited to announce our first ever Direct Trade coffee from Ecuador! Worth the wait, this Ecuadorian coffee is brimming with delicious peachy sweetness countered by the depth of molasses and dates.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

18 customer reviews

"This was the best light roast I have tasted out of 8 samples! It is very even and balanced, not at all acidic at the first taste, or in the aftertaste. The slight molasses flavor came through, and had a great smooth aftertaste. No cream or sugar needed. A splash of cream is ok, but better without."

"Coffee makes me free. Better than ocean air. Tastes like fruit."

"Good strong flavor for a light roast, but it leaves me wanting to add sugar to find more flavors..."

"Excellent roast! I can really taste the fruits. Excellent with a light breakfast! "

"This is a VERY sweet coffee -- I love that! It's also complex, with faint sweet blackberries and oatmeal cookie made with molasses. I made mine in a french press."

"Another great bag from Seattle Coffee Works! Loved this one! I know its a bit on the fruitier side but I am not complaining. I enjoyed every last drop of this coffee."

"Although I usually don't like light roasts, this one is great. It is sweet but much more full of flavor than most light roasts."

"Wasn't great, too fruity for me which can mean a sour aftertaste "

"I get the oatmeal raisin cookie on this one. Not sure I detect the peach. Not my favorite light roast, but not bad. I just don’t like raisins! If you like them, you will be all over this roast! Enjoy!"

"Surprisingly stronger tasting than I expected (considered it was rated lowest on that bean scale)! Definitely could taste the molasses, and I liked it :)"

"Delicious and sweet. Peach notes with raisin. Yummy!"

"This is the 2nd fruity coffee I've had. I expected it to be different than the one I had before, but it was not. I mean, it was a little bit better and less peach-y, but you definitely have to drink it fast. If you let it get even lukewarm, it tastes weird."

"Like a cookie! I loved that figgy-date taste, it was like an oatmeal cookie or fig newton. Just good and very smooth. "

"Has strong raisin notes with a hint of peach. It has a slightly heavy mouth feel and is an enjoyable morning coffee."

"Bright is a great word to describe this coffee. Good overall light roast coffee. Slate is an excellent roaster. Brewed in french press 4-5 minutes. "

"A pleasant date sweetness surrounded by a juicy mouthfeel. Smooth and balanced, excellent when prepared on chemex!"

"Really light coffee. I tasted a sweet underlying flavor, like berry."

"I really liked this one. Loved the light flavor, smooth, and the very light hints of date and molasses. Just very tasty. "

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