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Lighthouse Roasters - Roaster's Choice

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Roaster's Choice (#2)

Lighthouse Roasters


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Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Bean Box Breakdown

A bold roast with a real kick, but polished and refined like a gentleman.

Lighthouse Roasters Story

A full-bodied blend of Ethiopian, Sumatran and Latin high-grown Arabicas. Rich and complex, Roaster's Choice touches the whole palate and stays clean. Our signature coffee.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

217 customer reviews  write a review

"Loved this one. I tend to like very dark roasts, and use an espresso roast for everyday (sometimes). This one is really smooth and dark. Will order again."

"Nice smooth classic coffee. Not unique but very solid bold flavor."

"Super good roast! I love a good dark roast but didn't learn that until I received a bean box for Christmas. Bravo!"

"I first tried this coffee from a sample pack I received as a gift, and I immediately had to order a bag of it! I brewed it with my french press and it was perfect. It's bold but incredibly smooth."

"Fabulous! This was the first sample I tried and I was amazed how good it was, fresh, flavorful, wonderful aroma. I was drinking Starbucks, and some coffees from local stores and this was by far superior. The others I received were great, and I enjoyed them so much I signed up for a subscription "

"Tasty and full bodied. A nice and even darker roast with a smooth taste. "

"Strong medium-dark roast that doesn't leave a gross aftertaste."

"Too dark and bold for me, but good if you like that. Very earthy and robust."

"I brewed this with my french press to enjoy in the morning. I didn't hate it, but I felt that it was a little too bold for me. It's very rich, so if that's your thing I would recommend this blend."

"This was so yummy. I had it hot and chilled and I liked both. Left a clean aftertaste."

"Very dark lusciously good. Very good strong and rich. So good you will want more. Beans are covered in there own oils after roaster. Yummy"

"One of the few coffees I've received that I was really disappointed in. I normally brew my coffee ion the bold setting on the coffeemaker. That gave this coffee a really bitter aftertaste. Brewed it a second time on regular and it was better but I would not buy this again."

"Too dark for an everyday coffee for me. Bold and smooth. To offset how bold it was I had paired with sweets: Coffee cake, danish, and cinnamon rolls!"

"enjoyed this coffee. It was bold but balanced. It had fewer distinct notes in my opinion, but that's what I usually find among coffee blends. I would recommend it if you like darker coffee. Probably wouldn't order it again, but it was nice to try."

"Not too bold, but still very complex. Great prepared in a french press or in a drip espresso machine. Great for a cup of coffee with a kick!"

"This one was too dark for my preference, but still enjoyable to sip and not too acidic. I wouldn't purchase it again, though."

"Really bold but not bitter. Turned out great with a moka pot + milk."

"I was not a big fan of this roast. This one was definitely too dark / roasty for my liking. Especially if you are newer to the coffee scene, I would recommend going with something different. "

"Very drinkable for such a dark roast. I like it with a touch of hazelnut creamer."

"I greatly enjoyed this roast. It was strong without being bitter or overwhelming. It brewed very fragrantly and had a rich, dark hue. I am Not one for dark roasts but this was a pleasant surprise. "

"Extremely satisfying blend. I still use a percolator, and the new (black, no sugar) was fantastic."

"Pretty basic. We found this to be very bold - but good. Not incredible, but I would drink it again."

"This one reminded us of good restaurant coffee - very dark and rich. Enjoyed both black and with cream."

"For a medium dark roast, this coffee was much darker than I expected. Bold taste, but very smooth. A good choice if you like dark roast."

"I liked this one, but I preferred the others I received in my box. This one is a darker roast, and you can taste the darkness and oils. "

"Made this little treasure this morning made it into a iced coffee was amazing was very sad when my cup was empty. The light roast was nice and light to start your day. Nice one cup or an all day brew."

"Decent but wouldn't ever buy.. very smokey after taste that I didn't care for either. "

"My parents love this coffee. It's bold and smooth and will put some hair on your chest. Great for a french press. "

"Absolutely delicious dark roast. Deep flavor, incredibly smooth. I would drink this everyday. "

"Delicious dark roast! So bold! It makes a great latte! I was really happy with this and will definitely be getting some large bags to enjoy!"

