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Herkimer Coffee - Guatemala Geisha El Estadio

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Guatemala Geisha El Estadio (#738)

Herkimer Coffee

Bean Box Top Shelf

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 8 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Honeydew, Orange, Pineapple

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

In 5 years of partnership, this is the first Geisha we've seen from Herkimer-- but seeing how they hand-pick all of their coffees through close relationships with farmers, we knew that this coffee would be a true masterpiece. As with all coffees of this caliber, it's extremely limited-lot, and we felt lucky to secure a special batch just for Bean Box customers.

Geisha beans are known all over the world for their rarity, their soft, balanced notes of florals and fruits, and their seemingly endless flavor complexity: tasting notes that go on for miles. We call Geisha the “cashmere sweater of coffees”, like a cashmere sweater, this brew doesn’t come cheap, but its warmth, coziness, and quality are beyond compare.

One sip of Herkimer's take on the Geisha, and you'll understand the hype. The aroma is to die for-- straight-up sugary fruit, like hard candy. The coffee is just as sweet, syrupy and lush-- we taste evolving flavors of honey and pineapple, mandarin orange, unsweetened iced tea. The finish resolves into a creamy cocoa, beer foam hoppiness, and yes, a touch of pine. The finish is so mellow, it's almost gauzy, and leaves a pleasant, buttery texture behind. Wrap yourself, or someone you love, in this "cashmere of coffee"-- a little luxury for your morning.

Herkimer Coffee Story

incredibly soft and perfectly balanced Gesha with bright aromas of honeydew, candied orange, and fresh cocoa. Flavors of sweet pineapple juice, watermelon, and ripe pear are supported by hints of fresh hops and pine. Finca El Platanillo is a family run farm in operation since 1977. A strong focus on environmental stewardship has led to both Rainforest Alliance and Climate Friendly certifications. The farm also founded the Nuevo Platanillo school to provide internet access and computer education to children in the community.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

2 customer reviews

"Brew this in your office and your coworkers will get jealous. Smooth coffee with sweet fruity and milk chocolate notes. Brewed in my french press."

"This was absolutely stunning. No matter where you were, if you closed your eyes, you were sipping it on a porch on a rainy morning."

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