Kuma Coffee - Ethiopia Gedeb

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Ethiopia Gedeb (#414)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Melon, Tea, Floral

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Refreshing and playful. Mellow fruit and flower blossom notes add liveliness to a smooth, tea-like base. A washed Yirgacheffe like this doesn’t come around often: maybe once in a brew moon!

Kuma Coffee Story

This is one of those special coffees that nails the Yirgacheffe profile we love and crave. A multi- dimensional cup with jasmine, honeysuckle, black tea, and honeydew sweetness. We love it.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

27 customer reviews

"Used a burr grinder and pressed with an Es-pro after about 3 minutes. I do not like floral notes in my coffee, which explains my confusion with it. Not my go-to or even more than a few days in a row brew. The notes were very unique to me- I prefer dark, smokey, chocolate flavors."

"This coffee helped us realize we prefer the complex and more flavorful light roasts, and this is one of the better ones we've tried. "

"Delicious 4 out of 5! I think I burnt it a little so it wasn't as good but I would def try it again!"

"Not bad if you enjoy floral coffee that has tea Flavors. It was too strange for me I like strong bold darker coffees so this wasn't for me. "

"Classic Ethiopia flavor profile. This coffee has an enjoyable light natural sweetness plus aromas and notes of berries and floral undertones. Very nice if you like light roast coffee."

"Smooth and light, with a twist. The floral notes I tasted surprised me, in a good way. Overall great taste, very refreshing, even a little sweet. Great iced!"

"Excelente cafe, probado en chemex , su amplitud de sabor y limpieza es espectacular te deja con ganas de querer beber mucho mas cafe "

"I loved this roast, it was very light and crisp tasting but with a well-balanced soft richness"

"Really quality coffee. Sharp and amazing smell. Would definitely buy again. "

"A lot of critical comments on some of the coffee. It's all good to me. This one's floral smell was not expected. And much too light for my tastes but smooth and goes down easy."

"Favorite roast this round. It was very flavorful and enjoyable. I made one cup in a Keurig and made the rest in a french press. Excellent flavor and not really bitter at all."

"Nice, smooth, light roast coffee. Great for a pour over."

"Prepared in a french press. This had a very floral armoa, which was a little off-putting. Really, it was nothing to write home about. "

"Loved this coffee! Flavor is smooth and light. The sweetness is subtle. WONDERFUL! Can definitely see me buying a full bag of this... enjoy!"

"I Love this blend! Very smooth with exceptional flavor, one of the best Yirgacheff's I had. Highly recommend this to all lovers of Ethiopian coffee. "

"Not favorite flavor it lacked is something. Not sure what just a little bland for me. Thought I so love most of Kuma's coffee! It wasn't bad at all just not my favorite out of the box!"

"One of the best coffees I've ever had. I could drink this all day. It has a very distinct and light flavor. We will definitely order this coffee in the future. I believe the 24 hour cold brew process really brought out flavors a hot brew method would have masked. "

"It became my favorite coffee. Melon and tea tastes are prominent especially in v60 brewings."

"Ground and then brewed in my keurig... made a cup of an awesome on the run afternoon pick up! Haven't tried it in the morning, but I am really enjoying my single brews! "

"Not bad, but not something I probably will not buy in the future. This is a light-tasting, very floral brew. I like a fuller bodied flavor with my coffee."

"pour over not to much floral but a nice smooth cup. More of a natural fan"

"This is the second Yirgacheffe that I have had and it is a profile that I have been looking for since the first time (when I neglected to write down the variety). I think this one is a little better than the first (which I think was also a Kuma roast). Very bright on the front end. "

"Best coffee I received this month. Brewed this with a chemex. Starts out light and tea flavored and ends syrupy and burnt caramel. "

"Brewed in french press 4-5 minutes. Brewed up light smooth, with slight green floral notes. Overall good light roast coffee without the strong grass flavor associated with light roast coffee. Would recommended to someone who enjoys milder coffee. Kuma coffee produces great coffee overall."

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