"Great aroma and taste, nice bold flavor. I use the pour over method with a courser grind."

"Quite a nice dark roast. If anything it is perhaps a bit too 'earthy' for my tastes, but definitely a good solid cop of coffee and I would definitely buy it again."

"Enjoyed this dark, robust bean. It is one of my favorites. Bold but clean. "

"We enjoyed this as a breakfast coffee; oddly, though black is not how I typically drink my coffee, I enjoyed this without dairy. It was not particularly overpowering, and will probably make its way into the regular rotation."

"Lighthouse Roasters consistently delivers. I really love some of their blends and this one is no exception. Maybe not as bold as I am used to this is still an excellent roast. Perfect for a morning cup. "

"Dark and rich, smells amazing but almost a tad to rich"

"Bold and memorable, one I looked forward to drinking every day! Didn't last very long. "

"I prefer light roasts, so this wasn't really my thing. I didn't get any particular flavor from the cup, it was just really strong. If you enjoy dark, bold coffee, I think this would be worth checking out. Brewed with a v60."

"Absolutely delicious coffee! I love it cold brewed. Coffee to look forward to in the morning. Mmmmm...."

"Really enjoyed this batch. Smooth, strong, very dark. "

"More like a rough and rugged gentleman to me. ;) Definitely too strong for me and I like strong coffee. Really had to put cream, which made a big difference. Overall it was smooth, but I could not detect any particular flavors other than a strong, bold kick of roastiness. Brewed french press. "

"Prepared with an aeropress. This is great for anyone who likes a bold, straight-forward coffee that tastes like... well, coffee, without being too adventurous."

"This roast was a very smooth and very delicious cup of coffee! I brewed it with the aeropress and it was great!"

"This roast fell flat for me. I did not get the rich, full flavor I expected from the description despite using a bold grounds to water ratio."

"This roast fell flat for me. I did not get the rich, full flavor I expected from the description despite using a bold grounds to water ratio."

"It was good for a dark. I typically like a more medium blend so this one was a little strong for me "

"This one barely lasted a week. Rich and bold, it is a good reason to wake up in the morning."

"This is a very good morning coffee. It perks your day right up. "

"This is the second roaster from Lighthouse Roasters I've fallen in love with. A very neutral and clean flavor - kinda setting the baseline as to what a coffee should be. Yet, it's still bold and complex."

"Great smooth blend. Loved it for a mid morning drink. "

"Extremely smooth coffee with no acidity or bitterness. Could say that it lacks character but feel it would be enjoyed by anyone."

"Love love love! this coffee. french press all the way. Super smooth cup of coffee every time. No specific flavor notes but I enjoyed the coffee nonetheless... Made it into a mocha coffee scrub bar too!"

"This is fabulous! We will definitely be ordering it again!"

"A great coffee for everyday use. Brewed with a pour over, so it wasn't too bold and provided a good smooth flavor. "

"A little too intense for me right now. I felt like I had to load up on cream to dull down the boldness. Might come back to this when I really need a wake up call."

"A solid dayly drinker. There is nothing special about this coffee, just a good tasting, smooth brew."

"Kind of a basic bold brew. Might be better with a tasty creamer, but I prefer my coffee black and with unique flavors on it's own. "

"A quality dark roast coffee. A little too bold for me personally when brewed in french press, but it makes a good cup for drip brew. Holds cream well!"

"I don't usually care for darker roasts, but I have ordered the variety of roasts pack of the monthly bean box and received this coffee. I enjoyed trying something new, and I would put this one in the rotation, but I still prefer a lighter go-to roast for my daily drinking."

"Favorite by far. Deep, dark and delicious! I drink americanos and occasionally a latte. My teenager said it was the best mocha so far out of the 5 tried so far. "

"Nothing really stood out. Was a pretty plain walking the park kinda roast. Good, but average."

"Good coffee. I personally prefer coffees which provide more unique flavors, however this coffee is great if you're looking for a quality cup with a more traditional flavor."

"Who wouldn't want to sip on this brilliant coffee inside a lighthouse on a crisp morning? Fantastic!"

"I believe my husband really liked this one, aeropressed, he likes darker roasts. I prefer medium or light."

