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Kuma Coffee - Panama Carmen Reserve

Not Available

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Panama Carmen Reserve (#212)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Blackberry, Starfruit, Passion Fruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Panama Carmen is coffee royalty, and won a Good Food Award for Kuma in 2014. This year’s batch is a worthy successor to the throne, with its sparkly fruit flavor and honey-smooth texture. It’s good to be the King.

Kuma Coffee Story

Bright and fruit-forward, this honey-processed coffee from Panama carries notes of blackberry, plum, and passionfruit.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

20 customer reviews

"Brewed in a french press. It was bright and fruity like the description. Not my favorite but it wasn't terrible."

"Heavy on the fruit, which isn't always my favorite. I did enjoy this cup but found it a bit acidic."

"This was definitely on the fruitier side, which was nice- but it wasn't bold enough for me to have the flavor really encompass the coffee. Good for someone who generally doesn't like coffe, I would presume. "

"Light and fruity, just the way I like it! Love it made with an aeropress and iced."

"This was not my favorite. I think it was a bit too fruity for my liking"

"I found this one too fruity for my liking. I prefer the dark nutty flavors. My husband who enjoys a lighter roast loved this one though! "

"It was a really strong coffee with bold fruit flavors that easily came through. It came out perfectly via pour over. "

"I am no fan of the starfruit/passionfruit notes in this flavor."

"A very fruity flavor, which is surprising for a coffee. I love blackberries and plums. I added some chocolate creamer, and it tasted like chocolate covered berries. Yum!"

"I loved this coffee! A delicious light roast that brewed perfectly with my chemex. Very fruit forward with a nice acidity. "

"Very light and fruit forward. Great afternoon coffee! Perfect for pour over"

"Big-Fan, Big-Flavor! Kuma Coffee has not done me wrong, this bold coffee is deliciously strong. Hair may instantaneously grow on your chest, I had to stop my wife from sipping mine before she turned into a Black-Bear!"

"Well balanced but a bit too light for me. Very bright and the fruit notes are easy to pick up. "

"Nice taste. Very light and bright. Love the notes of blackberry and plum. Definitely would recommend."

"A light and bright coffee, perfect for a weekend pick me up. No cream or sugar needed."

"An enjoyable, bright, and fruit-forward coffee. We could really taste the blackberry. It seemed like something you might drink on a tropical vacation - a nice change from our usual wintry dark roasts."

"Nice and balanced coffee. I am still learning to pick up on different notes, but I can certainly taste some of the passion fruit note. Nice level of acidity and sweetness, with a strong and delicious aroma after ground. (prepared on a clever dripper with 3 mins brew). "

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