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Fresh Crop Balanced (#133)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Honey, Stone Fruit

Bean Box Breakdown

A chocolatey smooth espresso blend, with a beginning of bright fruit and a smooth, caramel-like finish reminiscent of marshmallows. One sip and you'll be saying, "I want s'manother!"

Kuma Coffee Story

A blend of seasonally fresh crop coffees. Notes of caramel, chocolate, stone fruit, and honey.

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Customer Reviews

17 customer reviews

"One of my favorites. Perfect for espresso drinks... Sweet, very nice"

"A great go-to for reliably great beans. Love this roaster and this a great roast to put in the rotation whether you drink it straight or with any amount of milk. I prefer this one as a straight shot since it's a lighter, well-balanced bean. "

"Another good Kuma blend. Better if brewed strong. We use a french press and the brew was too weak with our normal ratio of beans to water, but brewing stronger made it better. "

"Delicious coffee, definitely a favorite. Since I got it in a sample I brewed it hot. Would order more! "

"I'm a big fan of Fresh Crop Balanced (and also Fresh Crop Bright). Balanced has a nice chocolate and caramel finish and is very smooth. This makes a great everyday cup. Brewed with a v60."

"This one is right up there, you can really taste the honey!"

"Smooth nutty pleasant aroma, caramel choco stonefruit, with an pleasant oatiness. Low acid, light, great linger, sweet coffee."

"Just the right balance of fruit and caramel. I don't usually enjoy coffees with any fruity notes, but this one was very well-balanced and a great coffee to sip black."

"Very light, much lighter then I normally prefer. I may try it as cold brew as some suggested."

"Kind of sweet on its own. Automatic espresso shot and long coffee. Used a powder creamer because of the lighter roast. Love the aroma!"

"So good! Brewed in a charmed and cold brew. I wish I had stocked up with my order and grabbed a couple bags. "

"Nothing to rock your world but it's an enjoyable cup, I tried it hot which I liked and as a cold brew and didn't work quite good tbh, all in all good flavors and smoothness, maybe too much."

"For such a light roast, this Kuma blend surprised me with great flavor. "

"Solid blend. Brewing via aeropress really seemed to accentuate the lightness of the beans. I got bright and fruity notes with a bit of extra chocolate depth compared to a REALLY light roast. "

"Kuma never disappoints. This was wonderfully balanced, lightly fruit forward and with a very smooth finish. "

"Probably my favorite coffee from Bean Box. The taste, the smell, it has it all."

"Don't tamp too hard, sir! The beans seemed to turn to dust in my grinder, so I had to dial in the grind, but once I figured it out, it produced a lovely little iced latte. I could taste hints of chocolate and caramel. Didn't get the reminiscent taste of s'mores however. Great job Kuma Coffee. "

"This coffee is yum! I don't know about you but i definitely love the flavor of this. caramel+chocolate+Marshmallow = Delicious. "

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