"Great choice if you like a dark roast! I tend to prefer medium roasts so this was a little much for me, but it was still very good...smooth and not bitter like some. I brewed using an aeropress and drank it black. "

"It was OK, but it didn't blow me away. There were no real stand-out notes to this. It was a fine general coffee."

"Brewed using an aeropress. I drank it alone, although it would have paired nicely with a pastry. It had slight woody and full bodied undertones of burnt smoked caramel "

"More bold than I usually like, but it was pretty good! Not for me, but my fiance likes his coffee super strong, so of course, he loved it!"

"Whew! Bold says it. It's not overly bitter, but I struggle to look past the boldness to see other flavors in the cup. I think I taste spice, a lot of earthy/tobacco sort of flavor with a smoky overtone. Good for the coffee drinker in your life who complains that their coffee is never strong enough."

"I drink a pour over every morning and this coffee was delicious. I enjoy really strong dark coffee and it has really rich flavor. My new favorite from Bean Box "

"Very tasty, just good clean dark-roast coffee. I made it with an aeropress but I suspect it would also work fantastically well as an espresso. Would highly recommend this as a starting point to high-quality coffee, or as a staple to keep around."

"Quite delicious. Tried this as drip, espresso, and french press, and drip is my preferred method for making this blend. Big and bold flavors, with a smooth yet powerful delivery. "

"Wasn't my favorite, as it was a bit mild tasting for me."

"Drank first thing in the morning with a donut and for me it's a 3 out of 5. "

"I really liked this dark coffee! Made in my french press and served with milk (never sugar). It's very rich and dark."

"Very good coffee, not my favorite of the samplers but still very enjoyable."

"Good coffee, but just coffee. There aren't those little flavor notes you taste with other beanbox coffee. But its good for someone who just wants a simple cup of coffee"

"One of the first coffees in the first bean box gift subscription we received at Christmas. This coffee is the primary reason I can no longer buy coffee at the grocery, the wife turns her nose up at anything else. She loves it."

"Best coffee I’ve gotten from BeanBox perfect cup for every occasion. "

"I'm typically not a fan of the super dark roasts, but this was very good in the french press!"

"This is absolutely the best coffee we have received in our monthly samples. We prepared it using a french press and really enjoyed the bold flavor. Would buy again. "

"I prefer dark roast coffees, but this didn't knock my socks off. The beans were very fresh and the flavor soundly good, just not very complex. "

"Beans-oil to beans- strong Brazilian cigar scent Grinds-more earthy and robust scent Without cream-very bold/definitely wake you up With cream-almost has a burnt molasses flavor-takes down the bitterness a notch"

"A good dark roast. Nothing too special about it but makes a nice espresso. "

"I usually do not prefer darker roast coffees, but this roast was still enjoyable for me. It also makes for great espresso."

"It was dark and strong, as stated in the description; however, it felt lacking somehow. I wanted more out of the tasting notes. "

"Decent coffee. Strong and dark. Not complex, just a straight forward dark blend"

"Brewed with a v60. Expected to love this based on the description but it was rather boring. I wouldn't consider it "complex" at all. It was a pretty straightforward darker roast but not as full bodied as described. Tastes a little earthy like a good diner coffee but not a craft cafe."

"While not my favorite in this batch, I will always love a dark roast that can get up and walk around on its own. No weird aftertaste, and I didn't end up jittery after my normal 8 ounce cup."

"I had this one for a month before I had the chance to try it, but as soon as we did, we loved it! My fiance liked it a lot more than I personally did, due to him liking a darker coffee than myself, but I still enjoyed it a lot!"

"Used a burr grinder, 208F water from Tiger water boiler and and pressed with Es-pro after about 3 minutes. This is what I expect in a cup of good coffee! Rich flavor!"

"My wife & I are avid coffee drinkers, preferring a smooth, low acid, coffee. After receiving our first sampler packages we tried Roaster's Choice first in our Jura coffee machine. What a terrific, smooth tasting coffee. Even as a breakfast drink where I prefer a milder tasting coffee, this was great"

"Very good simple coffee. Nothing exotic or surprising. Very good in a french press or drip."

