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Keala's Hawaiian Coffee - Hapuna Espresso Blend

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Hapuna Espresso Blend (#6)

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee


(Earn up to $1.92 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Citrus

Bean Box Breakdown

Close your eyes and imagine you're in Hawaii as you enjoy this smooth, dark roast.

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee Story

Beans from Kona, Africa, and Indonesia create a classic Seattle dark roast. A gulping thick body reminiscent of maple syrup with a simple sweet citrus finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

56 customer reviews

"citrus hind notes, great in my traditional pot or pour over"

"Nice clean flavors, the citrus afternoons weren't too acidic and paired well with cream. The dark roast is a great pick me up and great fall flavor, I added a bit of cinnamon to mine!"

"This another favorite of mine. It has the perfect amount of depth and sweetness without being overly fruity or light. It has a versatile flavor that is delicious as a shot by itself with a splash of cream or a latte. Overall a wonderful coffee that I will order again and again."

"This coffee blew me away! I absolutely loved the syrupy thickness of the body. I pulled a lovely espresso shot with this right of the bat."

"I enjoyed this espresso blend! I have a very specific flavor that I look for when I try espresso, and this blend seems to embody it. If you are a fan of the dark and citrus, you'll definitely appreciate it too!"

"I ordered the Hapuna espresso Blend as a birthday present for my sister. Both she and her husband said that it makes a very smooth and flavorful espresso! I can't wait for her to have me over to try some of it! "

"I made this one in a french press one morning and absolutely loved it! A new favorite!"

"Really good. I recommend "

"This was a good coffee, but not as good as expected. I normally love Kona and Kona blends, but this did not stand out as exceptional."

"This was good, a little a acidic but awesome in a latte! "

"I liked this blend quite a bit, it had a nice mild taste, not as dark as I prefer though. "

"Tasted slightly acidic to me, but became very creamy and smooth when I used a little cream. Phenomenal roast! I think it would pair well with some biscotti, next time. "

"Instead of an espresso, we found that a ratio similar to a cortado worked better for this coffee. the milk mellowed out the citrus acidity leaving it almost milk chocolate or mocha tasting. Really lovely."

"Smooth flavor. Excellent choice and love the smell!"

"Smooth citric taste without being overpowering. Made a nice crema. I served this as a macchiato, and it wasn't overpowering, but also not too weak."

"Really delicious. Smooth. Not bitter. I would recommend this, one of my favorites so far "

"Upon opening the bag, the beans were beautiful in appearance and smell. After being ground finely the coffee was super smooth and velvety. Brewed excellently, Taste is phenomenal with just the right amount of sweetness. Not overly acidic! Important as I have a sensitive stomach. Would recommend. "

"This was smooth. I liked it. Having lived in Africa and traveled to Hawaii more than a few times, I have a taste for both varieties of beans. This was a good, solid roast."

"A strong flavor but a beautiful finish. Prepared as a french press but would be excellent as espresso."

"I'm new to coffee tasting, so I never understood the "citrus" descriptor. This one made that plainly obvious. A distinct flavor."

"A strong roasted taste, full body with a bite of citrus on the finish. Solid but not as smooth as other espresso blends that I have tried recently. Made in french press."

"Amazing iced with vanilla soy. Still roasty but slightly sweet."

"Not overly impressed but not totally turned off either. I would say middle of the road coffee."

"Enjoyed this coffee. Doesn't taste at all like typical espresso blends IMO. Has a very good punch to it, the flavor is not subtle, its sweetness is right out front. Another eye opening coffee for a novice! "

"Really bold taste I like my coffee black or with a little bit of butter this coffee tasted great both ways. The citrus after note was as noticeable as I thought it would be."

"I brewed as an espresso and it had a nice crema. We found a subtle bitter flavor that goes away but flavor hangs on the paladar"

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again"

"Not my favorite. It's dark, bold, kind of acidic. Made espresso--regret not trying a pour over."

"A really good dark roast. Goes down smooth. Not a big fan of citrus notes, but didn't notice it too much. Really enjoyed this! A go to brew for sure."

"Very dark brew, nice notes but slightly too acidic for me. "

"Bold, smooth and refreshing! I really enjoyed this blend. "

"I was so nervous to try this one, because of espresso. And I am SO GLAD I did try it because it's got to be one of the smoothest nicest blends I've ever had. I actually drank it with a little bit of sugar and no creamer (which I typically use) and it was amazing. Highly recommend. "

"We have enjoyed many amazing Bean Box coffees, and this one is one of the best! Don't let the name fool you. This espresso blend is one of the smoothest coffees I've ever enjoyed. It is sweet and prefect for a Saturday morning."

"This was a good coffee. Bold and thick, with a bit of a dark, smoky start and a very slight citrus finish. I was hoping to get more of the citrus out of it, but it was still a solid cup overall"

"Not a fan of fruity and more acidic coffees but my husband loved this one! I think it's all about knowing which undertones you enjoy in your coffee. I prefer a dark, sweet roast with more of a caramel or chocolate under tone. My husband enjoys fruity more acidic coffees and this was one his favorite"

"A very bold roast. I made it with a stove top espresso pot. The citrus came through and I enjoyed it. "

"Made this espresso blend in a Kone. It was dark, smoky, thick. The Kona was not apparent. "

"Brewed with a chemex and this roast was great! Bold flavor yet the citrus really comes through. "

"I brewed this in a french press and I thought it was a great dark roast. I usually don't go for dark roast coffee, but this was closer to what I normally drink when going for a light to medium roast. "

"Brewed this on chemex. Not your traditional dark roast. All the flavor without the deep dark bitter caramelized sugar. The citrus is a nice hint but not a super acidic brew. It's very syrupy and a very enjoyable cup to have waking up on a sunday morning but not a "wow!" coffee. "

"A great dark roast. Syrupy and spicy. Indonesian coffees are one of my favorites and this one has a nice earthy Indonesian component to it "

"It wasn't my favorite dark roast but maybe I would have enjoyed it more as an espresso. "

"It was fine for being a dark roast, but I would of been more interested to try is as espresso which I wasn't able to do."

"Brewed through a cheap espresso maker. However, great pull making for an enjoyable double-shot! Not one bit bitter, even for a darker roast! Pleasant aroma and sweeter finish."

"nice tasting dark roast. Was never a big fan of the darker roasted coffee but this and others are making me a fan. Very smooth and the citrus notes are very subtle but they're there. Smells fantastic while brewing "

"Made as an espresso, drank straight up and as cappuccino, awesome flavor, bold but not overwhelming, solid crema "

"Brewed using a v60. Has really good flavor for a dark roast. citrus is definitely noticeable and gives a nice aftertaste. Wish I had an espresso machine to try this out on!"

"Easy drinking, nothing to get too excited about. didn't get the citrus taste."

"We got this roast back in September but didn'the have an espresso maker. We finally got one for Christmas and we're very pleased with the flavor of this espresso roast. I expect I would have enjoyed it even more freshly roasted."

"Not a favorite however I don't have an espresso maker which could be the reason I didn't love it. "

"One of my favorites so far!!! Very different flavor palette depending if you drink it black or add creamer and sugar! I would definitely recommend for seasoned as well as newbies expanding their tastes!! Rich with cherry notes! "

"I'm usually not a fan of dark roast, but this one was very pleasant."

"Light refreshing coffee with a crisp citrus flavor. Not what I usually expect out of an espresso."

"These beans have a solid flavor with a hint of something amazing."

"I only used this coffee in macchiato's at home, the spot of milk complemented the shots well."

"Very bold, great with the rancilio!"

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