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Kuma Coffee - Guatemala La Folie 2017

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Guatemala La Folie 2017 (#318)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Lime, Tea, Chocolate

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Are we suffering from folie à brew? We hope this roast is no delusion! Sweet chocolatey notes dance with a light apple tea body. Be careful, though. It’s so good, it might drive you mad.

Kuma Coffee Story

Another past Cup of Excellence winner, this roast is clean, rich bodied, deep, sweet, and fruity. It features tasting notes of chocolate, apple, lime, brown sugar, tea and orange.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

22 customer reviews

"Not my favorite. there seems like a lot of competing flavors. Fruit, chocolate, rich, spicey, bold, nutty. It was hard to enjoy the flavor of this coffee"

"great coffee. Of the four that we received, everyone in our office thought this was the best and was already ready for a full bag of it. You can definitely taste the hint of citrus and chocolate in this coffe"

"Did not like the blend of flavors. The citrus and tea combination was just not to my liking."

"Not one for me. The citrus and tea flavors made it a bit strange for my tastes. But I drank it all. "

" This wasn't as good as i thought it would be, and the flavor changed every time i brewed a new pot. Tasted a bit watered down. "

"Pretty good, but the flavors were not as complex and enjoyable as some of the other coffees I've received from Bean Box. Brewed with an aeropress."

"Not sure why so many negative reviews. It brewed such a full-bodied, yet not acidic cup of coffee with a slow bombardment of excellent flavors. Not overpowering, though! "

"As a typical medium roast lover, this came out as coffee flavored water, regardless of grind coarseness."

"By far the best coffee I've ever had. No acidity, and excellent flavor. It's easy to see why this one is sold out!"

"I really wanted to love this coffee because it sounded so cool, but the flavor combination was just too much for me. I thought there was too much fruit. I like some fruit flavors in coffee, but it was overpowering here, unfortunately."

"Delicious!! Made a 8 cup french press for my husband & myself. We drank the whole thing! I loved the sutle chocolate notes & overall richness "

"Subtle chocolate tones. Very light. Good for afternoon cup. "

"Brewed using a 1:14 ratio in my chemex. This coffee is sugary sweet while having a light note of sour apple on the side of the tongue. Clean and fruity with beautiful aromas and no apparent bitterness, this coffee makes for a comforting cup to relax with over a nice book."

"It was different than others I had before.It has a little of everything which gives it a burst of different flavors."

"I just saw it is sold out! I was online to buy a holiday roast and thought I would get a bag of this as well to have as my afternoon cup. I will have to wait I guess. So GOOD! This is such a full-on chocolate lovers cup. It is very tea like, but still holds it's own with its bittersweetness."

"The best coffee I've ever tasted (seriously I'm not kidding). The chocolate notes balance well with the lime to bring a bittersweetness to the beans. I had a sample of this and already used up in one day because I love it so much. Will be trying more from this brand."

"Not only does it tastes good, it smells good too! I was drinking it when my brother came home from work. He smelled the coffee and immediately walked into my room to take a sip (He said "Yum!" and took 2 more sips). It has a chocolately cinnamony flavor that balances well with the slight citrus. "

"The coffee smelled like a pie with very generous dusting of cinnamon. The coffee tastes clean, mild, with complexity of flavors. Moderate citrus mostly orange sweetness and acidity with minimal bitterness. Light tea like body. Limes comes through as it cooled town. citrus complexity lingers. "

"Very clean. Silky mouth-feel; dry afterwards. I don't have a refined palate; I avoided reading the notes until after I tasted. I got white tea, although I found it strange, until I saw that Kuma described it likewise. subtle peaches on the nose for me. Comforting; tasty but maybe too mellow"

"Another winner from Kuma. Some dark notes and light notes too. My wife calls it "cozy". Lighter fruit flavour. Excellent coffee!"

"This was a great coffee. Of the four that we received, everyone in our office thought this was the best and was already ready for a full bag of it. You can definitely taste the hint of citrus and chocolate in this coffee. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised."

"New to the Bean Box subscription! Got Kuma Coffee in my light roast Sample box, it by far was my favorite of the four! All great options but Kuma was outstanding. The hint of citrus and chocolate really just complemented each other so well! Highly recommend this one! "

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