"This was the first coffee I used in my sample. It had a great flavor and made me really excited for bean box. "

"I ordered a sample pack off of amazon. This was the first bag I opened. I placed a order 24 hours later. I have 0 coffee knowledge, but I knew this was a winner."

"Was not impressed when served hot. Made killer iced coffee though. Probably not ordering this one again. "

"Love a strong robust coffee flavor and this one certainly did not disappoint! "

"As expected from a dark roast, strong taste. I wouldn't be able to compare it to other dark roasts, as i usually dont drink them, but the smell was beautiful"

"I sent this coffee to a friend to have around during my visit. We brewed this coffee in standard electric brewer and it made a pretty good cup of coffee. We enjoyed the complex, robust profile. I didn't feel much acidity and we both loved the smooth finish."

"Nice everyday drinker. Perfect flavor for a base to customize with cream, sugar or other flavorings, yet good enough to drink black and coming back for more. I'm more of a lighter/medium roast fan, but this did not disappoint."

"I enjoy light roast but this was a solid blend. Clean"

"Very good simple dark roast. Non of the flavors came out super strong to me. I just brewed it in a regular coffee pot. I would get this a gain in was a nice start to the day"

"3.5/5 (4 stars) A really average dark roast. Tons of body and an aftertaste that will hang around until your next birthday. Notes of chocolate and charcoal, with a hint of astringency from a slightly over-roasted ethiopian. Definitely more sumatran than anything."

"I was a bit concerned about the tasting notes regarding there being a 'Kick' - but it was very good and I didn't really experience a kick. I brewed it in french press"

"This coffee was fantastic! I made two french presses with the sample size I was sent and super enjoyed each cup. It was super flavorful and not bitter, but still a strong coffee without being overly powerful. I could drink it every day! "

"It's ok. It was very dark and kind of muddy to me but I have found myself gravitating to more towards medium roasts over the years. I'm sure if you love a earthy cup without being over roasted or bitter this is for you."

"The beans were a bit wet and all I got for flavor was some smoke/char. Maybe I got a bad sample? Not for me. Second time receiving sample: good dark espresso! "

"This was a good, strong coffee for me. Bold but not bitter. Perfect morning cup to start the day. "

"Full bodied with flavors of caramel and chocolate, very smooth finish,with flavors of brown sugar and baking spice. I could drink this every morning."

"Strong and rich with an almond note. I found this astringent as an espresso. "

"Bold and rich, with a strong flavour. I found this blend to be best used to make espresso based drinks. Was not my favourite out of the 4 received, but still makes a decent drink."

"Very, very good. I love dark coffee and this hits the spot without over roasting it. No bitter flavor, just dark beans. Delicious!"

"Excelete dark roast , lo probe en greca y aero press y su sabor fue fuerte y consistente un excente cafe para tomar con amistades"

"A deep, rich serious cup of coffee. Very satisfying blend "

"I prefer darker roasts and this one was great. Smooth and bold. Smelled great too."

"Perhaps my least favorite this round. Definitely recommend using more of a course ground. It definitely wasn't bad, just seemed a bit like standard coffee you can get anywhere."

"I liked this dark roast. It was still very smooth even though it was a bold roast. We brewed it according to roasters suggestions with a Technivorm coffee maker."

"Smooth, nutty, and creamy. I'm typically not a dark roast person, but this won me over. Brewed in a french press."

"This is a fine fine roast. Feels line the traditional blend, at first I thought the coffee was burnt but figured that the aroma was rather strong, feels like a gentleman's coffee that you can have on a daily basis. Would suggest a bit of a coarser grind with the pour over."

"For an unflavored coffee, it really is well roasted and flavored. I know I shouldn't compare it to a light roast in flavor but I can't help it. Not the best but far from the worst. Very enjoyable. "

"This one is really good in a french press, and let it brew a minute or so longer. Really kicks it up!"

"I'm not usually a dark roast person but this roast was surprisingly smooth and not bitter. I enjoyed it with a little bit a creamer and finished the whole bag! "

"Great dark roasted coffee. Brewed in a french press for 4-5 minutes. Slightly nutty, but with a smooth dark finish. We would recommend this coffe to someone that enjoys dark raost and does not wan that ebitter burned flavor that is often associated with French or espresso roast coffee."

