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Broadcast Coffee Roasters - Myanmar Horse Well

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Myanmar Horse Well (#787)

Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Spice, Orange, Cognac

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

As the story goes, the name Horse Well comes from a local legend about a magical horse that sprang from the town's well. Funny enough, this rare and sparkly roast from Myanmar might actually be a unicorn of coffee.

Myanmar, once known as Burma, sits on the Bay of Bengal in SE Asia. Known to the West primarily for its recent political upheaval, Myanmar has been busy making up for lost time: its 200-year-old coffee industry (begun in the 1800s, under British rule) has been quietly flourishing. Brews from Myanmar turn heads because they sit within the sweet spot between African and Indonesian profiles. Myanmar coffees are full of fruit, like Africans, paired with an earthy complexity like Sumatrans. When naturally-processed, they're often rich and syrupy in texture, with clean and distinct flavors, and a unique, cider-like sparkle.

This example comes from the Shan State, one of the major coffee regions in Myanmar and known for its fantastic natural processed coffees and small, independent farm communities. From the first sip, it's clear how much attention was paid to this coffee. Sweet notes of cherries and oranges evolve into a complex dance of dried fruits and oaky spice. The result is a cup that tastes sweet, savory, and sparkly at once, like a cocktail, cognac or orange liqueur. Complex and sophisticated, but oh-so sippable. You may want to change your bathrobe out for a smoking jacket, as this cup brings a touch of cocktail hour into coffee hour... cheers to the day!

Broadcast Coffee Roasters Story

This coffee comes from Myin Dwin, a small coffee-growing region that also farms tea, avocados, and oranges. The community is locally known as the "mother of coffee", because they've succeeded at converting many local poppy farms (used to produce heroin) into coffee farms instead. The name Myin Dwin means Horse Well, after a legend about a magical horse that sprang from the town's well. This coffee is one of their special varietals, sparkly and sweet, with complex notes of cognac and mandarin orange.

Not Available

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