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Seattle Coffee Works - Bali Kintamani Natural

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Bali Kintamani Natural (#30)

Seattle Coffee Works

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Grape, Honey, Raspberry

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

We look forward to this rare Balinese roast every winter season. With notes of luscious raspberry, honeyed body, and tangy grapefruit finish, it’s as sparkly as a string of holiday lights and just as enchanting. Dare we call it... a jolly Bali?

Seattle Coffee Works Story

From a collection of family farms in the volcanic highlands of Bali, this coffee comes to us through the traditional Subak Abian structure of agricultural organization in upland Bali. To address water scarcity, the farmers began naturally-processing their coffee in 2009 and the result was nothing short of spectacular. This coffee boasts more fruity, sweet notes than most coffees we’ve tasted and we celebrate its return every year. Flavors of raspberry and chocolate are complemented by the smoothness of macadamia nut.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

25 customer reviews

"Brewed in my french press. Could taste the berry and smooth chocolate notes. Very yummy!"

"I don't know where the grape and grapefruit were hiding out, but that's OK, they don't sound to lovely to me. This was a smooth light blend wih a surprising buttery smooth mouth taste. "

"We were really excited to try this one. Nice coffee for the holidays, we love the chocolate raspberry notes, and there are notes of macadamias which are our favorite nut!"

"Maybe not my favorite coffee as it was a tad too fruity for me, but honestly this is what you need occasionally, not something that will wake you up, but a coffee relaxed enough that you can go to sleep right after."

"Very light roast. Good for morning coffee, especially if you are new to coffee or not a fan of coffee oil. The color was a light caramel color and the flavors were so light that I didn't really get the fruit notes. Brewed in my french press."

"Pleasant. Somewhat fruity, but it still tastes like coffee at least."

"Very tart fruit, even with a very full, syrupy body. Not our favorite, but probably someone else's."

"A little bit light for my normal preference, but tasty when I'm in the mood for something a little different."

"I was a big fan of all the different tasting notes. I'm a honey addict so I was very pleased to pick up on that taste. Delicious!"

"I loved this roast, bold taste even with a light roast. Delightfully light raspberry flavor! Hope this roast comes back soon!"

"Very much enjoyed this coffee. light roast with complex flavor. Tasted of fruit,with a slight acidity. Brewed in french press."

"Very clear notes of creamy (even luscious) raspberry, honeyed body, and subtle tangy citrus finish. Definiteliy has a slight nuttines to it (macadamia?) - overall very pleasant."

"I could definitely taste the raspberry fruit flavor in this coffee. We were split in our household on this one, I thought it was a fun break from the norm, with the fruit and earthy-nut like flavors, but my boyfriend didn’t like the raspberry at all. "

"Absolutely delicious! Loving the taste of this coffee! Definitely one of my favorite from my sample box this month! "

"If you love naturals, you're bound to love this Bali. It packs all of the buttery, creamy, fruity goodness that you'd expect from a Bali natural. Raspberry and chocolate stick out with very light grapefruit acidity. The cup is very 'juicy', very bright and fruity to the tastebuds. "

"A little light for our preference but a nicely flavored medium - dark roast "

"This was the first coffee I tried in the World Coffee Tour Box - it was delicious! I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to enjoy a unique coffee experience."

"The first thing I noticed about the beans was their very nutty, chocolatey aroma - almost like chocolate covered espresso beans. Once brewed (using a chemex), you definitely notice the fruity taste and aromas, as others have said. Not for everyone, but definitely unique"

"Strong fruit flavor seems a little odd for an Indonesian coffee, but this one has a ton of fruit. The nut flavor is definitely muted to me. A fun sampler that I wouldn't mind trying again sometime. v60 brewed."

"The first one I tried from my Bean Box. Loved the grapefruit taste!"

"I have to start by saying the I'm a huge fan of naturals. That said, I was really excited to try one from SCW - one of my all time favorite roasters - and I was not disappointed! A lovely, well balanced natural that is rather lively and easy to drink day after day."

"This was too light for my taste - the notes of citrus fruit didn't compliment the flavor in my opinion. "

"This coffee was so fruity! I loved it, maybe not an everyday coffee but a great sampler in my subscription box!"

"one of my favorites so far. easy to taste the fruits, especially in the after taste. easy to drink. would be nice in the summer. "

"This is an excellent light roast. I could drink this every day. The fruit tastes are subtle and smooth."

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