"This is a good everyday roast. Being a dark roast its still very mild."

"I tried these beans with french press and v60. Altough it is not my favorite, I enjoyed it with french press. It is strong and I tasted floral tastes"

"Very tasty. Loved the medium bodied flavor. Had this in the morning and has just the right balance of flavors for my morning cup."

"This roast is great for an everyday coffee. Would order again!"

"This Brew doesn't try to be anything but what it is a good dark roast coffee. And it does that well. The only negative is that there's a lot of others out there doing the exact same thing. "

"A good everyday dark roast coffee. Very rich and smooth. Ethiopian and Sumatran are two of my favorites and I love them combined."

"Smooth flavor with a rich and creamy finish. Would recommend this coffee to everyone. "

"We brew our coffee in a chemex with a reusable filter and it was delightful! First roast we ever tried from Bean Box and it really sealed the deal on how much we enjoy this service!"

"toasty, light roast...worked well in the french press! "

"Not as dark as we prefer but simply a good cup of coffee "

"Very simple but can't argue with the simplicity of a delicious cup of dark roast coffee"

"The flavor is fairly simple, but overall it's a good dark roast coffee. "

" A chocolately bold flavor. Too strong personally to drink black, but great with some cream!"

"It made a bitter espresso but it was nice as black americano or with milk"

"I love dark roast and this one has a great dark roast flavor. The smell is amazing while grinding the beans. I do wish it had more of a complex flavor but as a everyday coffee it is just perfect. "

"Very good. Perfect little cup. Glad to have this in the box, will remember this next time I need beans"

"Probably 1 of my favorites thus far. I loved the aroma and it has a nice bright flavor to me. Will get again. I have an aeropress but may have not grinded them fine enough for this process. Would love a chemex to slow brew. Very clean coffee. Not as strong as others but loved the taste. #Iamabeanbox"

"A great dark roast. The flavors blend together seamlessly."

"This was my favorite coffee so far. I'm a huge fan of dark roasts and felt this was perfect. My BF thought it was too dark, but still enjoyed it."

"Full-flavor, but not too bitter. This is a great coffee for people who like bold taste. I brewed for 4 minutes in a 6-cup french press with medium coarse grind."

"A well balance but dark coffee with earthy, tobacco, and smokey notes. It is bold enough to make a great latte. No bitterness as it cooled."

"One of the better coffees I've had. This is a stronger tasting coffee with a good pick me up in the morning. Would recommend for Monday's."

"This was one of my favorite coffees I got. I did it by french press (1:15). It definitely tasted like a dark roast. It was bold, complex, and heavy. Regardless, it left a clean taste. It had a little smokiness to it as well. "

"This was a huge fav of my husband's as he loves super dark coffees but I do not like super dark coffees so did not like it myself thus the averaged 3 star. If you love your coffee super dark you will love it, if not, steer clear."

"I usually enjoy dark roasts, but this blend was too dark for me and the flavor was a little unusual. I used the whole bag (which should count for something) but wouldn't order it again. "

"It's hard to find a roast my husband and I can agree on. The smell of grinding these beans in the morning is my favorite part of waking up. This roast is a full bodied brew that packs a rich cupful of flavor. "

"This was an okay coffee. I prefer dark roast but this had a unique flavor that didn't taste all that great to me. Due to its inexpensive cost i would recommend this coffee. "

"Great bloom and taste. Loved this and when you open the bag the smell is incredible. Wonderful cup!"

"I don't usually drink blends. This tasted muddled to me; hard to pin down. Very earthy and smoky, with a long aftertaste like citrus rind. Would make a great cup for a misty mountain morning in the woods. Other notes are a minor nuttiness; and clay. Bold but not bursting with character imho"

"Dark and smooth, but nothing about this blend really jumps out to me as unique. "

"I normally don't care for dark coffee but this was a very enjoyable coffee to drink. If you like dark roasts you really need to try this one. It is very full-bodied and is unique. I was only able to drink small cups of this one since i can only handle so much dark coffee. "

"For a dark coffee, this was the weakest tasting coffee out of all of the samples that we received. It was disappointing, as we generally drink darker roasts in our office. There was a subtle chocolate flavor, but it was really really hard to even tell that it was there."

