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Conduit Coffee Company - Peru Ely Cruz Lopez

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Peru Ely Cruz Lopez (#397)

Conduit Coffee Company


(Earn up to $1.98 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Tea, Chocolate, Citrus

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

With notes of cocoa and jasmine, we had to ask: will it be “chocolatey” or “chocolate-tea”? How about both? With a combination of the best beans from small farmers in the prized Cajamarca growing region, this co-op coffee lives up to its great Peruvian potential.

Conduit Coffee Company Story

This year's Ely Cruz Lopez is outstanding, very clean, consistent, and delicious. It comes from the Chirinos Cooperative in northern Peru, our third year purchasing their coffee! The group produces excellent coffee and promotes sustainability on many levels. The dry fragrance reminds us of orange spice tea. Tasting notes of earl grey, milk chocolate, orange spice, marjoram finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

23 customer reviews

"A nice cup with chocolate notes. Surprisingly robust, but still very smooth. Brewed with a v60."

"An OK coffee. citrusy and fresh tasting. My wife described it as bright. Would be nice to wake up to."

"YUM! I loved this coffee! What a great blend! chocolate/Tea/citrus/cocoa! Wow!! Smooth cup of coffee you will enjoy! "

"I loved the hidden cocoa taste, not overpowering but still there"

"Very light. This helped realize I don't really like washed coffees. It has amazing flavor you can really taste the Jasmine. It isn't my kind of coffee I really prefer darker nuttier roasts."

"Nice medium roast blend, tasted milk chocolate, almond and caramel, sweet and clean finish. I could drink this every day."

"Good flavor. We definitely appreciated the lighter flavor while still having a strong flavor. "

"Made this coffee in my trusty Kalita pour-over. The taste was nothing to get too excited about. I prefer more fruity notes which I could not pick up in this one"

"I really enjoyed this coffee. Hints of chocolate and tea and a very nice aroma."

"This coffee was sweet! Literally. The aroma is on the lighter side and rather "forgettable". "

"Smooth and light, tea flavor with light chocolate, a very good cup. v60 brewed."

"Delicious! I enjoyed the notes of dark cocoa and hint of jasmine."

"Light ones are hit and miss for me. This is as miss, usually I like citrus notes, especially grapefruit over lemony, but just couldn't get into this one. "

"Out of the coffee samples I got this month, this had to be my favorite. I am just getting into trying new coffees and did not expect that coffee could taste so much like tea. The aftertaste was the most interesting part and that was where you could really taste tea. Different, yet not overwhelming."

"Brewed in french press. Not a bad coffee, but not a favorite. medium roast Coffee that is grassy, tea like and very mild. Would be better brewed with drip method."

"It is my second favorite. Delicious with v60 brewing. Furthermore, the dust for v60 grind is much less than other coffee types."

"So far my favorite! Well balanced, absolutely delicious. Will definitely purchase this again!"

"Loved this coffee brewed in a chemex. Nice chocolate notes mixed with a tea taste. I drink this black and loved it. "

"Very unique tasting coffee. Definitely a tea taste to it as well as the slight chocolate notes"

"We brew our coffee in a chemex with a reusable filter and it was delightful! These fresh roasted beans are great weekend treat for my husband and I."

"distinct flavor & aroma - nice cocoa hints with the citrus coming through nicely. not acidic whatsoever"

"Wow! This really taste like tea coffee. If you like tea you will love this. It has hints of chocolate and citrus while remaining light and fresh. "

"Without milk we could feel the citrus notes but they were not perceptible with milk"

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