"A very dark tasting coffee. Was very rich, although not bitter. Almost dark-chocolate tasting. We give it the low rating because we don't appreciate very dark coffee."

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again"

"Excellent coffee. Very bold, but smooth, no acidity. Great with chemex. "

"Brewer in chemex. Lots of chocolate flavors with little to no acidity. Very easy to drink- probably one of my new favorites. "

"I brewed this with the Aero Press. I was not that impressed with this. It was not bad but it reminded me of another commercialized Seattle coffee company. Probably won't get the larger bag of beans."

"I brewed it with a Kone filter. It might be better with chemex or Hario paper filter. I was overwhelmed by smokiness. It was rich + hearty coffee. "

"I pleasantly enjoyed the slight fruity notes of grape and overall gave me a smooth cup. My preferred brew method for this coffee was through a Hario v60."

"A solid, yummy dark roast. Easy to drink and a bold cup of coffee."

"I was excited to try Lighthouse Roasters. The coffee did not disappoint. It was a darker roast than I typically choose. I was able to update my subscription to light roast. "

"Nice and bold, not overwhelming. It has a solid clean taste. A nice start to the day. "

"Definitely a bold roast with a lovely finish! We had company over and they tried and loved this coffee as well!!!!!"

"I usually prefer lighter roasts, especially in the morning, but I really loved this one. It's strong but not overwhelmingly so, and it makes a great first cup to kick off the day. "

"Definately a bold cup, but welcomed during the cold months! I normally prefer medium roasts but couldn't drink this fast enough! If you like a dark roast this is definitely a staple you want by your coffee pot!"

"I usually prefer a lighter roast, although this one was very easy to drink. However, it was a little stronger than I prefer for my french press coffees. "

"It was a pretty strong dark roast coffee. I really enjoyed the bold flavors. It was one of my favorites from the shipment."

"This is a good basic coffee. I may be oversimplifying, but the only thing that came to my mind was that it just "tastes like coffee". Basic - not in a negative way, but in a familiar way."

"This one was a favorite for my husband, very bold, I felt the hairs growing on my hairless chest. It wasn't for me, but my husband loves this. He kept talking about the rich flavor"

"Good solid Arabica coffee. Worked well in both the french press and the drip brewer. Crowd pleaser."

"This was a little strong for my tastes. I felt like a put more creamer in this coffee than I normally do, but it was flavorful."

"Absolutely HORRIBLE! Forced down one cup, felt nauseous, and threw the rest of the beans in the trash! I hope the people who produce this garbage read this just so I can tell them that they should be ashamed of themselves for putting their name on such an inferior coffee. "

"Received this as part of my first bean box, and though I am not a huge fan of dark roasts, it turned out to be very enjoyable as a cold brew iced coffee. "

"Loved this coffee. Ordered more it was so good. Great everyday coffee"

"Delicious brew! As a dark coffee lover, this bold blend was a pleasant surprise. We enjoyed it's rich, deep flavors and found an incredible robust scent after it was ground. The sipping turned out to be just as enjoyable as smelling the grounds! "

"Damn good coffee!! Just writing this review makes me Jones for a cup of this Joe. No joke, this bold roast tantalizes the senses. Great smell, great taste and it will perk-your-ass-up!!"

"Our favorite of the 4 pack received decade we like a darker, bolder roast. "

"overall great roast. Perfect for the novice coffee enthusiast. Nice balance of flavors"

"I enjoyed the flavors of this extremely bold and dark roast. While it is a little intense for my everyday morning cup of coffee, I found it perfect when iced for an afternoon pick me up."

"I enjoy darker roasts and this was a solid cup for me."

"Well balanced and full of flavor. I really have enjoyed this roast in the morning and will be ordering more. "

"We made a cappuccinos with it, is a dark roasted so is perfect for espresso but at the same time I didn't taste any burn or smoke flavor. The aroma is very good and it was roasted and delivered very fresh (we got it 3 days after it was roasted). "

"Not my fave, but pretty good! The flavors aren't very complex to me, but it was pleasingly rich. For my taste, it was a bit too dark for daily consumption, BUT it makes for an excellent latte. Made in aeropress, 175 degree water, tried it as stir then press as well as ~2 min steep."

"This is a really good, balanced roast - I'll definitely try this again. "

"Very good, Made in the v60. Impressed by the dark profile with no bitterness."

"Strong, dark and smooth. My favorite so far. I plan to order more of this. highly recommend."

"This is a dark roast just like it says! I tasted how it smelled. I am not a dark roast girl so getting me to like this isn't very possible but I did try both a pour over and a french press, and the press made it more tolerable drinking it black."

"Dark, rich, bold. Made single and double expresso shots and cappuccinos with the sample pack. Aboslutely lovely and delicious."

"First coffee I tried from my bean box and it was excellent. I was always more of a fan of lighter roast but this coffee has fantastic with bold taste. "

"I would say that this coffee was a disappointment, but it tasted about how I expected from the smell. Disclaimer- I don't like dark roasts. I think it ruins the delicate flavors of coffee without adding anything good. This coffee did that. Could have gotten similar in my office's break-room."

"Solid well priced everyday coffee. chemex brewed. "

"Used pour over and french press brewing methods. The french press gave this roast a slightly better taste than the pour over, however it still was missing the body or boldness of a dark roast."

"Has a dark and rich flavor. A very comforting morning coffee - something I would definitely drink regularly."

"This was a basic dark brew. I made it in my percolator and added some chocolate milk to cut some of the acid while giving it a bit more flavor. This makes a good, simple cup of coffee. "

"Definitely a dark roast, can be a bit strong, I try to brew it a little faster to take out some of the bite. Full of bold flavor though."

"This particular coffee was too much. It was too dark, too strong, left a burnt flavor, and had an unpleasant finish. If you're a fan of dark roast, this will be the coffee for you. While we enjoy strong coffee, we will stick with a lighter/medium roast."

"Big fan of this coffee, served this at my wedding; it has a bit of bite to it but otherwise great with dessert or something sweet. "

"I did not like this coffee! Way too weak and light for me! "

"Bold and dark roast. I very much enjoyed it, especially with a little bit of cream."

"Lighthouse Roasters make a pretty decent cup of coffee. Roaster's Choice is smooth and yummy. To tell you the truth, I didn't think it was very dark. i would put it more on the darker side of medium. Still good though. "

"Nice dark roast. Nothing stood out was a good cup of coffee but not something I would purchase. "

"My father is a darker roast fan, and I make chemex every morning for him. We finally found a coffee we could enjoy equally together :)"

"It is a dark roast and I was not a fan. I gave the rest of the bag to a friend and he loved it! I'm a light to medium roast guy, I know this. "

"Tastes like you're drinking what "the most interesting man in the world" would drink (besides Dos XX). Great tastes of dark chocolate and a hint of tobacco, with a smooth finish. "

"Not usually a fan of blends, but they did an excellent job putting together a bold coffee that does not destroy your palate. I do love bold roasts, and this one provided the flavor but was very smooth!"

"Not a fan of dark roasts in general but this would make a great every day coffee. Not too bitter like most darks."

"Great flavor, very smooth."

"I'm knew to this whole world of grinding my own coffees, but I liked this a lot. It tastes like what I think of when I think of just.....coffee. In a good way."

"I'm admittedly not a fan of dark roast, but I tried a cup after making it for my husband one morning. It wasn't as bitter as past dark roasts I've had which is a plus. My husband enjoyed this much more than I did, even had a second cup of coffee something he almost never does."

"A nice simple dark roast at a price that cant be beat"

"The dark roast was not at all bitter."

"The simplistic bold taste made this my new favorite coffee. Easy to drink and dances on my pallet. It's hard to find a "good" simple coffee these days and I absolutely love waking up to a fresh cup of roasters choice coffee... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm"

"My fav of all the coffees so far! Loved this! Tasty, full bodied and bold...the way I like my coffee!!"

"LightHouse's Roaster's Choice is full bodied and dark with a very spicy kick."

"In a world of single origins its good to see roasters who are skilles in the art of blending. Roasters choice is a nice twist on the traditional Mocha/ Java blend. The addition of high altitude Central/ South American coffies give this coffee a definite completness both in body and flavor."

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